Jiaxing xiuzhou “five swords” to create “PV science and technology city in China”

Polaris solar PV net news: in December 2012, the PV industry in jiaxing, Zhejiang Provincial Government selected as the province’s five-in-one innovation pilot jiaxing xiuzhou approved construction of the PV-Tech Industrial Park. Since then, xiuzhou has forged a deep bond with PV industry. After two years of pushing, distributed in photovoltaic applications xiuzhou beginning, blazed a trail to application-driven industry, innovation and promote the development of new roads. Distributed PV in August this year, the National Energy Board on the spot, “mode of xiuzhou” attention and highly rated by the industry. Since then, 2014 is coming to an end in the past year, xiuzhou advancing distributed photovoltaic application the measures taken? What results have been achieved?

Calling out “report cards”

As of December 20, 2014, PV high-tech zone in the first batch of 61 MW project run smoothly, which more than 18 grid project, total 31.18 megawatts under construction 7, a total of 6.4803 megawatts, is about to start Project 2 total 1.88 MW, in pursuit of the incorporation 37.6 megawatts more than in late December.

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Highlights: flat solar glass group PV project

As a covers an area of 1000 MU, annual output of 70 million square meters of solar PV glass company flat be large can of xiuzhou district. This year, however, pressure is significantly lower compared with last year. “This year, even in the peak of summer, we are worried that the summer peak load problems, enterprises will make electricity even in the face of the situation, will not have much impact on production. “Flat solar glass company limited the relevant person in charge.

In June this year, flat built roof of grid-connected PV power station officially running. Flat solar power projects use company 3 workshop 123100 square meters of roofs, covered with 32800 precious PV modules, can produce 5000 per hour to 6,000-kilowatt, when the annual average generating capacity of about 8.3 million-kilowatt. As a representative of high energy-consuming industries, since June 27, grid-connected electricity generation from this year, flat solar glass company limited has been realised from distributed photovoltaic projects brings positive.

Phase II drill flat distributed PV projects ushered in the “expanding” opportunities, xiuzhou District Office PV demonstration application, according to the charge, Follett distributed PV II project and installed capacity of 1.8643 MW, grid-connected will be completed by the end of this month, the second phase project connected to, Follett distributed PV power generation projects total installed capacity up to 10.228 MW.

Grid-connected to spontaneous use, users connected to the grid, “projects, reduces the part purchase of electricity from the grid, capital expenditures, while able to enjoy government subsidies, reduced capital investment cycles, obvious economic benefits. Meanwhile, when project average annual generation of 10 million-kilowatt, annual fold 3200 tons of standard coal, can reduce emissions approximately 28.64 tonnes 301.44 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide of about 8708 tons, for energy saving contribution to the force. ”

Point two: shajiabang community residential photovoltaic projects

Switch light switch, change TV channels, air conditioning mode … … The complex instructions via the mobile phone app, you can easily get to realize intelligent control. Shajiabang community in Xin Cheng town, villager Chen Yafang home has taken the lead in implementation of “intelligent” open wireless networks, all household appliances in my home “listens” on Smartphones, and these smart household appliances energy from roofing photovoltaic power plant.

Smart home systems to bring Chen Yafang, a new intelligent life experience, and are able to enjoy these convenient, also from the Sha Jia bang communities was identified as the province’s first rural agglomeration of residential rooftop PV solar project pilot areas to start. Shajiabang community photovoltaic power generation project using energy performance contracting model, photovoltaic power generation equipment investment of about 20,000 yuan each, 85% paid for by the Government, 15% paid for by the tenant. After the device is put into operation, the first two years will give each household a year 2000 Yuan of direct economic benefits to farmers, 22 years after, there will be 600 Yuan of direct economic benefits each year.

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Recently, the provincial, municipal and district-level photovoltaic news of the use of special allowance funds have been put in place, became the focus of jiaxing PV high-tech zone, many investors. PV-Tech Industrial Park, jiaxing application Office PV demonstration Pan Gaorong told reporters that the first distributed solar PV subsidies have been put in place at all levels of policy and policy commitments to be honoured. “Provincial subsidy of 0.3 Yuan per unit has been powered by jiaxing, State grid Corporation pays, and 0.1 Yuan per unit of subsidy has reached the Bank, jiaxing, lump sum 1 dollar per watt of installed capacity of subsidies had been by the district financial Bureau. “Policy be honoured or to make it subject to eat” assurance “, jiaxing photovoltaic integration advantages in high-tech zone policy attracted a number of investment companies” beach landing “.

This year August 4, National Energy Council in jiaxing held distributed PV power site Exchange, site Exchange Shang, xiuzhou district to participating personnel show has distributed PV power application in here knot out of fruit: concentrated even tablets roof PV power, led adapted distributed energy of regional smart grid and PV cloud engineering and cloud service platform construction; into photoelectric building integration concept of PV section create Park, for new PV battery, frontier technology of implementation provides application space…… Model-driven technological innovation, technical innovation promoting industrial development, solar high-tech industrial park, jiaxing “five in one” push forward, is the formation of “the five swords” first-mover advantage.

Park, Director of the PV Pan Gaorong told reporters that beginning in December 2012, xiuzhou district in the province under the provincial government officials deployed photovoltaic industry, “five in one” innovation pilot planned to build 15 square kilometers of solar high-tech zone, jiaxing, efforts to break the bottleneck of marketing, elements and technical bottlenecks, institutional bottleneck, gradually out of the one “Government guidance and market operation and unified management of” path to the development of xiuzhou district. Xiuzhou to PV Application promoting industry health development of system experience is inductive concern, was outside as distributed PV power of “xiuzhou mode”, that in manufacturing integration industry development mode Shang, is committed to playing good technology innovation brand, go in the high-end development of road; in PV power engineering development mode Shang, is committed to playing good unified planning, and integration construction shipped dimension of development brand; in sent storage with sale electric mode Shang, is committed to playing good local elimination na and distributed using of management brand.

Original title: “five swords” to create “PV science and technology city in China”

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