GCL Group Chairman Mr Zhu detailed strategic orientation of a-share listed companies

Polaris solar PV net news: Golden Concord (Group) Holdings Ltd Chairman, Mr Zhu during an interview with reporters this morning, said Li Xiexin (not injecting Silicon into the a-share listed companies chaori solar (hereinafter “GCL integration”), is largely due to some shareholders think. He also explained in detail the GCL newly acquired strategic orientation the listed company shall become a full range of renewable energy Integrator.

“Assets from GCL (wafers), turns out to be injected into the Concord integrated. Since then, our main shareholders taking into account the part of the Hong Kong capital markets the idea and made a difference, (terminated Silicon injections). About GCL’s management is confident that despite their asset-liability ratio is a bit high, capital structure is a bit unreasonable. “Mr Zhu said, many funds are accompanying enterprises for many years, have high hopes for GCL. These wishes are and hope that the platform of the wafer in the GCL, “it was okay, our shareholders do not need to wait. If the general meeting, and sells wafer project shareholders say NO, but bad. In future, GCL-poly silicon business to lead not only in high efficiency long Crystal and the sections to achieve the world’s advanced level, transformation and upgrade sections of old, cost, and efficiency. “He said that some investors had planned to buy silicon wafers, and other cooperation with Concord Group.

When referring to the GCL integrates positioning, Mr Zhu is very confident. He said that GCL integration will have different patterns, such as commercial, portable, floating roofs, such as fisheries, agriculture, light will have an integrated solution. “We set up this company aims to provide PV integration services to the public, to help you as soon as possible to start using photovoltaic products. At present, the market lacks PV services company can truly engaged in the enterprise. Suppose a family roof PV power plant to be built, how to solve its funding, how to operation and maintenance, and no such method, and banks will think this one is too small. GCL integration approach is, as long as you log in, we would have to provide the service and installation of thousands of households. “He said, hoping more companies to participate in this market, to expand the market.

He stressed, Association Xin integrated of service, just and consumers sale equipment of relationship, future to do best of shipped dimension company, “we will through big data, through Association Xin group of 25 years operations experience, and we has some power plant resources, absorption introduction global most advanced of solar station experience and software, quickly integrated for best of software and hardware platform, for station investment and has who provides development service. I have said many times, the PV industry needs a Huawei, is no longer selling products, but sales and service. ”

He also said that in Europe, solar plants are traded in the market. In Europe earlier than China does, the future of solar power stations in China’s capital market transactions. “I think, now China’s solar power development just enlightenment, many companies are now in development is not a normal thing, there should be a professional corporate, EPC projects, system integration has a good stock of knowledge and the Division of labour. ”

Mr Zhu also said that GCL integrated company will have the financial business, “I do not have financial licences, GCL group rather than reputation and background, introduce more financial companies, product customization done for us. Technological, financial, product and services with each other, it is GCL integration. ”

For Association Xin new energy this Hong Kong power listed company, Zhu total mountain said, the enterprise internal also has a shipped dimension career Department, “but this company of shipped dimension is career Department, it does not to engaged in this sector and this enterprise yiwai of operations maintenance business, and Association Xin integrated is is face General customer, not only is solar, also has wind, and or heating power, are can to do. “Mr Zhu said, did not rule out future Concord new energy and concord between the integrated cooperation, but on the basis of fair market conditions to operate.

Mr Zhu also revealed, GCL group has two main lines of the future: first, clean energy, led by natural gas and LNG, set foot in the beginning to the end of the whole industrial chain, “we’re from the United States, Africa back to LNG and clean resources, did not rule out future build natural gas receiving terminal, and then complete our logistics system, construction machinery and vehicles to carry fuel. Meanwhile, we are also one of the earliest gas distributed combined heat and power enterprises, GCL part standard set, here is promising. “Second, the GCL will focus on new energy sources (photovoltaic), expected from the SI service,” but the battery we do not involve. If Concord has to be done one day the battery, then there must be a super-efficient batteries, we want to do is to differentiate products and services, wouldn’t do the same thing. ”

Original title: GCL Group Chairman Mr Zhu detailed strategic orientation of a-share listed companies

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