Electro-mechanical Association, United States second PV “double reverse” final statement

Polaris solar PV net news: December 17, electro-mechanical Association, United States second PV “double reverse” case final to make the following statement:

United States on December 16, 2014, the United States Department of Commerce announced on Chinese solar products second “double reverse” investigation of anti-dumping and countervailing duty final awards. Dumping force enterprises involved Trina He Yu-hui sunny/jinkosolar imposed anti-dumping duties of 26.71% and 78.42%, respectively, other enterprises involved in the 52.13% of the anti-dumping tax, other enterprises involved in the 165.04% of the anti-dumping tax. Subsidies forced enterprises involved Trina solar and Suntech Power imposed countervailing duties of 49.79% and 27.64%, respectively, the countervailing duty levied by other Chinese PV industry 38.72%.

China mechanical and electrical products import and export Chamber of Commerce again, United States Department of Commerce in 2011 China PV products launched “double reverse” investigation and a similar product launched “double reverse” investigation, is the obvious abuse of trade remedy measures, is a disguised form of protectionism. Especially in the two leaders met several times this year, and reached a series of important consensus on further promotion of bilateral trade and investment circumstances, United States Department of Commerce’s approach would have a negative impact on Sino-US trade and investment. Therefore, the Chinese industry on the “double reverse” vehemently opposed to the investigation.

United States Department of Commerce after the Chinese enterprises to actively respond to. Forced enterprises involved to the United States Department of Commerce had submitted papers, and received verification in electromechanical organized by the Chamber of Commerce, non-compulsory enterprises involved are also actively involved in the program, submitted comments on issues such as product range. However, we regret to see that despite the efforts of Chinese enterprises to participate in “double reverse” investigate and defend their legitimate interests, the survey there are still significant deficiencies in certain important respects, particularly products made United States Commerce Department’s usual practice, and is inconsistent with WTO rules. Chinese enterprises to actively defend and submitted a convincing evidence of the case, United States Department of Commerce has not accepted China’s view, further expansion of the product range and product range ambiguity does not have the maneuverability. This is an irresponsible practice, to the legitimate interests of Chinese companies caused undue harm.

In the course of investigation, Sino-US Trade Organization uphold the principle of promoting the harmonious and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry between China and had a useful discussion, the two Governments also to resolve friction created positive conditions for cooperation. However, we regret to see that the United States cooperative solution in this case is ultimately a lack of genuine faith, it is so far, China and the immediate and underlying causes of consultations fail to reach a settlement.

Next, China will further through a variety of means to protect their legitimate interests. On one hand, in the United States in proceedings that Chinese companies will continue to defend (including in the United States International Trade Commission injury defence) does not exclude brought Government before the WTO to seek redress through legal channels and United States Department of Commerce a series of proper investigative procedure by possibilities.

The other hand, China Inc remains through the path of Sino-US consultations to resolve the case is open, because of United States Department of Commerce’s final closing the door to industry consultations. However, as a precondition to restart the industry consultations, we urge the United States to the principle of mutual trust, mutual understanding and cooperation with China to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Finally, we reiterate that trade protectionism on the PV industry of China, in particular the United States solar upstream and downstream industries, are bad. Global photovoltaic market developments over the past two years showed that United States protectionism in photovoltaic applications have been brought about by supply shortages and imbalances of adverse effects. The United States “double reverse” the final outcome of the investigation, China PV industry will insist on fair competition and participation in global trade to promote better development of global green energy.

Original title: electro-mechanical Association, United States second PV “double reverse” final statement

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