Northwest province of PV continuing “abandoned” industry anxious renewable portfolio standard

Polaris solar PV net news: experts call for legislated renewable portfolio standard

“Even without new quota in Gansu province, absorb the existing installed capacity is also needed for 20 years or so. “An industry source told reporters,” found in the surveys electro-optical project in Gansu province, 90% of the solar power plant in ‘ the Sun ‘, not to mention the Internet generation. “

Some have queried whether this is data exaggerated, but an undeniable fact is that PV power station in Northwest China suffers from an abandoned power rationing, which is particularly serious in Gansu province. Insiders believe he told a reporter, it is necessary as soon as possible for renewable electricity quotas, indigestion problems to resolve after the feast.

Factors restricting development

Feast of PV in Gansu province started in 2008, 2010 began to speed development. Data shows that by the end of 2013, Gansu power total installed capacity of 34.8932 million, photovoltaic generating capacity of 4.2984 million kilowatts, an increase of 1025.24%, ranking first in the country.

Meanwhile, Gansu power grid construction has lagged. A person familiar with the matter told reporters, PV projects concentrated mainly in Hexi region, Gansu province, now to Northwest power grid transmission channels in Hexi area maximum transporting capacity of about 5.2 million-kilowatt to present to dissolve and send out capacity analysis, Hexi power grid has been unable to meet the needs of electricity delivery.

A large number of projects under way, limited absorptive capacity, abandon light phenomenon come. According to the latest data provided by the Gansu provincial power company, 2013 in Gansu province to abandon the photovoltaic capacity of 110 million kWh, abandon rate is 5.49%. Abandoned the power generation enterprises in Gansu province statistics show that Gansu province in 2013 to abandon optical weight up to 303 million kWh, abandon rate is about 13.78%.

“Was abandoned, except for PV projects under way was going too fast, outside the grid access and eliminate can’t keep up, insufficient convergence power supply, power grid construction, power grid enterprise access systems, grid-connected acceptance job imperfections are abandoning the cause of light. “Northwest hydroelectric investigation, design and Research Institute of electro-optical architecture design Branch Chief XIAO Bin, told reporters.

National Energy Board issued earlier by the grid-connected renewable energy Office of regulatory reporting in Gansu province, according to the Gansu area auxiliary transmission project is not synchronized with the wind, photovoltaic power generation project planning, construction and renovation, send out capacity does not match the limited proportion of up to 78%. Load levels by about 3.8 million-kilowatt in Hexi region, Gansu province, unable to implement in-place to dissolve only 750/330,000 volts, one or two into the Northwest power grid transmission channel to dissolve.

Meanwhile, wind, light, fire and water in Hexi region sent out various types of power supply through the existing channel, cannibalizing the channel with each other; 750,000 volts the second channel built in Jiuquan, but still not full Internet access.

It is understood that apart from Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang Province with PV there is access and eliminate problems, statistics show that Qinghai province to abandon the light at 40%.

Industry anxious electricity quotas

“There is the root cause of many of the above have their own local government, power plant and power grid company’s interests, and make it impossible for photovoltaic and grid development, formed the current lame development situation. “Enterprises who declined to be named told reporters that balance the relationship between the parties is the key to solve the problem.

To solve this problem, Gansu province, the local government, enterprises, are working actively to work. A case study of Yumen city, “for promoting the construction of power grids in Yumen city, leading group specially set up power grid, according to the power grid and transmission needs new energy base to match the requirements, developing the city’s power grid construction planning, construction area of unobstructed space layout, power delivery network. “Energy Secretary Manuel Lujan told reporters in Yumen city, circular economy industrial park and around Yumen Eastwick photovoltaic industrial park development, development of power to dissolve the city planning. In January 2014, to November, PV projects average access rate of 85% per cent, available hours to 1500 hours.

Meng Xiangan said China renewable energy society, abandon light reflecting power grid construction and electric power system reform problem of uncoordinated development and renewable energy industries. Need to consider now is renewable energy development to be integrated into the existing energy systems, and grid integration issues to be considered in particular.

“At present effective ways to solve the problem is as soon as possible for renewable electricity quotas. “Meng Xiangan said,” quotas forcing power companies with a new energy, power grid companies to buy a certain amount of renewable energy generation, to a certain extent can solve Internet problems. Quota system has worked out 3 years ago, is now the third amendment, after rumors in December set, but currently do not have any messages. ”

“The key is a provincial controversy on specific issues such as quotas. “A person who declined to be named told reporters that in the first and second draft, quotas account for 15% of Inner Mongolia and southern provinces such as Guangdong, and only 2%. After several revisions, the national development and Reform Commission has been discussing the renewable electricity quotas adopted by the appraisal procedures (trial implementation), divided into four categories, where the quota has been reduced from 14% to 10% per cent of Inner Mongolia, in addition, quotas such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian and other southern provinces adjust to 4%.

“Percentage quotas have to wait until after the formal announcement to clear. Latest developments is the quota system has passed the approval of the State Council, the specific enactment are uncertain. “These people told reporters.

In Meng Xiangan opinion, although the introduction of renewable electricity quotas it is necessary, but the quota system is only a temporary measure support for industry development, to fundamentally solve the abandoned light problem, on the one hand power to build a strong and smart grid, on the other hand to increase renewable energy output stability. In addition, pending development of PV focus only on the generation side, PV can launch the energy to tackle next elimination problem.

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