Malawi signed a $ 10.4 million solar energy cooperation agreement with China

Polaris solar PV net news: Malawi Government has reached an agreement with Chinese Government to supply solar systems, the cooperation agreements valued at $ 10.4 million, will improve the power supply situation in Malawi. The agreement signed in the Malawi capital Lilongwe.

According to the African press “ventures-Africa” reported on December 22, Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, said Zhang Qingyang, the development of the project will be able to ease electricity shortages in health facilities in rural areas of Malawi. Malawi’s national grid coverage only 9% power supply shortages, only 9% of the population can enjoy electricity, which pose a serious obstacle to development in many regions of Malawi. However, Malawi is located in tropical, sunny, with prerequisites for development of solar projects.

Zhang Qingyang revealed last year the Chinese Government donated 250 sets solar street lights to Malawi, 533 solar system, many of these products are filled to hospitals, and is intended to improve the lives of locals.

Malawi’s Finance Minister gudaer·gongdewei (GoodallGondwe) to the Chinese Government expressed deep gratitude for the donation and said, these donations put to use will be can greatly ease electricity shortage problem in Malawi, and improving sanitation. In particular in rural areas, Malawi health facilities in many rural areas have no connection national main grid, no security of electricity supply, and health authorities in rural areas to provide basic health care and vital, so be sure to take advantage of these solar systems.

Malawi and China Taiwan established diplomatic relations 41 years later, in 2007, the two sides broke up, after which the Government established good diplomatic relations with China’s mainland. It was reported that since 2000, the County Government has provided almost 21 development projects financed in Malawi. Including funding Malawi Academy of Science (MUST), the building of roads, proposed building, Piazza, and five-star hotels and other projects.

Original title: Malawi and China signed a $ 10.4 million solar energy cooperation agreement

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