Hina CEO daimingfang: billions of market value only the beginning

Polaris solar PV net news: Tong and Shanghai since its opening, South North water usage has been poor, but the world’s biggest photovoltaic companies who market films generating much investor favor, company’s market value to break the multi-billion dollar mark this week. Yesterday, the Ta Kung Pao on the 2014 Caijing annual Conference held in Beijing, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Chinese films the generation daimingfang told reporters, who have billions of market value shows that thin-film power generation market has been widely recognized, Hina is concerned, this is just a starting point and future goal is to become a world’s great companies.

Referring to Chinese company’s market performance in recent years, Chinese films the generation Group’s financial performance and steady growth, profitability and gradually strengthened. In 2011, the Chinese films generating revenues of 2.56 billion HK dollars, after increasing, by 2013, more than HK $ 3.27 billion, 2014 revenue has exceeded HK $ 3.2 billion in the first half. Net profit also has maintained strong growth momentum. Company’s market value from about 4 billion Hong Kong dollars in 2011 to December 2014, has more than 100 billion Hong Kong dollars, has become the world’s most valuable PV enterprises than market value nearly twice times more PV SolarCity II.

In Shanghai and Hong Kong through the beginning of opening earlier, Goldman Sachs as Han “are actually photovoltaic unit” to promote to mainland investors to focus on. According to press reports, beginning in 2012, who completed a world-leading manufacturer of thin-film power film power generation technology intellectual property acquisitions, including Germany Solibro total of evaporation process of Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium; United States MiaSol é manufacturing technology of Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium sputtered; United States Global Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium integration of Solar Energy battery interconnect and packaging technologies. Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium components by Germany Alex Lao Fraunhofer Institute for the certification of the highest yield of the solar system 21%. At present, the company has the world’s leading research and development team and six research and development centers around the world, has a number of patents in thin film solar power generating technology and equipment for manufacture of a leading global competitive advantage. Who will now be thin film technology and construction, farm equipment, automobiles, electronic products, mobile power supply as a major market areas such as market applications.

At present, visible from the inflow of funds and market growth, markets who have full confidence in the future. In recent years, Han can does do has many is cool of thing, in most PV people are concentrated controlled cost, and climbed mountain, and climbed roof find project Shi, Han can has has and should be home, and Tesla, and Formula-E, and Aston Martin, and beautiful homes, different field of enterprise across territories cooperation, will flexible film power technology application Yu car, and tent, and backpack, and phone, even is clothes Shang, show out market on film power technology of widely recognized.

In response, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Chinese films the generation daimingfang, found on the market, you will find there is a lot of. Who much of the technology from the global technology integration, after the acquisition of Han can put a lot of research and development, improved equipment. The next year, with Chinese technology keeps advancing, capacity will be completely freed. Han always roots in clean energy, this is a trillion-dollar market value of great business area. Hina’s goal, is to be a world-class great companies, billions of market value for the Chinese is only the beginning.

Original title: Hina CEO daimingfang: billions of market value only the beginning

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