Disappearing renewable energy subsidies

Polaris solar PV net news: the middle of 2012, the Ministry of finance, national renewable energy of national energy Board jointly tariff surcharges for mapping the distribution of. Results showed that by the end of 2011, our renewable electricity price subsidy funding gap of up to 10.7 billion dollars.

Recently, several wind-power developers, in an interview, said the downward pressure on the economy, wind power electricity prices and other factors, as well as renewable energy subsidies, “white”, have begun to form the normal operations of a negative impact on the enterprise. Even more embarrassing is, about how to address the issue of renewable energy subsidies in arrears, still does not have a clear “road map”.

Old subsidies have not yet injected the enterprise, new subsidies for gap is widening. “Disappear” renewable energy subsidies, is becoming a burden to companies in the industry.

Subsidy has not been reached, pressure is not small

Reporter learned that, at present sources of renewable energy subsidies in China as the country levied additional renewable electricity price, was sign up in 2006, standard is 2 for every kilowatt of money at that time. Since then, the national development and Reform Commission in early November 2009, 2012, raised in September 2013, three times to impose a standard. Current standard is 1.5 cents for each kilowatt. 7 years, rising 6.5 times.

In recent years, renewable energy growth is much higher than the growth rate of electricity consumption of the whole society, and tariff surcharge standard adjustment period is relatively long, long-term renewable energy subsidies in China “borrowing” phenomenon.

Apart from 10.7 billion yuan by 2012, 2012, 2013-renewable energy subsidies in China gap around 2 billion dollars and 5 billion dollars respectively, and 2014 and subsidies under the premise of a small surplus, today national subsidy funding gap at the end of this year is expected to exceed 14 billion yuan.

10.7 billion yuan in outstanding subsidy arrears before 2012, into five power generation Group’s main company is “disastrous”, payable at a total subsidy of about 6 billion yuan. If at the current benchmark interest rate of long-term loans 6.55% measure, the subsidies to the renewable energy industry to increase each year in arrears of financial costs of up to 700 million Yuan.

It is understood that by October 2014, the State company China Longyuan power Group’s new energy by renewable energy subsidies in arrears accumulated up to 4.1 billion dollars, before 2012, of which there are about 1.9 billion yuan.

Huaneng new energy official told reporters that up to now, the company’s renewable energy subsidies owed more than 2 billion yuan, before 2012, of which about 1.2 billion dollars in arrears.

The Datang company official said, from October 2010 to October this year, company’s total renewable energy subsidies in arrears has amounted to 2.65 billion yuan.

Concerns and discuss solutions

A wind power industry source told reporters that the huge historical debt has led wind up large sums of money in arrears, bad debts. Wind power enterprise in bear heavy arrears burden of situation Xia, while trying to through financing to keep funds chain, but this will makes assets liabilities rate continued climbed; on the, under helpless will funds pressure gradually to upstream of equipment manufacturer transfer, this has makes wind electric industry appeared has “triangle” phenomenon, that Government owes wind electric Enterprise subsidies, wind electric Enterprise owes equipment manufacturer payment, equipment manufacturer owes parts manufacturer payment, serious effects has industry of health development.

According to press reports, appeals from the industry, national energy Administration Department has written to the Treasury, we recommend using Treasury funds to allocate subsidies in arrears, but using Treasury funds require a higher level of approval, takes time and effort, and success is inconclusive. In addition, SASAC after receiving the reflection of several renewable energy companies, also called for the use of special funds, energy subsidies as quickly as possible before 2012 new arrears problems.

“Now only wait for instructions at the top, is to let the Treasury Department to give priority to, or the Special Fund allocations. “Meng Xiangan China renewable energy society, told reporters that” this is not a problem, States should rationalize the energy management system as soon as possible. ”

Meng Xiangan said the renewable energy sources Act contained express provisions, the State Council Department in charge of energy development and utilization of renewable energy throughout the country conduct unified management. But the reality is, today introduced a number of policies to support renewable energy development involves a number of departments, which the Energy Department is the “sandwich class”, and unable to exercise unified management and policy more difficult.

“The system takes time to straighten out the problem, now we can only hope that as soon as possible a clear subsidy arrears solutions before 2012 while maintaining rigidity in the implementation of the renewable energy law, optimal subsidy billing methods, accelerate the pace of settlements and shorten the settlement cycle, renewable energy development fund industry into full play in supporting role. “Said one renewable-energy companies.

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