Distributed PV “landing” resistance building integrated photovoltaics or crack recipe

Polaris solar PV net news: early this year, the National Energy Board annual PV installed capacity target of 14GW, distributed PV projects 8GW. However, near the end, PV installed capacity is not optimistic. According to the photovoltaic industry expert said, currently PV installed capacity is about 4GW, which distributed PV installed capacity target is “far”.

International Assistant Yuan Muran, Director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission believes that financing, income instability, rooftops are hard to find and other obstacles affecting the development of distributed PV projects in the first half.

Out of restricting the development of distributed PV conundrum on May 4 this year, held in jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province, National Energy Board national model of distributed PV Conference, the promotion of “uniform resource services, unified planning, unified, universal standards” mode of jiaxing.

On September 4 this year, the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies, further improvements for distributed PV policy, such as the use of rooftops and grounds appurtenant construction of distributed solar power projects in the project record can be selected when “spontaneous use, residual power” or “full access” as a model, expanded the scope of subsidies.

Guided by this policy, domestic construction of distributed PV and accelerate in the second half, PV enterprises passion for distributed projects are also on the rise. However, to complete the annual construction target is still far in the future. Insiders pointed out that, distributed PV to speed up “landing”, must be integrated with the building, take the road of building integrated photovoltaics.

Building integrated photovoltaic technology, is the PV modules as building materials and building integration technology of the organism. This technology enables the construction of multi-function can not only achieve power and ease supply pressure, and can take advantage of aerodynamics, and achieve the effect of summer heat and winter insulation.

It is estimated that nationwide distributed photovoltaic power generation project construction resources can be used to build about 12,000 square kilometers, while 1.8 billion-kilowatt can be used to build capacity, needs investment of about 12.2 trillion yuan, the market potential is huge. “But if you want to succeed, ‘ floor ‘ or need overall planning and guidance from the Government. “The Ministry of housing and building energy-saving and Han Aixing, a Deputy Director of science and technology said.

Insiders pointed out that promotion of photovoltaic building integration model, resources must first have ownership of the roof.

Liu Hongwei, China singyes solar technologies Holdings Limited Chairman told reporters that cost Societe Generale distributed solar power generation system at 7 to 8 dollars per watt, now national 0.4 Yuan per kilowatt subsidy, input-output works out to be profitable. But the biggest problem is the roof are not easy, because the payback period for a project is usually 20 years or so, if during the owner’s property rights are changed, the project will continue, there is great uncertainty, it is also an important reason why many banks ‘ reluctance to lend. “The industrial problems encountered with a great deal of commonality. “Yuan Muran said.

Liu Hongwei suggested that demand large coastal local governments distributed PV development should be integrated into the new town of unified planning, harmonization and coordination of the implementation of roofs or land resources by the Government. In addition, it can also introduce insurance products, investment risks of dispersion distributed PV. PV industry set up an investment fund to attract social funds into.

Secondly, who invests will also need to have a good business model to protect. Due to various reasons, jiaxing mode copy is still difficult. The industry believes, can be used by building owners to invest or invested by a third party, is not the only, and across the enterprise as the case may be, and finally reached the direction the Government is exiting, market-driven, common big distributed PV Terminal.

This reporter learned that, next to the National Energy Board and at all levels of Government are expected to promote housing construction sector to set mandatory standards, will usher in a truly distributed PV on the roof.

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