No intelligent network of distributed PV “small office”

Polaris solar PV net news: distributed generation, a strong distribution network and intelligent means everything. Has a strong distribution network, intelligent, distributed power with all the imagination may be “floating clouds”.

Earlier this year, China plans new PV installed capacity target of 14GW, distributed PV projects 8GW. However, near the end, PV installed capacity is not optimistic. According to the photovoltaic industry experts said, at present, only 4GW installed grid-connected photovoltaic, and distributed-scale grid-connected PV capacity can be said poorly.

And corresponding is lower coverage of distribution network automation in China, can say that does not have a strong distribution network for support, distributed power grid would be “impossible”.

“So far, our coverage of distribution network automation in Hangzhou has been covering the urban area 80%, the area distributed in photovoltaic, biomass power plants could all dissolve. “Assistant to the General Manager of the Hangzhou power company, State grid said Huang Wuhao told Xinhua in an interview.

Distribution network automation means what?

Entered the distribution network dispatch center in Hangzhou City, State grid electric power supply company, a busy scene. Hangzhou power company, State grid and distribution network operation check, run a repair Center Director Cao Qing told reporters about the importance of a strong distribution network for distributed PV to dissolve.

Distribution automation system is the use of modern electronic technology, communications technology, and computer and network technology, online and offline data distribution network, distribution network and user data, structure and geographic information integration of power, in order to achieve under normal operation and fault conditions of distribution system monitor, protect, control, power and distribution management.

In fact, the traditional distribution network dispatch Center substations data only available, there is no distribution network operational data, as well as user information. Lack of detailed data on trends of distribution network, which is traditionally a “blind transfer”. Hangzhou power company, State grid and distribution network operation check, run a repair Center Director Cao Qing told Xinhua in an interview.

In the case of distribution operation data were not available, blind access to distributed generation in distribution network, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of grid power to the user. Distributed PV in particular, due to the strong sun, angle changes, power point voltage and current change, it tests the reach of distribution networks.

If there is a failure, an intelligent distribution network able to grasp the point of failure, fault isolation, and supplemented from other substation loads, so as to safeguard the security and stability of distribution networks. Important for the existence of large scale distributed power distribution network. Cao Qing pointed to the LED display of distribution network dispatch Center said.

No can denied, with distribution network automation, distribution network scheduling Center can master from substation, and to in the pressure network, and to distribution variable, and to low voltage network, and to smart meters of detailed data, can monitoring distribution network all node of data, real-time monitoring distribution network trend changes, and can smart optimization best programme, guarantees distribution network stable, this for distributed power grid provides has powerful of support.

Main grid our power grid construction and long term, distribution network construction is lagging behind. In the “Twelve-Five” period, China’s backbone transmission network construction is complete, power grid construction focus gradually shifted to the distribution network. According to relevant information, national grid company in 2014 to investment of 160 billion yuan in construction of distribution network, investment hit a record high.

Hangzhou City, State grid electricity supply company national grid company’s first distribution network automation, one of four units, distribution automation construction begins in 2010. To date, distribution automation coverage rate of 80% District, Hangzhou City, is expected to reach 100% by 2015. Huang Wuhao said in an interview with reporters.

Fuyang 100% Internet access patterns are not “quick fixes”

It is with a strong distribution network for support, Fuyang mode will start.

Huang Gongwang village, a beautiful village, Fuyang city, Hangzhou City. Has worked as a painting of the Huang Gongwang, author of Fuchun resort hideaway, renowned at home and abroad. Due to the development of distributed PV, the villager is a small village of 800 people face an unprecedented change.

Huang Cun Cun Wang Zhongsheng, Director, told reporters that in 2010, the construction of new rural area on a large scale, village residential project of 800 families in the village began to gradually drop. At the time, Wang Zhongsheng a preliminary understanding of the distributed photovoltaic-related national policies, after around after investigation, he decided to mobilize the villagers in residence project of distributed solar panels installed on the roof.

When you walk into when Huang Gongwang village residential project, reporters saw rows of foundation engineering of the building had been completed, installed solar panels on the roof as “tile” shape, and fully integrated architecture itself. Soon after, Huang Gongwang villagers can live in a block of energy saving and environmental protection new houses.

Zhejiang solar project manager Shen Chunhui were already busy on the site for a few months, he is responsible for the installation of solar panels for technical problems. Shen Chun hui held a piece of the Panel, told reporters said that the solar panels do not need components that can be installed directly on the roof, Nice. Than ordinary tiles and high strength and low permeability. So this photovoltaic tiles local villagers welcome them.

Currently, the village installed in every household can be up to 2000 w, 2000 kWh of electricity a year, one-year earnings will reach 2500 Yuan per household.

In fact, in full swing is behind the development of the local Government’s support. Huang Cun, install a 2000-watt solar panels cost every household 36800, pay only 15000 Yuan per household, and the rest by local governments. Thanks to municipal power supply company of distributed PV fully dissolve, every household by 0.42 Yuan per unit, State subsidies, the local government subsidy of 0.2 Yuan per unit, and every household by 0.62 Yuan per kilowatt-hour to get subsidies.

Obviously, since the national “Golden Sun” after the project ends, distributed PV implementation of “subsidy”, distributed PV as the key to development, it can be said, not eliminate support 100% power supply company, Hangzhou, Fuyang mode maybe hard starts.

In order to promote the local distributed PV, hardware support alone is not enough, need more specific tracking service.

Interview in the, country network Hangzhou City powered company staff told reporter, Hangzhou City powered company introduced has distributed PV residents user typical access system programme, staff carrying typical programme template, according to site situation select corresponding access system programme replies customer, achieved site survey and access system programme developed, and review, and replies day within completed, while on and electricity new together implementation of roof tiles type residents PV project, opened “fast channel”, implemented once accepted and told, and once exploration and determines, and A reply, one fitted sheet and grid-connected “1+3” mode, implement new electricity transmission synchronized with the grid-connected photovoltaic project debugging.

Cai Guangming is local, a young lad, he received the call he purchased electricity grid companies 338.31 SMS tips to reporters,

“For a month, only for a month, I can see the benefit”, Cai Guangming said with a smile. It is understood that he was just a month ago installed solar panels.

Safe, security safe

As the massive-scale distributed power points connected to the distribution network, distribution grid security issues become a problem.

Yan Toshikiyo is Yong Chang, Director of the power station, Hangzhou City, State grid, since local mass access to distributed PV, his mission seems to be much more numerous, one of which is the inspection of anti-Islanding devices per household, he knew that if the slightest mistake, it can cause damage to distribution lines and equipment, even the personnel accident occur.

As we all know, relative to the unified national power grid scheduling, any distributed PV can be run separately as a small system. If a power line maintenance personnel operation, grid integration of distributed photovoltaic power plant to power back to the grid, this is the ‘ island effect ‘.

For the safety of maintenance personnel, the grid must have an anti-Islanding features on the inverter, but this inverter also reenter the blind spot. So once the blind spots occur, photovoltaic power stations to be telex sent by maintenance of lines on the bus, it will cause a serious threat to the life of maintenance personnel. In addition, the people in the lines after a power failure, may also be operating at home, like changing light bulbs and the like, once the lines have access to electricity, is also a threat to people’s lives.

So in order to prevent the “island effect”, Hangzhou power company needs for each of the distributed installed power low-voltage photovoltaic anti-Islanding devices, the power repair security barrier, so yan Toshikiyo an important task is to ensure the safety of low-voltage photovoltaic anti-Islanding devices.

In fact, for the entire distribution network, access on a large scale distributed power later, the “island effect” is only a fraction of the power distribution network requires more security, intelligent distribution network have to rise further.

On the premise that data distribution network to embrace, Hangzhou power supply repair service company, State grid systems is pioneering the implementation of the “pre-Chi” repairs, in place of a traditional passive recovery. “Pre-wisdom” since implementation of the repair has been proactively identify and avoid more urgent defects accidents, greatly increase the speed and breakdown repair repairing service quality, truly breakdown repair “fast, rapid repair and smooth flow of information, based on a return visit.”

Distribution automation system has completely changed the entire distribution system, because of data, we can also load to make predictions about the future, and then make a plan to further promote the development of new energy. With the development of Hangzhou electric vehicles we, along with the gradual increase in charging, growth of the electric vehicle ownership, are likely to have an impact on distribution systems, which need, based on currently available data, forecasting, planning, construction, and guarantee the stable operation of distribution networks. Assistant to the General Manager of the Hangzhou power company, State grid said Huang Wuhao.

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