Joaquim Fajula:OCA CSP certification helps China suppliers expand the overseas market

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation to serve Chinese suppliers certification services system is being gradually improving, recently, two of the world’s largest group of companies involved in the CSP authentication service DNVGL and OCA partnership, both sides will work together for Bankability certification services provided by suppliers in China, helped China’s leading supplier of solar-thermal power generation products to overseas markets.

OCA cradle of solar-thermal power generation group, as Spain’s local companies, and Spain mainly solar thermal power generation of EPC and project developers have maintained good relations of cooperation, the certification signature will be able to obtain priority recognition project. DNVGL the beginning of 2013 is starting depth in China’s local CSP market, to have a better understanding of the Chinese market. Based on their respective CSP industries of the two sides complement each other to achieve this cooperation.

For a deeper understanding of OCA for solar-thermal power generation related services provided by the industrial chain of China, this reporter recently interviewed OCA CEO JoaquimFajula International company.

Map: Joaquim Fajula

Reporter: OCA when entering the solar-thermal power generation market? Why access CSP market now?

Joaquim Fajula: we are a European headquarters located in Spain Barcelona, testing, inspection and certification company, we have, since Spain solar-thermal power generation market begins to rise has been involved in the development of this industry, based on Spain’s past experience and market performance, we have gradually from Spain towards the global market. Today, we can systematically to solar-thermal power generation industry’s leading EPC companies all over the world with our efficient service.

For China Light hot power market, we can see here has many of light hot power related of equipment manufacturer, from EPC commercial of angle view, they increasingly concern these manufacturer of quality and its production system of reliability, while, EPC commercial and project owners on related component of quality requirements also increasingly high, problem is procurement party may on supply party exists with cognitive Shang of divide, we can to help those leading of CSP manufacturing manufacturers fill this a divide, thus help they better to expand market.

Also, for project development by itself, it is essential for the future of solar-thermal power industry in China.

Reporter: OCA for solar-thermal power generation industry to provide the kind of service?

Joaquim Fajula:OCA International can be involved in the development of solar-thermal power generation projects in almost all phases, from design to procurement to run. We assure our customers that all contracts are given under the corresponding specifications and quality requirements for certification. In other cases, we guarantee that those such as procurement and other operational activities within the expected time is a technical evaluation. Before the commissioning, we measure performance to ensure their normal use, as examiner in the project development process to ensure that the project starts normally. There is no doubt that, through these services will create value for our customers, this reduces customer risk, optimize processes and ensure that delivery time. Such services will be a smooth transition to project earnings and savings points and generate more revenue for them.

We also offer project QA/QC (quality assurance/quality control) services. Through these services, we can ensure that our customers are not omissions either in the development of the details of the project, its costs will therefore be effectively controlled. OCA has already for more than 20 solar thermal power station in the world to provide a quality control service. Our services are flexible, fast and direct.

Reporter: How do you see the CSP component certification services can bring value to Chinese firms?

Joaquim Fajula: not only CSP CSP authentication service component of our ability to meet specific quality standards certification, we stand in the purchaser’s point of view a lot of problems, such as purchasing of quality and environment systems, on-site examinations, the appearance of specific requirements for inspection and testing. Many CSP component manufacturers showcase their products test results, such as mirror reflectivity and associated devices bearing capacity, resistance to chemical corrosion, and so on, but in fact the purchaser concerned more than just these, much more than those they care about a lot.

Solar-thermal power industry manufacturers to our certification services can be used as a differentiated markets development tools to market competition, with our authentication services, as part of our agreement, we will give priority to those through our certified supplier to major international EPC contractors or project developer recommended. Some companies using our authentication services will prove that their products comply with the EPC and of the main European standards system of the highest standard, which means it can be a project in the eyes of a qualified supplier, this for their buyers and establishing the basis of trust between butt bridge.

Reporter: what do you think of the CSP market in China? OCA now how it does business in China?

Joaquim Fajula: China’s growing energy demand, as well as the increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the renewable energy industry in this environment will be received in the next few years explosive development, solar-thermal power generation, photovoltaic, wind energy will play an important role. The CSP manufacturer in China are growing and improving every day, manufacturers know their customers on product quality problems of a great deal of attention, and they know their market layout should not be confined to the Chinese market, and must focus on global markets. In this scenario, our service for which you will be able to offer some assistance.

Original title: Joaquim Fajula:OCA CSP certification helps China suppliers expand the overseas market

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