Dr Shi 珺: new energy may not be equivalent to PV

Polaris solar PV net news: solar new energy, new energy but that does not mean PV. Wind power, biomass energy and new energy. Some people count nuclear power, new energy, and hydro-electric power. Over 100 years ago, behind this statement is no doubt right, but 100 years later, a source of energy if it was known as new sources of energy, this seems to be the “new” update speed is too slow. In fact, hydroelectric and nuclear power can be described as “clean energy” because they have no carbon emissions, no dust. However, as regards eco-does it affect, that is a whole other issue. Extinction of sturgeon, as well as years of frequent earthquakes in Sichuan, and is there any relationship between the three Gorges Dam, has been a very hot topic.

And “new energy”, of course, is “old energy”, but because the energy is still in use, so that the “old” seems to be wrong with the word, generally referred to as a “traditional energy sources”. Traditional energy refers to coal, oil and natural gas. Someone put this energy are called “fossil fuel”, because they all come from plants or animals in the ground formed by at least tens of millions of years of evolution.

“Fossil” these two words tend to give people an “endangered” feeling that fact as well. These “fossil fuels” form can take tens of millions of years or even hundreds of millions of billions of years, but mining and use may take decades, digging up to hundreds of years will be dry dirt. Therefore, people naturally want to be able to use the energy is recycled annually, how to use won’t burn. This expectation and the birth of a new vocabulary, called “renewable”. Solar energy, wind power is naturally renewable energy, including biomass straw power generation were also counted. Because as long as annual growth of crops, straw will annually produce, which of course can be counted as “renewable”. However, straw power generation will produce carbon emissions, can produce soot, even the degree of contamination, is far more serious than coal, to say nothing of the oil and natural gas. Therefore, renewable energy is not clean energy.

Nuclear power is not renewable, and, as a mineral content of uranium ore and even less than coal and oil, if national plans implemented as scheduled, can be used to produce uranium ore for nuclear power will be finished sooner than oil being mined. But nuclear power really clean, as long as it is not a nuclear accident. Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Japan plant, making it for the safety of nuclear power plants are no longer as confident as the start. So, including Germany, and Japan, many countries announced either suspended or permanently halt construction of the nuclear power plant.

Oil and coal resource-poor countries, selective is not a lot of energy. In these countries, is to support and encourage new sources of energy, not in response to climate change or to prevent the sea level, but in order to guarantee that their country will have enough energy to use.

From 1994 to 1998, the price of oil fell to $ 10 a barrel from $ 30, Russia 200,000 people were starving. By the year 2008, soaring to $ 147 a barrel again, well have screwed up the world economy, but it makes the United States oil company (including Uncle Sam) won plenty of dollars to deal with the financial tsunami followed. In April 2009, only half a year, oil hit 40 dollars a barrel, many oil-exporting countries financial crisis again. Of course, for oil-importing countries, oil prices contribute to economic recovery. Oil again dropped below $ 80 from $ 120 this year, when, as if history will repeat itself, so Russia the oil exporter, President, Vladimir Putin, warned a group of oil exporting countries, do not let the oil falls below $ 80, or hapless is not Russia. This threat, he said aloud to other countries, but for Americans to hear.

Now, Americans seem to want things repeated 1990, that is by lowering the prices of oil and natural gas, Russia the country foreign exchange income mainly depends on oil, economic crisis appears again as it was 20 years ago, so that Russia’s economic downfall. But the idea may be difficult to achieve. Comes, Russia of reserves than 20 years Qian to more have more; second, after near 20 years of recovery, Russia of military Enterprise recovery has many vitality, oil price has, can through sold arms to cover deficit; third, China of rapid development, led to China for oil of needs greatly increased, more important of when, China of reserves reached has 4 trillion, than Russia more a dozen times times. China and Russia signed gas and oil agreement, the price is higher than the price in the international market, on the face of it a disadvantage in China, but in practice, this amounts to China to buy insurance for themselves. If the price of oil fell again to the first half of 2009 to $ 40 a barrel, or higher, at $ 60 a barrel, Russia is likely to collapse. Russia following the collapse of Russia’s State-owned oil companies may again be privatised, which is indirectly owned by West, at that time, United States will control virtually all of the world’s oil-exporting countries, higher oil prices again. If $ 147 highs return to historically high oil prices, China, India, and Brazil and other so-called emerging economies are what will happen? Even if it doesn’t crash, will arrive “on the verge of collapse.” This is the United States and the European Union would like to see. This trick over 20 years ago, they have succeeded in Russia staged once in six years ago, in 2008, has successfully staged a now United States naturally want to swing to repeat for the third time.

However, Americans do not know there is an old saying in China called “underpromise and wiser.” Keep Russia does not collapse, is for China to keep a reliable weather sources of supply of oil in the future. What’s more, China and Russia, the Middle East, South America and all over the world, and should say to oil-exporting countries have been very successful. Despite the fact that many OPEC countries as a result of pricing of oil from dollars instead of orders from the United States, but let them with Russia, like bleeding because of low oil prices, this difficulty is very large. Therefore, the United States of the “swing”, it may be difficult to repeat itself.

However, business methods, diplomatic or military means, or are things belonging to the tactical level, rather than the fundamental way to solve the problem. As long as China’s energy dependence on oil and natural gas, then the risk will always exist. Moreover, the Multipole multilateral diplomacy is, in itself, a very delicate balance, easily broken by various minor emergencies. Thus are able to significantly reduce or even completely wean itself off dependence on imports of oil and other energy sources, is that China’s leaders and decision makers in dream scenes. This is the thing at the strategic level, is the energy strategy, the national security strategy.

This is why China is trying to figure out the root cause of new energy. Both photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass energy, as long as they can get China to reduce dependence on oil imports, no matter how much effort, it’s worth doing. Of course, as well as in the development of new, except for the help link outside the traditional energy supply problem, if you can solve the energy (or fossil fuel) of other shortcomings, such as pollution, acid rain, smog, and so on, that is, of course, an added bonus.

In a variety of new energy sources, each new energy at the same time bring some benefits, there are also some disadvantages. For example, the high cost and uncertainty, is the common drawbacks of wind, solar or biomass. Wind needs wind farms, biomass requires collection of straw and solar energy requires a lot of space, both land and water surfaces or roofs. Everything is subject to many constraints. These shortcomings and limitations slow the pace of new energy development, but it must be solved.

Practitioners believe that the PV photovoltaic power generation is one of the most advantageous in a variety of new energy, but what is certain is, photovoltaic power generation definitely is not the only form of power generation in the future. “Let there be light”, which is said by God. However, wind, biogas and hydro, also a nuclear power. This is the “God” said, however, that “God” is the customer, is power and energy requirements of customers.

From a certain perspective, oil, natural gas and coal, will not completely disappear, but its ratio will be gradually reduced.

Don’t forget, there is fusion. Although the short-term cannot be achieved, but after 50 years or 100 years later, who can say for sure, controlled nuclear fusion is still not achieve it?

Original title: Dr Shi 珺: new energy may not be equivalent to PV

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