Distributed PV “get rich” in sight

Polaris solar PV net news: power generation new energy cost advantage

Loomed in new electricity reform programmes have not been finally settled. According to media to trace, we can know the form. The core of this round of reform, has been to establish a new profit model of power grid enterprises. Grid companies abandoned the Internet and sale price spreads as the main source of income, but according to transmission and distribution price income net fees approved by the Government to ensure stable sources of revenue and income level power grid enterprises.

And if according to the new reform “two intermediate” line of thinking, shortening the distance electricity buyers and sellers, both direct dialogue will be possible. Then, power companies may set up their own company for sale, become “sold one,” and that sell electricity directly to the user.

Direct power-purchase bidding to become the biggest change of generation. New round of reform have a clear market orientation, restore electricity commodity attribute, and actively encourage market competition.

Bidding of generation side power Group’s cost advantage full, five power generation groups piled on to start clean energy before and after 2010, will directly pull low-generation Group of clean energy power generation costs. Large-scale clean energy base of five power generation Group of wind power, photovoltaic electricity in particular show relatively more mature electricity cost advantage.

Despite the energy base of thermal power projects with low fuel cost of natural advantages, however and gradual improvement of the carbon market and carbon reduction under pressure from more cost advantage, into five power generation group will balances coal and electricity generation with clean energy, to achieve maximum cost advantages.

Distributed PV “get rich” in sight

With improved gradually, wind power, photovoltaic generating capacity will be increased, a large base of renewable electricity by UHV continuously sent to the load area. Renewable electricity generation growth leads to a decline in the cost of, by then, photovoltaic feed-in tariff will gradually cut subsidies.

Then, as point-like individuals, distributed PV generation who will follow? Analysis of small, compared with the power Group’s large-scale renewable energy base, distributed PV generation such as out of scale, only for their carbon emissions do contribute. Of course, for the family, spontaneous mode or use the Internet for personal use is very good, for those who don’t care about short-term costs for solar enthusiasts, installed a home photovoltaic system is a good choice.

A little clumsy interviewed shunyi, Hsu, who lives in PV “fans”, but also to government officials, he may say: “it was just a hobby, it is impossible to get rich on this. ”

Distributed PV more independent distribution network?

It is said that new electricity reform and development, sale ends, relatively independent of economic development zone service area construction of the Organization for the harmonization of distributed solar power projects, power section to sell directly to other electricity users in the service area. This will generate more independent distribution network in different economic development zone.

This claim is not well documented. National Energy Board issued in 2013, of the interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects file, explicitly encourage distributed PV companies within the distribution network for the transaction. Distributed PV implementation of “spontaneous use, Internet access, close to dissolve, grid adjustments” operating mode. Furthermore, to encourage project investment management bodies and users of electricity in power grid enterprises within the same service area, with the implementation of distributed PV to dissolve in various ways.

This way, if in a given region, most households with distributed PV installations, the grid will be self-contained in the region. Distributed PV grid suitable for loads more on the small towns, rather than the resource-rich area. However, there is a presumption, it must support a certain storage facilities within the regional power grid, in order to ensure the safety and stability of power grid.

Distributed PV applications closer to the load, the electricity generated can be consumed directly, reducing power losses. If supporting a certain storage facilities, then investment may also reduce electricity transmission facilities, and reduce peak-the loss of power, so that energy efficiency has been significantly improved, it also reduces the peak pressure of the grid.

These are idealized State after against all odds. For now, mainly to solar, wind power area power grid only State landscape reserve t demonstration bases. However, the base runs a couple of years, broke through a series of new energy such as large-scale panoramic controlled adjustable, combined power generation network monitoring and control technologies, and many other technical difficulty was able to operate safely.

Today, the only demonstration application ideal for decentralized energy applications, and large scale application will start from Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia and other large-scale renewable energy source bases started (applied). Therefore, distributed PV power of urban power distribution network is still an experimental stage when, at a time when a series of technical problems have not been solved, generate more new modified distribution network is premature.

Advancing the separation between transmission and distribution?

It is said that new Reform Commission urged the development of distributed PV generation, and a large number of independent operators of distribution networks, plus the country’s policies for direct power-purchase, local power company will challenge authority, urge the power companies to choose cooperation, so as to speed up the implementation of the separation between transmission and distribution is achieved.

So here’s the thing. Renovation costs who can share? How to ensure quality and safety of power supply? Technology research and development who pays?

Small report on leafing through the 2014 PV development in China was informed that SOB high renovation costs of distribution networks. Reports mention that compared to other grid projects, distributed photovoltaic grid-connected power generation cost in power still ranks high in per cent of total investment in the project, through appropriate mode of compensation and allocation mechanisms, technologies, and innovative ways to solve them.

According to overseas research, layout and grid-connected if unreasonable, distributed power supplies connected to the power grid caused by renovation costs may exceed the investment made in the project 25%.

If we are only from the perspective of development of distributed PV to discuss the rationality of the separation between transmission and distribution, technical, financial, security, all the unanswered questions.

At present, the large scale development of renewable, sent through the stream of ultra high voltage transmission line to the load area is relatively economical, safe and low-carbon solutions.

New electricity trade system reform to build a market-oriented, with the final establishment of the national carbon emissions trading market, realizing the transformation of economic growth mode and green development for China to build global energy Internet able to admit more new energy power, needs the support of large power grids.

Looking forward to the “universal” rapid development of smart grid technology, that where there is sunshine, there’s electricity.

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