National Energy Board response to support the development of solar-thermal power generation industry of CPPCC proposals

Arctic star solar PV network news: reporter recently from maiden voyage energy light hot technology Corporation (following referred to “maiden voyage light hot”) was informed that, this year two during, by maiden voyage light heat and in the Haiyang Energy Group Corporation, and in the wide nuclear solar development limited, light hot power industry over leading enterprise through Federation of industry and Commerce submitted national CPPCC of on support solar light hot power industry development of proposal has Yu previously obtained National Energy Council of official replies.

National Energy Council in this copies name for on CPPCC 12 session National Committee second times Conference No. 2346, (bus posts and telecommunications class 181th,) proposal replies of letter (following referred to replies letter) in the pointed out that, National Energy Council light hot power industry development by holding of basic ideas is: through organization must scale of commercialization demonstration project construction, led China Light hot power technology and equipment manufacturing capacity of improve, formed covered engineering, and equipment manufacturing, and engineering construction, and run management of full technology, This process promotes solar-thermal power generation to improve technology and reduce costs. Solar thermal power generation technology improves and costs significantly reduced, and then continue to expand the scale of the construction of solar thermal power generation.

About startup of commercial solar thermal power plant model project proposals, the reply answer notes that, the National Energy Board are organizing demonstration projects research programme and intends to organize in the near future a number of demonstration projects and projects selected considering the project technical route of advance, the degree of localization of key equipment, as well as the competitive operating costs and other factors.

Recommendations concerning the timely introduction of reasonably uniform feed-in tariff, the reply answer notes that, in solar thermal demonstration project is completed, we will assess actual completed projects, based on clear solar thermal power generation cost, and, according to the solar energy industry development, timely introduction of a common tariff policy.

Reply to reply, the Committee points out that, solar-thermal electricity generation can enjoy a series of preferential tax policies of solar power generation industry. National has introduced has series support solar industry of tax support measures, as on enterprise engaged in including solar power new project zainei of national focus support of public based facilities project investment operating of proceeds, implemented enterprise income tax “three from three halved” policy; since October 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015, on tax into sales since produced of solar production of power products, implemented VAT that levy that back 50% of policy, meet conditions of light hot power enterprise are can enjoy above offers policy.

Government loan guarantee policy in the United States has vigorously promoted the development of solar-thermal power industry, whether this policy can be implemented in China? The reply answer notes that, under article eighth of the guarantee law, State organ may act as a surety. In this context, for solar-thermal power generation project by the Government to provide loan guarantees of legal obstacles. National Energy Board recommended that solve the financing problems of solar-thermal power generation projects, whilst taking into account guide credit guarantee institutions to participate in the construction of solar thermal power generation, provide guarantees for its financing services for large solar thermal power generation projects on the other hand, consider introducing the international community widely used PPP mode (PPP) for project finance, expand project funding.

Proposal for loan to solar-thermal power enterprises, the reply reply also pointed out that, in accordance with national financial policies and regulations, commercial banks as the main market, and manage their own business, business needs to comply with commercial principles to achieve sustainable management, should not be forced for preferential credit policies of specific industries. But solar-thermal power generation, renewable energy, in line with national sustainable development, the National Energy Board would guide banks and other financial institutions to actively support the development of solar-thermal power generation.

Meanwhile, the National Energy Board will also strengthen supervision and administration of concession projects and other projects to promote solar thermal power generation industry standard development.

Reply reply to succinctly answer the solar thermal power industry several important issues of common concern. From this, National Energy Board to light thermal power generation industry was adopting a positive attitude to support its policies, prices, industrial development, a brief description is basically consistent with the realities of solar-thermal power generation industry development needs. Should reach a consensus in the industry is that current industrial sectors need to accelerate the commercialization of the start and building a large demonstration power plant, the Government should speed up the research introduce policy support and guidance for commercial demonstration projects, to concentrate forces to build several solar thermal power plant model, through the technical and cost barriers and lay the foundations for the subsequent large-scale commercial development.

Notes of the reporter:

Annual national parliamentary session, proposals on the promotion of new energy technology development segments be underpriced, but proposals for solar-thermal power are few, largely because deputies have little of the solar thermal power industry, coupled with no good basis of social cognition, speaks for solar-thermal power industry representatives are hard to find. This solar thermal power generation industry is almost lost the promotion industry, fighting for policies to support platform opportunities.

For using two platform for light hot power industry won more development opportunities, to maiden voyage light heat and in the Haiyang for representative of industry leading enterprise “curve nation”, through in the Haiyang Chairman Xue Liming and maiden voyage light hot General Manager Yao Zhihao common served as Deputy President of Federation of industry and Commerce new energy Chamber of Commerce up submitted CPPCC proposal, for light hot power industry in two Shang created has “vocal” opportunities, and made has significantly effectiveness. We look forward to future solar-thermal power generation industry through a variety of channels to appear on two more proposals and recommendations.

Original title: National Energy Board response to support the development of solar-thermal power generation industry of CPPCC proposals

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