Once again, First Solar power roof photovoltaic market

Polaris solar PV net news: on Wednesday, United States First Solar announced United States residential PV markets make another attempt, the company plans to build solar power projects, and shift from a single customer for the sale of electricity to many home users.

With its headquarters in the United States, Arizona companies are working with Clean Energy Collective, the development and construction of “PV power generation projects in community”, but not roofing systems of these power projects, they are closer to the communities or the services of the town.

In addition, the First Solar company also acquired part of the Clean Energy Collective ownership, but did not disclose specific shares, it is learnt that the Colorado company has rich experience in photovoltaic power generation project in community development. FirstSolar today became the second largest investment in Clean Energy Collective management.

Community solar photovoltaic project was the roof of another alternative to its customer-oriented group is those roofs are not suitable for installing the components of customer or persons willing to rent to buy solar power. However, the community project on solar power does not transfer directly to the customer. Instead of the community electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation project will be pumped directly into the grid, customers need to pay a portion of electricity (power station as part of the project or stock holdings), while it pays into their electricity bill on accounting.

The two companies announced plans to representatives of utilities for home and business customers to build photovoltaic projects and sell power. Clean Energy Collective spokesman TimBraun said that, normally, we sell equity to customers, these customers are home users, may be corporate customers, or municipal governments. In addition, the company is usually responsible for the operation and maintenance of the project.

Meanwhile, First Solar announced the news marks its official entry into United States residential electricity market, but this is not the first attempt. In 2008, the company SolarCity to invest $ 25 million, and SolarCity became United States largest residential photovoltaic system installers, which portion of the roof project is first solar’s cadmium telluride PV modules (First with SolarCity signed a 100MW Solar module supply agreements). However, the deal did not help FirstSolar PV on the roof firmly on solid footing. One is FirstSolar Si module efficiency than competitors pricing. Limited space also makes the roof crystalline silicon solar module is more economical. Therefore, the 2010 fourth quarter, First Solar sold its stake in SolarCity.

Since then, more focused on the First Solar CdTe PV module efficiency in energy generation. In addition, the company also bought a crystalline silicon PV module companies TetraSun.

Residential PV market has been booming, and attracted many new businesses, and prompted a number of enterprises started fundraising plans, put into technology development and open up new markets. Just a few days ago, SolarCity and SunPower announced it will introduce online tools for clients to select and buy PV equipment financing solutions and provide better facilities.

According to GTM Research report released this week disclosed that the third quarter of this year, United States residential photovoltaic system installed capacity add over 300MW, hit a quarter of annual installed capacity high. (Compilation: Tao Beihua)

Original title: once again, First Solar power roof photovoltaic market

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