Energy Secretary Wang Liangfang: 2020, distributed in photovoltaic installed capacity up to 1.5GW

Polaris solar PV net news: December 10, Hunan provincial energy Bureau, NDRC Deputy Director, Wang Liangfang in Hunan Polytechnic Institute Library multifunction Office report entitled the report on energy development in our province’s special report. Report will be presided over by the Hunan Institute of vocational and Technical College President Luo Xianjin, Hunan New Energy Institute of technology Hunan Polytechnic vocational and technical training courses all students, all hospital leaders and students represent a total of more than 300 people in attendance.

Reports, Wang Liangfang Secretary with plenty of pictures and information from energy development in our province, province in the area of energy issues, energy development, renewable energy before 2020 development orientations and trends, development and utilization of solar energy dynamic in-depth analysis, detailed in the five areas, such as energy development in our province. He stressed that facing good development situation of new energy development, photovoltaic power generation for large-scale application of a prompt start in our country have been adopted distributed PV support, State and local policy at the same time, solar thermal use in China is accelerating the process of industrialization, national and local levels has developed solar thermal utilization policy.

Wang Liangfang noted that estimated that by 2015 the country distributed PV installed capacity will exceed 15 million-kilowatt, then speed will keep the annual installed capacity of 10 million-kilowatt-20 million-kilowatt. In the meantime, the province also will mark the climax of the construction of distributed PV generation, estimated that by 2020, the province distributed PV will reach about 1.5 GW of installed capacity. Combination of rural and urban construction market analysis, solar thermal industry keeps 15%-20% per cent compound annual growth rate forecasts to 2020, the entire integrated solar thermal industry (product engineering) sales to reach 200 billion yuan market scale.

After the report, Wang Liangfang Secretary details about the College from distributed photovoltaic roof built power plants and “environment-friendly” building on campus, and visited the Nineth science base in Hunan province Hunan Institute of vocational and technical college–solar energy science and Technology Museum. Wang Liang believes, Hunan province, Hunan Institute of vocational and technical college as a first run of photovoltaic power generation technology and its application in higher vocational colleges, based on the service industries in the energy sector, adhere to energy characteristic orientation, focus on the development of solar, wind and other renewable energy professional has bright prospects.

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