November from United States officers import surge 200% polysilicon imports thousands of tons

Polaris solar PV net news: the beauty of China PV second “double reverse” while final 76.5-203.76% with super-high rates November United States take advantage of China’s processing trade policy polysilicon doubled exports to China.

According to customs statistics, in November 2014, China imports hit an all-time high of polysilicon, imports amounted to 11729 tons in the month, 45.3% per cent increase, compared with increased 48.2%. 1 – November imported 92982 tons, up 29% over the previous year, and expects full year imports will exceed 100,000 tons of polysilicon than ever year the highest growth 23%.

Nonferrous metal Association SI branch believes that caused China to South Korea and Europe polysilicon “double reverse” after the imports hit a record high of three main reasons: first, by way of processing trade imports to avoid “double reverse” vulnerability evident in November through the processing trade imports 7871 tons polysilicon, accounted for 67.1%! United States by way of processing trade imports 3614 tons in the month since the United States imports accounted for 91% of the total, and the rest from imports of general trade channels for free from “double reverse” effect of semiconductor Silicon. Second, Korea only ruled that the anti-dumping duty rate of as low as 2.4%, fueling the Korea wind of polysilicon manufacturers continue to expand, increasing the impact on the Chinese market, customs statistics in November from Korea imported 4017 tons, 34.2% per cent of total imports, imports of July ranked the first place in a row. Three is “suspended polysilicon processing trade approval” of 58th, bulletin released Hou, and Executive day Zhijian of half months gap period within, around through processing trade way assault approval new of polysilicon total over 100,000 tons, especially United States of a enterprise and domestic enterprise signed up to more than 30,000 more tons more crystal silicon processing trade contract, August 14-31st and United States signed of processing trade orders, in November is obviously of appeared out.

Introduction of this file, but the relatively high rates of United States polysilicon companies gaming the and full implementation of a new year’s sale plan, making November 2014 from United States imports surge 3976 tons polysilicon per cent from 200% per cent, import price dropped to 15.97 USD/kg, the chain or 18%.

Original title: November from United States officers import surge 200% polysilicon imports thousands of tons

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