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Polaris solar PV net news: with the popularity of solar energy and cost reductions, which plays an increasingly important role in energy saving and emission reduction, as a 24-hour run of heavy energy users–at the airport, in addition to reducing energy consumption by means of further emission in addition to most commonly used to build solar power projects. So in terms of airports around the world, who installed capacity of solar high? Here to answer your questions.

1, China’s Shenzhen Airport


In November 2014, the second phase of Shenzhen Airport solar power 10MW project formally began. When this project is completed, the airport’s total generating capacity will be up to 20MW of solar energy, power generation is about 20GWh per year, leaped to become the largest airport solar in global civil aviation airports. The future of its solar power would account for the whole airport power load 10%.

Its first-phase main installation of solar panels at the airport air logistics park and bonded logistics park, the second phase project of solar panels installed in the new terminal.

2, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Airport


February 2014, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, announced that it has set the output power about 19MW solar power systems, respectively, arranged on the ground around the runway, parking area housing 簷 and roof all three locations, such as airport buildings, annual output is expected to be above 26GWh.

3, United States Colorado Denver International Airport

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In 2010, the United States Denver International Airport’s solar capacity of 8MW. This airport in 2008, setting a 2MW solar electric system, again in early 2010 to set up 1.6MW solar power systems, and finally developed in September 2010 the new 4.4MW solar power generation facilities. Thus, the total solar installed capacity of 8MW, can meet the electricity needs of the entire airport 6%.

4, Athens International Airport

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In 2011, the Athens International Airport to invest 20 million euros of 8MW solar project goes live. Its solar power generation projects covering 160,000 square meters, generating 11 million a year, can meet the electricity demand of the airport of 20%, will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 10,000 tons. Also worth mentioning is its solar power generation system is made up of Suntech to complete construction within six months.

5, United States Knicks Sky Harbor International Airport

In February 2012, Feniks Sky Harbor International Airport in three position amounted to 5.4MW solar panels are installed on the roof to meet the airport’s rental car Center, two parking lots and toll plaza 51% demand for electricity, will save $ 4.7 million over the next 20 years. It’s estimated that this solar project is 5500 tons reduction of carbon dioxide emissions a year. Its solar panels from SunPower to install.

6, China, Shanghai HongQiao international airport


In 2010, Shanghai HongQiao international airport terminal on the 2nd floor of the West Terminal roof laying capacity of 2.848MW solar panel, average about 2.77GWh kWh and save approximately 987 tons of standard coal each year for the power grid.

7, Japan Tokyo Haneda International Airport


2010 Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport solar power. The power of 2MW, produce 2GWh 850 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. Its approximately 28000 square meters of solar roof panel settings international air cargo terminal at the airport, about 10% of total supply annual electricity consumption of the building.

8, United States, California, Fresno airport

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In 2011, the Fresno airport solar power plan into effect. The 9.5 acre (38445 square meters) of 11,700 solar panels have been installed on the land, with a total capacity of 2MW. 40% of the daily power generating capacity available to the airport.

9, Shanghai Pudong International Airport


In November 2014, the solar power generation system in Pudong airport 1.7MW. The project for building integrated solar energy projects, and covers an area of 15000 square meters, is located in between 1TH and 2nd Terminal at the airport, will be used to meet the needs of airport parking, loading and unloading equipment, as well as outdoor shade air conditioning equipment at the airport.

10, United States Hawaii airports


In October 2008, the airport announced it would build 779KW solar electric systems in Hawaii, the Hoku solar companies are responsible for the design, construction and installation.

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