TrendForce: new double drop rate Lu Sheng Taiwan solar manufacturers find us a way out

Polaris solar PV net news: United States Department of Commerce announced on 17th in 2014 the new double against convicted tax, County vendors maintain or higher than the initial rate, but Taiwan vendor tax rate be reduced slightly. Anti-dumping duty of 26.71% to 165.04% County component; countervailing duty rate 27.64% per cent to 49.79%. Taiwan part of Motech’s tax rate is reduced to 11.45%, Yu Jing remained at 27.55%, other Taiwan manufacturers because Motech lowered tax rates and reduced to 19.5%. 2014 China double the judgment against tax rises, Taiwan battery lost among the County, making components into the United States market pipeline. China manufacturers, will be selected through self-producing cells, components, use tax rates 2012 are sold to United States markets, in which Trina 23.75% tax rate most advantageous in 2012.

Green energy business unit owned by TrendForce EnergyTrend, research manager Huang Gonghui, said short term expected Taiwan solar cell prices are expected to rise, in addition to double eventually sentenced to boost, first quarter of 2015 are English, Japanese, middle-market incentives, is expected to amount and price homeopathy work together to upgrade.

Although the impact of double-reverse, United States demand in 2015 will continue to grow, and component prices may rise slightly. At current prices at the level of US$0.65~0.68/W observation, prediction component prices to rise US$0.03~0.05/W. Huang Gonghui said, considered to market supply changes, hanwha new energy recently announced will Yu Korea expansion over 2GW component factory most active, remaining China manufacturers also already respectively Yu European, and Canada, and South Africa, and Malaysia, and India, and Japan and Turkey, to established component production base, estimated 2015 China manufacturers overseas component capacity will over 3GW, plus original Europe component manufacturer of capacity has enough to supply United States market by needed.

Competitive advantage, Huang Gonghui further stated that the future United States market component prices edged up as well as the relatively low tax rates, Taiwan manufacturers in Taiwan development components also have the opportunity to enter the United States market. At present Taiwan’s capacity for about 2.2GW,2015 years may have the opportunity to increase. In addition, in the scope of the survey, Taiwan produce components such as using cells in a third, are not within the scope of this survey, so Taiwan part of their battery factory to set up factories overseas, you can still go back to Taiwan using established components production line exported to United States.

Original title: TrendForce: new double drop rate Lu Sheng Taiwan solar manufacturers find us a way out

China-us dual-end outsourcing sensitive time AIT has the solar industry beckons?

Polaris solar PV net news: United States Department of Commerce today (17) issued a statement published in China solar plant with the anti-dumping and countervailing duty final sentence, but at such a sensitive time, United States Institute in Taiwan (AIT) to solar industry publication investment shows a notice, seems to want to invite Taiwan companies to the United States to set up factories.

AIT AIT to industry publication on “United States solar market analysis and investment seminars” invited and said the United States solar markets residential and commercial users are fast-growing, shows solar products wholesale and retail market opportunities, saying that “it’s plants in United States, the timing of the establishment of sales offices and warehouse facilities”. AIT is also further explained that if Taiwan factory will invest in United States building component production lines, may also take part in BuyUSA government procurement projects, participation in public sector opportunities.

TrendForce under EnergyTrend Gao Jiaxi, an analyst noted that the China-us dual-after the results were released, shipping United States would be affected. But AIT investment shows seem to be helping rig factory find new ways.

Original title: China-us dual-end outsourcing sensitive timing, AIT on solar industry beckons?

Renewable energy is a global energy transition core content

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, national renewable energy Center for the 2014 international renewable energy development report. Money enclosed by the end of 2013 the overall development of the global renewable energy industry, summarized in 35 countries and regions worldwide renewable energy strategic objectives, policy measures and market trends. Start in 2012, the report has been published 3 years in a row.

“Renewable energy has become a hot area of global energy investment. In 2013, any new power generation installed capacity in the world, 56% from renewable energy generation. Renewable energy such as wind power and solar power generation is the fastest growing power. “National renewable energy Center Vice Director of Hu Gao said at the launch of the report,” development of renewable energy on a global scale has scale, is a major strategic measure to address global climate change, is the core of the global energy transition and fundamental direction. ”

From advanced countries to developed and developing countries, “two-wheeled”

Hu Gao said, from report view, global can renewable energy development rendering some significantly situation: can renewable energy became energy investment focus field; global main economic body are height attention can renewable energy of development; can renewable energy only in power field share high, in Terminal energy consumption in the by accounted for proportions also is unlikely to; global can renewable energy still in fast development stage; increasingly more of economic body proposed Grand of COSCO period can renewable energy development target,.

The report shows that renewable energy growth momentum slowing in Europe, policy adjustment and speed up the innovation process. Renewable energies have been an important means to address climate change in 2030, the EU climate and energy policy frameworks aims, will share of renewable energy in energy consumption ratio increased to 27%. Despite the financial crisis in 2013 having financial difficulties, coupled with subsidies increased demand pressures, some decline in State support for renewable energy in Europe, but it is an irreversible trend of the development of renewable energy. Germany set out to amend the law from “fixed price” to “fixed subsidy”, United Kingdom also began implementation of electricity market reform, to introduce new energy power generation contracts.

The pace of emerging and developing countries is growing faster and becomes an important driver for renewable energy development. China’s wind, solar, biomass and other renewable energy is developing rapidly. India is the second largest wind power development after mainland China in Asia. In 2013, the India wind power installed capacity 2.08 million-kilowatt, cumulative installed capacity has reached 21.13 million-kilowatt, ranked fifth in the world; the national solar energy plan to yield results in 2013, India added PV power 1.01 million-kilowatt, totaled 2.82 million-kilowatt.

The report said renewable energy began to develop on a more global scale. Middle East, North Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the development of renewable energy. Even Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Bahrain, and Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich countries are vigorously developing renewable energy 2020 targets.

Wind solar in the local region into alternative power trend is clearly

The end of 2013, global renewable energy generation capacity totaled 1.56 billion kW, 8.5% over in 2012. Hydro-added 40 million-kilowatt, 4%, total installed capacity reaching 1 billion-kilowatt; wind power added 35 million-kilowatt, an increase of 12%, with a total generation capacity of 318 million kW; PV count about 39 million-kilowatt, an increase of 39%, the cumulative capacity of 139 million kW. By the end of 2013, renewable energy sources generate all the world’s 22.1% of electricity, including hydroelectric generating capacity accounted for 16.4% of the world’s electricity.

Judging from the different industries, global renewable energy development also varies. Hu Gao said, wind power continues to scale development began in some regions an alternative role. In 2013, global cumulative installed capacity of wind power reached 318 million kilowatts, which then installed 35.47 million-kilowatt, down 21.5%, which was mainly influenced by the United States the impact of policy change.

Wind power development in Europe continues to be the most stable areas, not only in capacity growth and scale, but also play a role in wind power in the electricity system. Wind power generating capacity accounted for 8% of the total electricity consumption in Europe, up 1% from 7% again in 2012. Wind power in Denmark, and Portugal, and Spain, and Germany the proportion of electricity generation, 22.4%, 33.2% and 8.9%, respectively. Wind power in these countries has played an important role in alternative power.

2013 global PV industry achieved a historic breakthrough, additional capacity of about 39 million-kilowatt, more than wind power for the first time, an increase of 39%, the cumulative capacity of 139 million kW. Which, in the EU countries, photovoltaic energy output accounted for 3% of the total electricity consumption in the EU, increasing by 0.5% over a year ago. Among them, Italy PV power station to 7.8% of total national electricity consumption, an increase of 2.2%; Germany accounted for 5%.

Photovoltaic power generation in Asia to achieve a breakthrough, as the world’s largest photovoltaic market. Among them, China market new 11.3 million-kilowatt; Japan under the influence of Fukushima, new market capacity reached 6.9 million-kilowatt, an increase of 306%.

By the end of 2013, biomass power generation installed capacity in the world 88 million-kilowatt in 2012, representing a growth of 6%, generating about 405 billion-kilowatt kWh, accounting for about 1.4% of electricity. Among them, the Europe of 34.5 million-kilowatt, when the output of 136 billion-kilowatt. Germany added 500,000-kilowatt new biomass power plant in 2013, total installed 8 million-kilowatt; when the biomass power generation 48 billion-kilowatt, representing Germany’s electricity 8%.

Original title: the core content of renewable energy is a global energy transition

SPI’s agreement with Shi Yuzhu, trend of the Chinese private placements for $ 140 million

Polaris solar PV net news: December 15, 2014, California Roseville,–SPISolar vertically integrated photovoltaic solar developers today announced that has amounted to US $ 140 million private placements, with Shi Yuzhu’s giant co and China Dongxiang group reached a definitive purchase agreement. Founded by Shi Yuzhu, giant is a leading online game developer and operator in China, China Dongxiang group is a leading international sportswear brand enterprises in China, listed its shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange trading.

According to the signing of a definitive agreement, SPI agreed to by Mr Shi Yuzhu, Chinese and other investors control the SPV (Special purposevehicles) redirect to issue $ 35 million in common shares and $ 35 million in convertible promissory notes, as well as controlled by Shi Yuzhu, Dongxiang, and other investors of SPV allocated 70 million dollars of common stock. According to United States securities law provisions relating to unregistered securities (s Ordinance), the private placing all to non-United States investors.

SPI expects once or the immunities of delivery conditions are met, all of the common shares and of convertible promissory notes sales will be completed within 10 days after the signing of the relevant protocols. SPI investors can complete common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ Exchange SPI common shares on or before the date of the purchase offer. According to the signing of a definitive agreement, the SPI ordinary shares issued are restricted securities, lock each investor receives a 3-month contract.

SPI, Chairman of LDK, said: “we are pleased to announce that investment agreements with Shi Yuzhu and China Dongxiang, which fully indicates their SPI and Outlook of the company was full of confidence. We are confident that the capital raised will help the company continue high growth trajectory, and ultimately beneficial to all the company’s shareholders.

This press release does not constitute a sale of SPI stock offer or request to purchase invitations, and under the securities laws of the relevant jurisdiction, in front of the register or qualify the jurisdiction over the illegal sale of such securities, these securities nor shall such jurisdiction to invite an offer to sell, purchase or sale.

The private placements of common shares and of convertible promissory notes net proceeds will be used to expand SPI’s photovoltaic project in the world, as well as for the company’s working capital.

Original title: SPI’s agreement with Shi Yuzhu, trend of the Chinese private placements for $ 140 million

The old red PV for West China Aerospace electromechanical line: PV into the desert retreat

Polaris solar PV net news: the fate of old red again sent to Zhongwei city in Ningxia. Last time here was in 1989, in memory, in addition to the gaomiao buildings like Phoenix, here is just an ordinary can no longer rank–drum-centered North of longer than a few kilometers Northwest of the small town, the Yellow House, gray-White Poplar.

Here again, it was a most impressive Central Avenue East, built in–the Yellow River Greenway. Roadside planting and the trees, the tree is under water, glowing yellow sedge and residual charge on the water. Central Defender, has become like the old red, not so many people South of Watertown.

But who would have imagined that a beautiful city but are threatening the Tengger Desert, only a few kilometres from the North, it seems not so serious for more than 20 years ago. So, sand became one of the most important works in the city, it is said that Government funds are paying hundreds of millions each year.

Even more unexpectedly was 2012 begins construction of centre-backs photovoltaic industrial park is part of the desert to change this situation, PV sand, sand results beyond the Municipal Government just use Dong Hai Huang Sha …

When the “old red PV for West China” came to the planning area of 65,000 acres of industrial park, seeing is an industrial shock: 88 metres tall observation tower, the sea like the ups and downs of photovoltaic panels; hearing and municipalities the same accident: the construction of photovoltaic power plant in the desert not only can use the Dong Hai Huang Sha, also sand, sand control, achieve the effect of surrounding central defender. Then, find PV magic of desert become old red came to Zhongwei PV spaceflight machine (referred to as “spaceflight machine”) main purpose.

“Spaceflight machine” on the road, old red amazement between heaven and Earth, photovoltaic power plant and Division of the dune is close at hand, so clear, ink blue photovoltaic panels, golden sand dunes, make people feel bleak moments by modern civilization crossed from time immemorial, all so uncoordinated, not true at all. Enter the “aerospace electromechanical” venues, old red, pleasantly surprised to see the PV panels, above the sand between arrays, or high or low, or swelling or light, a clump of grass, shadows stretched in panels, rocked in the breeze. If it is not far from the sand dunes, you tend to forget about two years ago, is barren. It made the old red engross recorded since the past is desert, human retreat. Now here are the PV into desert retreat.

Participation, witness the “subversion of historical” person–spaceflight machine in one of Gansu’s aerial power operation and maintenance company Deputy General Manager Liu Qiong, this overturns old red a quick recognition of the history of the history of the process.

Liu Qiong’s style is “Northwest”, “Northwest” old red when chatting until dinner knows that he is Shanghainese, is also confident that spaceflight machine company to better open the Northwest market, with the right people. Liu Qiong is a man who can tell a story, there’s ideas, and his communication becomes a acquires information, inspire each other and even the trial of strength. From sand to PV, from planting to storage can, from station smart management to “space electromechanical” of commercial mode, certainly, he heart most heavy of that a must belongs to he of shipped dimension company, because “red teacher, you made research information more, I in Northwest information less, must to put latest of related station shipped dimension of information told I” of a sentence please, pressure have old red from heart heavy of.

Half-day Exchange, old red is not only intuitive dissent from aerospace electrical company in the photovoltaic industry is booming, opening the unique business model before the connotation of also knows roughly how the centre-back is the Dong Hai Huang Sha in “aerospace electromechanical” ‘s hand into a land of high quality photovoltaic.

Said, or from the road, leading to the “spaceflight machine” road, is the old red come many photovoltaic industrial park in the worst way, so that we have to think of the so-called world’s largest photovoltaic industrial park or the Government is unwilling to pay, or companies are reluctant to pay. Liu Qiong told the story: in this desert roads, dug 2 metres down, fill with gravel, decent roads can be repaired. Only that shashilu around the plant two or three kilometers long, had invested more than 1.2 million Yuan to have unsightly appearance today, stone is the old red “Cherokee” popping a chassis. Liu Qiong said that because there are no roads, large equipment comes into play from neimengduo you want to run hundreds of miles, as is the construction of photovoltaic power plants, at Centre-half in the desert are generally cheaper than the Gobi 30%.

Centre-back wind, because one of the three major outlet “Zephyr” wind, Zhongwei fine sand, fine on the hand to grab a handful of harbored a feeling of delicate, moist, gently blows can be dispersed, Centre-back dunes are mobile. “The most hated is the quicksand of the power station construction,” recalls Liu Qiong: “at the construction site, first lay a landmark day, unable to find the next day, seriously affected the progress of the construction. “In order to adapt to the geological features of a desert,” spaceflight machine “after continuous try, gave up the common scheme of massive dredging, developed a” spiral “bracket approach cost reduction 30%, also applied for a patent.

Through “straw checkerboard barriers” sand is centre-back initiative “in shapotou” is so famous around the world. “Spaceflight machine” came and wanted to dig wells for water-tree approach, results wells 40 metres deep water is not available, 100 meters water costs are too high. By consulting with experts, finally taking “straw checkerboard barriers” – the straw deep into sand form one meter square grid, sow grass seed in the square, gray in the grass and sand of alhagi maurorum in squares tenaciously survived. Looking at two years too long, 30 centimeter-high grass, old red asked: If in another ten years, plant grass than “shapotou” fuller? Liu Qiong thought said, “should be like this. Plant maintenance on grass is even more subtle and shade panels can reduce water evaporation. “Old red seemed to understand:” shapotou “sand only, the” aerospace electromechanical “photovoltaic plant can control this is magic.

“How the plant benefits? “Old red asked. “This power plant feasibility study report is expected in 15 return on his investment, now it is as long as 10 years. Because it is profitable power plants, operation and maintenance company is building an internal system for intelligent management and strive to make the station more network transmission time. “In the eyes of Liu Qiong, this plant as a matter of preference of the child, has a lot to look forward to tomorrow. “Red teacher, you come back in two years and two days ago, I saw a news report that Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a red sand can be used to plant trees, we try, we will also engage in farming, and two years later will give you a different photovoltaic power plant in the desert. “He said this tone does not like a desert, like sort of fertile ground.

Old red and want to be sure to come and see photovoltaic power plant control results are not better, see if the Defender is also greener.

Original title: the old red PV for West China Aerospace electromechanical line: PV into the desert retreat

United States PV to China the second double back the final forward

Polaris solar PV net news: events

United States of China PV “second double-reverse” investigation near the final, United States International Trade Commission was held on December 8, before the final hearing, and 15th hearing results, United States Department of Commerce will give final ruling on 17th.


1. final results remain preliminary rulings upheld the probability of domestic enterprises and the United States market has little influence

This year July completed early CD of United States on China PV “II times double anti-” will tax products range by initially of “city produced battery tablets” expanded to all in China Assembly of component, zhihou China PV Enterprise General used Executive 2012 years double anti-tax of strategy continues to to United States shipments, despite sales margins and previously used Taiwan battery tablets avoid tariff compared to has declined, but on United States shipments still profitable. And from the recently released United States new PV installed capacity figures in the third quarter, United States markets still maintained rapid growth: Q3 United States new PV installed capacity of 1.35GW, an increase of 41%, rose 7.5%. United States local photovoltaic companies Solarworld business improved and indeed to some extent verified double protecting United States PV module manufacturer’s active role.

“II times double anti-” will in December 17 ushered in United States Commerce of end CD (15th first by ITC announced hearing results), according to currently parties feedback of information and the years in the early CD yilai of industry development situation, we analysis is expected to, except tariff tax exists slightly adjustment of may outside, end CD results maintained early CD “upheld” of possibilities larger, event on domestic PV enterprise and United States market may produced of added effects limited.

2. PV trade war between China and Retrospect and prospect: the climax has passed, gradually easing the probability of events in the future

October 2011, Sino-US PV trade war by Solarworld United States Branch started first gun, United States Commerce Yu 2012 ruled China PV Enterprise obtained not due Government subsidies and on United States market of dumping behavior established, and began on China PV products levy double anti-tariff, but due to judgment of tax products only limited to battery tablets, so zhihou China PV Enterprise General used procurement Taiwan battery tablets processing into component again export United States of form avoid tariff (cost slightly rose but far below should paid tax )。

In July 2012, China’s Ministry of Commerce to enforce domestic polysilicon double reverse to the United States to initiate an investigation, which started in July 2013, decision and tariff and then producing polycrystalline silicon more beautiful “processing trade” sold to China to avoid countervailing tariff, this counter measures did not achieve the desired results.

In January 2014, the United States Department of Commerce in Solarworld made up “Taiwan cells vulnerability” quest, again filed “second double-reverse” investigation, and investigation of enterprises from the Chinese mainland enterprises to expand to Taiwan businesses, taxing its product range also from mainland China solar cell production expanded to include all components produced on the Mainland and Taiwan producing cells. United States of China PV “second double-reverse” referee that was established in early in July this year and imposed temporary tariffs.

17th final judgment and look forward to the subsequent development of events, we believe that trade war is easing, even reaching some degree of reconciliation (such as limits and limit promises) is the probability of the event. Causes main is: 1.APEC Conference Shang Sino-US between of carbon emission reduction joint reflect has between leaders on clean energy field cooperation of support attitude; 2. United States PV industry except Solarworld mainly of individual General crystal silicon component manufacturers outside (Sunpower, and First Solar, manufacturers products and China component for of subdivision market different), and no more enterprise benefit Yu on China double anti-; 3. beauty produced polysilicon material to “processing trade” Forms of behavior to avoid countervailing tariffs on exports to China will be banned starting January 2015, China still holds a certain degree of negotiating leverage.

3. the Taiwan photovoltaic industry influence has gradually digested China silicon chip companies benefit from the United States, and Korea as well as the direct demand rising

Due to the lost city, PV solar cell contract/procurement needs, Taiwan photovoltaic industry is “inverse quadratic two-” the greatest damage, but from the revenue figures in recent months, Taiwan photovoltaic industry has by way of adjusting the target market to gradually digested the double reverse the adverse effects, some companies are considering build plants overseas, such as medium-and long-term solutions.

For China Silicon tablets enterprise,, first due to United States native several no wafer capacity, so two times double anti-survey are not put wafer contains in tax products range within, future also not too may joined; second, despite part by Taiwan battery factory generation workers and eventually sold United States of orders by few effects, but due to double instead benefit of United States, and Korea PV enterprise is brings has more of directly wafer orders.

Investment advice

Due to this times double anti-end CD appeared than early CD more bad results of possibilities minimum, and recently market also has almost not exists on end CD can “verdict” reconciliation of expected, so we is expected to, if end CD maintained upheld, is does not on plate performance has too big effects, and any is superior to early CD judgment of conclusions, are should was as a is good Yu expected of results, will on plate performance has active effects.

Original title: United States China PV second double back the final forward

Distributed PV “landing” resistance building integrated photovoltaics or crack recipe

Polaris solar PV net news: early this year, the National Energy Board annual PV installed capacity target of 14GW, distributed PV projects 8GW. However, near the end, PV installed capacity is not optimistic. According to the photovoltaic industry expert said, currently PV installed capacity is about 4GW, which distributed PV installed capacity target is “far”.

International Assistant Yuan Muran, Director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission believes that financing, income instability, rooftops are hard to find and other obstacles affecting the development of distributed PV projects in the first half.

Out of restricting the development of distributed PV conundrum on May 4 this year, held in jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province, National Energy Board national model of distributed PV Conference, the promotion of “uniform resource services, unified planning, unified, universal standards” mode of jiaxing.

On September 4 this year, the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies, further improvements for distributed PV policy, such as the use of rooftops and grounds appurtenant construction of distributed solar power projects in the project record can be selected when “spontaneous use, residual power” or “full access” as a model, expanded the scope of subsidies.

Guided by this policy, domestic construction of distributed PV and accelerate in the second half, PV enterprises passion for distributed projects are also on the rise. However, to complete the annual construction target is still far in the future. Insiders pointed out that, distributed PV to speed up “landing”, must be integrated with the building, take the road of building integrated photovoltaics.

Building integrated photovoltaic technology, is the PV modules as building materials and building integration technology of the organism. This technology enables the construction of multi-function can not only achieve power and ease supply pressure, and can take advantage of aerodynamics, and achieve the effect of summer heat and winter insulation.

It is estimated that nationwide distributed photovoltaic power generation project construction resources can be used to build about 12,000 square kilometers, while 1.8 billion-kilowatt can be used to build capacity, needs investment of about 12.2 trillion yuan, the market potential is huge. “But if you want to succeed, ‘ floor ‘ or need overall planning and guidance from the Government. “The Ministry of housing and building energy-saving and Han Aixing, a Deputy Director of science and technology said.

Insiders pointed out that promotion of photovoltaic building integration model, resources must first have ownership of the roof.

Liu Hongwei, China singyes solar technologies Holdings Limited Chairman told reporters that cost Societe Generale distributed solar power generation system at 7 to 8 dollars per watt, now national 0.4 Yuan per kilowatt subsidy, input-output works out to be profitable. But the biggest problem is the roof are not easy, because the payback period for a project is usually 20 years or so, if during the owner’s property rights are changed, the project will continue, there is great uncertainty, it is also an important reason why many banks ‘ reluctance to lend. “The industrial problems encountered with a great deal of commonality. “Yuan Muran said.

Liu Hongwei suggested that demand large coastal local governments distributed PV development should be integrated into the new town of unified planning, harmonization and coordination of the implementation of roofs or land resources by the Government. In addition, it can also introduce insurance products, investment risks of dispersion distributed PV. PV industry set up an investment fund to attract social funds into.

Secondly, who invests will also need to have a good business model to protect. Due to various reasons, jiaxing mode copy is still difficult. The industry believes, can be used by building owners to invest or invested by a third party, is not the only, and across the enterprise as the case may be, and finally reached the direction the Government is exiting, market-driven, common big distributed PV Terminal.

This reporter learned that, next to the National Energy Board and at all levels of Government are expected to promote housing construction sector to set mandatory standards, will usher in a truly distributed PV on the roof.

Original title: distributed PV “landing” resistance building integrated photovoltaics or crack recipe

Polaris solar network on December 15, 2014, news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary of December 15 news, LDK left Xu jiayin hand poker players to subscribe for shares, the PV industry cold long for Canada “double reverse” and “double reverse” final between wafer “forced” transition, as follows:

LDK left Xu jiayin hand poker players hiding shares subscribed for

Cold on the PV Industry Canada “double reverse” investigation

“Double reverse” final between wafer “forced” transition

Double reverse trade war was raging unveiled Malaysia quietly rising secrets

A new “green revolution” revolution?

PV industry profits gathered end of the new business model is in the making

Vosges stake: cleaning PV pieces sell PV project assets

Biggest 7 reiterated the solar Union innovative financial models to build 5GW station

“Three questions” inhabitants of PV power station extension

Hubei will promote universal household PV power per unit, State-subsidized 0.42 Yuan

Jinzhai of Anhui photovoltaic poverty survey of 1008 items fell

Views of the Government on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry in heze city

More complicated than the roof of “hard to bear on large agricultural photovoltaic years

Views of the Government on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry in heze city

Polaris solar PV net news: Ames, Government issued (2014), 23rd

County District people’s Government municipal government departments, municipal enterprises, major colleges:

Photovoltaic industry is an important part of the new energy industry. The development of photovoltaic industry, on the adjustment of energy structure, developing strategic emerging industries, promoting the construction of ecological civilization is of great significance. For the implementation of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry opinions (guofa (2013), 24th) and Shandong provincial people’s Government on the implementation of the national development (2013), 24th, opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry (Lu Zheng (2014), 16th) spirit, promote healthy development of PV industry in our city, it is submitting the following comments:

One, overall thinking and development goals

In-depth implement party of 18 big and 18 session II in the, and three in the, and four in the plenary spirit, to Deng Xiao-ping’s theory, and “three a representative” important thought, and science development views for guide, insisted market led, and planning guide, and policy support, full played market in resources configuration, and structure adjustment, and optimization layout, and fittest and the exploitation in the of decisive role, full played Enterprise subject status, active improved government management and service, vigorously promotion PV application, accelerated industry upgrade and technology progress, foster grow PV related services, Realizing leaping development of PV industry and scale.

Strive to the end of 2015, through such means as mergers, inventory of existing photovoltaic manufacturing business, making it above the PV module production is up to 150MW; photovoltaic power capacity of more than 200MW.

Second, actively expanding application

(A) promoting the construction of PV plants on a selective basis. Give full play to the city’s grid access and land resources, wastelands, saline-alkali land, beaches and water surfaces, and other unused land and mining wasteland, exploring more flexible ways of land supply, actively and steadily promoting the construction of various types of photovoltaic power stations on a selective basis. Strive until the end of 2015, the city built PV installed capacity of 150MW. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal Bureau of land and resources, heze power supply company)

(B) to develop distributed PV. Encourage consumers to “spontaneous use, residual Internet, grid adjustments” way of building distributed PV systems. Priority support for industrial and commercial enterprises in higher electricity prices, Industrial Park building large-scale distributed PV systems support in offices, schools, hospitals, public institutions, community buildings, and other structures, such as promotion of small distributed PV systems. BIPV applications are encouraged, such as new buildings, renovation of old buildings in principle in accordance with distributed PV power requires a unified design and construction. Encouraged in street lighting, landscape, as well as communications base stations, traffic lights and other fields to promote distributed solar power. Strive until the end of 2015, the city built a distributed solar generation capacity of 60MW. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal urban and Rural Development Council, City economic information Commission, the municipal Transport Bureau, heze power supply company)

(C) efforts to expand application in urbanization and building a new Socialist countryside. In accordance with the development of “new towns, new energy, new life” the general idea, photovoltaic power generation into the new town development plan, considering PV applications combined with the construction of new countryside, in the village of old and new rural communities, distributed PV systems transformation project planning and construction, power to dissolve, improving rural electricity supply situation and consumption level. Relying on green energy demonstration County construction, expansion of PV applications. (Responsible unit: the municipal urban and rural construction Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission)

(D) actively develop domestic and foreign markets. Support enterprises to make full use of foreign exchange and cooperation platform, actively participate in the Forum, exhibition, trade promotion activities, expand the market space to expand visibility and influence. To provide enterprises with foreign trade and investment training to help cope with trade frictions, investment cooperation. To encourage, help and guide enterprises to actively open up emerging markets at home and abroad. (Responsible unit: municipal Bureau of Commerce, municipal economic and information Commission)

Third, promoting industrial upgrading and technological progress

In strict accordance with the industrial layout of photovoltaic manufacturing project. Strict controls on new photovoltaic cells simply to expand capacity of batteries and component items. New PV manufacturing projects should meet on single-crystal silicon PV cell conversion efficiency of not less than 20%, polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell conversion efficiency of not less than 18%, thin film PV cell conversion efficiency of not less than 12%, comprehensive electricity consumption of less than 100-kilowatt/kg polysilicon production. Innovation role into full play, increasing investment in research and development, strengthen the combination of production, teaching and research, and promote the upgrading and updating of existing products, improve their core competitiveness. Actively guiding the existing photovoltaic manufacturing companies seek PV power station construction and PV manufacturing enterprises both inside and outside the enterprise, to carry out all-round cooperation, improve market competitiveness. Actively promote the development of vertically integrated PV manufacturing enterprises, encouraging and supporting enterprises, raw material supply enterprises to carry out strategic cooperation, and strive to form a collection of mid and lower, and supporting each other, all links fit better a complete industrial chain. (Responsible unit: City economic information Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission)

Four, speeding up constructing service supporting system

Encourage specialized energy service companies and the consumer cooperative, energy management contract, investment in the construction and management of photovoltaic power generation systems; improving energy management contract specifications and transaction settlement system. Encourage photovoltaic manufacturing companies to the field of power plant investment, construction, operation and business development; actively cultivate and expand power plants emerging services such as consulting, design and General Contracting. Formation of photovoltaic industry association, give full play to professional associations, strengthening self-discipline, standardize trade development, strengthen industrial statistic analysis, build a platform for Exchange and cooperation. (Responsible unit: municipal economic and information Commission)

Five, improving grid access and network operation services

(A) network access. Grid enterprise to spirit simplified process, and convenient service of principles, established and perfect PV power received network audit and service program, announced grid service process, decentralization grid approval permission, in provides time within issued grid access views; strengthened and PV power phase adapted of grid construction and transformation, guarantees supporting grid and PV power project synchronization construction; investment construction PV access caused of public grid transformation part and access public grid PV power project of received network engineering; active development micro grid and smart grid technology, Improve power grid can support photovoltaic power generation capacity. Strengthen the supervision of PV on-grid services, ensure that project completed timely incorporation. (Responsible unit: heze power supply company)

(B) improving the grid-service. Power grid enterprises to optimize system operation, giving priority protection to photovoltaic power generation, full purchase of electricity; provision of electricity metering, regular settlement services such as electricity and to pay subsidies. Distributed PV full power into electricity generation and power consumption of the whole society and statistics and performance indicators at all levels of Government and the power grid enterprises; scope of spontaneous ladder self-use electricity production are not included in the price, taking into account at all levels of Government and the user section. (Responsible unit: heze power company, City economic information Commission, the municipal price Bureau).

VI, comprehensively strengthened safeguards measures

(A) improve project management systems. Photovoltaic power generation implementation of record management, needs a policy to subsidize the projects included in the annual instructions scale management. Photovoltaic plant by provincial energy departments; individuals using its own residential and building in a residential area of distributed solar power projects, registered directly by the local power grid enterprises and focus to the energy departments at the county level, and other distributed photovoltaic power generation project by the Municipal Department in charge of energy record. Exemption from distributed photovoltaic power generation business license. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission and the heze power company)

(B) implementation of price support policies. 2013-2015 grid-connected PV power plant, electricity price determined as 1.2 Yuan per kWh (tax, the same below), higher than the national benchmark price partially borne by the provincial. 2013-2015 into national scale annual guidance of distributed solar power projects, all electricity in the United States by 0.42 Yuan subsidy per kilowatt hour standards set on the basis of provincial 0.05 Yuan per kWh of electricity price subsidies. Enjoy “Golden Sun” and building integrated photovoltaic demonstration project grant funding to support the above items no longer qualify for subsidies. (Responsible unit: the municipal price Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the County District, heze power supply company)

(Iii) the implementation of preferential tax policies. Strictly implemented before 2015 PV VAT immediate refund 50% tax policies. Governments at all levels shall not be charged under various names to photovoltaic power generation enterprises charges additional to the provisions of laws and regulations. Spontaneous use of distributed PV electricity free of additional renewable electricity price, the State’s major water conservancy projects construction funds, large and medium power NET in reservoir resettlement support funds, loan funds and other 4 power imposed by Government funds, as well as reserve capacity and related service costs. (Responsible unit: Municipal Office, the local taxation Bureau, the municipal price Bureau, Finance Bureau, city district people’s Government, the counties of heze power supply company)

(D) increase financial support. Financial institutions should strictly implement the “maintain pressure” credit support, advanced technology with independent intellectual property rights, the development potential of big business good and strong, there is a market, there are orders, effective and credible photovoltaic manufacturing companies increase credit support. According to controllable risk, business sustainability, and access to credit can reach the principles, for PV technology innovation, mergers and foreign investment has a competitive advantage, such as finance, banking, settlements, consulting and comprehensive financial services. Support through multi-level capital market trading, private equity investment, issuing bonds and other means to broaden the financing channels. Financing guarantee agencies are encouraged to provide loans and debt guarantees, setting up key PV enterprises financing guarantee enabling funds. County Government and the State Development Bank and other financial institutions are encouraged to establish financial partnerships, targeted support of PV industry development. Innovative financial products and services to support SMEs and families to build their own personal use of distributed PV systems. Financial flows to the blind expansion of production capacity and the capacity project is strictly prohibited, and not in line with industrial policies of the State prohibits the construction of photovoltaic manufacturing projects without credit. (Responsible unit: the city Finance Office, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the county people’s Governments, people’s bank branches in heze city, heze CBRC)

(E) strengthen land support. Supported the use of uncultivated land, saline-alkali land, beaches and water surfaces, such as unused land construction of photovoltaic projects, land planning, scheduling, and moderate when tilted. PV power project using not using land and the arable land, and garden, and woodland yiwai other agricultural to and combines planting, and farming, for utilization, not involving agricultural switched to of, in clear County government regulatory responsibility, and land ownership nature and uses not variable of premise Xia, can not occupy land annual plans indicators; using not using land of, law handle with to approval procedures Hou, can take allocated way for to. Exploration by leasing unused land for land, reducing the initial investment cost of the project. (Responsible unit: municipal land and resources Bureau)

Opinions from all relevant departments in accordance with the requirements introduced the supporting measures and strengthen coordination and cooperation, to create a favorable environment for the development of PV industry. County District Administration should implement according to local conditions do the work, and promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

Heze city people’s Government

On December 7, 2014

Original title: people’s Government on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry in heze city

Adjusting measures to local conditions to carry out pro-poor domestic household photovoltaic PV systems market

Polaris solar PV net news: in mid-October, National Energy Board, the State Council leading group of poverty alleviation and Development Office jointly issued the Declaration on implementation of PV work programme on poverty alleviation project, decided to use 6 years to organize and implement photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. Through the support of district and national priority counties for poverty alleviation and development work has filed State card poor households to install distributed in photovoltaic power generation systems, increase poor people’s basic living income; conditions, barren slopes, agricultural greenhouses in poor areas or facilities in agriculture and construction of photovoltaic power plants, increase the incomes of poor people directly.

Clear ownership structure will become the key civilian distributed game-changers

Compared with cities, rural areas with clear property rights, a large number of desirable residential roofing resource. Implement photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, for farmers in poor areas with roof resources can not only solve the electricity problem, revenues may also be implemented, would contribute effectively to the development of residential rooftop PV applications, outside the desert plant, Hill power station, industrial and commercial roofing plant, another fast-growing photovoltaic application form.

Residential photovoltaic system applications development for a long time in a foreign country, Australia is the main form of PV application development, in Germany and the Netherlands and other countries also accounted for a considerable proportion. Household current overseas systems applications for single phase string inverters 3-5KW, overseas operators in choosing household systems, in addition to stable quality, operation and maintenance convenience, will also focus on appearance, as well as in application of Humanized design features on a Smartphone platform. After many years of competition and development, solar home systems niche market patterns consistent with the PV inverter market as a whole remains by the Sun’s power of domestic and foreign suppliers of SMA, POWER-ONE and other old occupy a leading position.

Figure 1: Sun power in Australia residential rooftop PV system applications

At the national level, some cities focused on the development of photovoltaic industry also made early attempts, such as pilot in 2013 in feidong County of Hefei for rural household rooftop PV applications. Overseas residential photovoltaic system on the basis of experience, domestic photovoltaic operators and system suppliers are also a lot of exploration, the inverter convenient transportation, easy installation, fire protection against leakage, high safety factor and is a focus for rural household in China market. Author interviews to the Sun power Vice President Zheng Guibiao, according to him, the current Sun power combined with overseas experience, feidong County, such as the construction of the pilot rural PV applications has accumulated nearly thousand household system case.

Figure 2: Hefei rural residential rooftop PV system applications

New pattern of PV will be formed

After commercial and industrial roof power led power and string inverters when applied, photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation will promote applied to small residential roofing market launch of the power inverter. By then, the domestic PV applications formed the desert hills household, commercial and industrial roofing and roof four types of pattern, system access scheme will also cover power centralized inverter to small power single-phase string inverters, richer. Has a wide range of successful cases to meet domestic market demand for convenient, lightweight, safe products, suppliers and professional brand image, will become the first choice, promote healthy development of residential photovoltaic applications quickly.

Combined PV changes in shareholders equity

Polaris solar PV net news: combined PV released, new energy investment group notified the major shareholder, investment new energy group, shareholder of Snow Hill, Executive Director of the company Li Yuan to buy shares of several investment new energy group.

Snow Hill is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Merchants group. On the date of this announcement, merchant energy group of about 53.56% stake SnowHill. Agreements for sale and purchase is completed, Snow Hill, and Li Yuan (via Magicgrand) would take merchant energy group of about 79.36% per cent and 20.64%.

Combined PV shares resume trading in the afternoon.

Original title: combined PV major changes in shareholder’s equity in the afternoon to resume trading

Discussion of BIPV application and design requirements

Polaris solar PV net news: into the 21st century in more than 10 years, energy shortage and environmental deterioration have become increasingly prominent. Developing renewable energy instead of conventional energy is the only way to solve the above problems. Solar energy because of its huge reserves, the advantages of using a clean, wide distribution, and in recent years has become the most popular renewable energy. PV industry in all major countries of the world will be as one of the focus of the study, and have implemented their plans. United States, California, driving millions of building, the EU White Paper on renewable energies plan, Germany’s solar-powered Internet subsidy program, and so on.

In China, the benefits from national policy support, the industrial application of solar energy photovoltaic industry also developed rapidly. Respectively by the energy Bureau of national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban-rural development take the lead in the Golden Sun demonstration project and solar rooftop project, as well as distributed generation scheme introduced by the end of 2012, there are quotas for new energy development goals have been written “Twelve-Five” program.

In the future will focus on the development of BIPV

At present, the scale of China’s solar industry has ranked first in the world. It should be noted that economically active areas of the eastern coast economic zone after urbanization energy shortages, accumulation of buildings, land, is not conducive to the development of large terrestrial photovoltaic power plant, but it is very suitable for the development of BIPV. Although individual BIPV projects, though small in size, but drop by drop the sea and local supplement to the power shortages, and solves the problems of long-distance transmission of PV loss.

After years PV application development, whether it be development-oriented, or real policy effect, starting from this year, has gradually changed from a large ground station applications transition to a distributed generation model, based on the architecture of distributed generation into the golden decade of the development cycle.

BIPV power model, due to its “low cost, low power transmission cost, integrated low installation cost” advantages and features, become focus of China’s solar energy development.

Building materials after years PV product industry, is now mature and able to meet the current market demand.

In price aspects, building materials type PV products (as PV curtain wall with film component, and PV w), and other similar upscale material compared to has has obviously of can compared sex and feasibility, and in size, and color, and strength, and power security, and building aesthetics, aspects also can meet building application of special requirements, products of light degrees, and color, and structure are can according to building requirements for custom of production.

Additional type of industrial plant (BAPV) applications because of the low as possible of the building, will be phased out.

Large steel structure of industrial factory building roof color rather than a concrete structure, which makes the roof load and service life are very risky. As we all know, color steel roofing life span of up to 15 years (starting from the photovoltaic project has less than 15 years), and photovoltaic power generation agreements signed is 25, which does not match.

Residential roof for concrete structures, which can avoid this problem. Rooftop PV Application principles of industrial enterprises is the spontaneous use of energy consumption and power. Enter “Twelve-Five” in the future, coastal developed area industrial structure transformation determines that such enterprises will be less and less, nor the State encourages the development of energy-intensive industrial companies, and due to roof the owners of industry stability, load restrictions and other restrictions, industrial roofing resource shortages already emergent, which resulted in industrial enterprises in future large-scale application of PV on the roof space is decreasing.

Residential roofs applications can effectively avoid the industrial application of a number of key factors, project feasibility analysis and business models, and many other more viable. Business owners signed a power purchase agreement with the roof up to 25 years, while residential property clear and stable, there are no PV plant operation of this aspect of the project owners, change, renewal and other uncertain risks, so their business model risk, tariff income stability, is actively exploring and promoting photovoltaic demonstration of good project type.

Commercial building, with its higher power generation efficiency, large capacity, low loss, high retention time is long, high demonstration effect, will be the key pilot provinces.

Due to different facing greater influence on electricity, so the roof project is the most efficient BIPV locations, and commercial building is noted for its large roof but mostly unused roof. Commercial building roofing such as Yiwu small commodity market area of more than thousand square, installed more than 1MWp, is a big Mac in BIPV projects.

In addition, big big business generally rely on the power of lighting, and hours more for the day and no intermission, without electrical storage devices, reduce investment, and without long distance transmission, in-place using low loss.

In addition, commercial buildings are generally permanent building, General design working life for 50 years, shorter development time, duration of the actual power station can equal or exceed equipment life of PV and high population concentration, more suitable for the introduction of new products and new technologies.

Government also will take must of forced and encourages measures vigorously advance commercial building of demonstration work, on developers of forced measures including large commercial building needs reached building green certification design and operations II star or Samsung requirements, on developers of award measures including in obtained National Green built subsidies of while, local Government also can supporting Award Fund, and in land transfer, and project approval, and tax Shang gives must of award initiatives. Departments may establish their development goals, encourage departments to actively coordinate linkages between developers and power plant investment operators to promote commercial development of BIPV.

Attention in design of BIPV

Solar module form and specifications needed to diversify.

Kit form including monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon cells, micro-crystalline thin film solar cells, amorphous thin film batteries and soft membrane cells, as well as derivative products such as solar photovoltaic tiles. Crystalline silicon solar module can according to the architectural form of typesetting a variety of standard sizes, daylighting and aesthetics can also request the production of different light transmission plates. Thin film solar module now there are several manufacturers of different sizes to be adjusted, and manufacturers can be semi-finished products of any size cutting, these are designed to meet the demands of architectural design. But also develops directly into traditional building style of PV tiles, soft film batteries.

With so many types of batteries, in the design choice is essential.

First of all, is to meet the architectural requirements and PV photovoltaic modules that are used in the ground, just passed the IEC61215 test to meet the anti-130km/h (2,400Pa) 23m/s 25mm diameter hail impact resistance and wind pressure requirements. BIPV photovoltaic modules are not only needed to meet the performance requirements for PV modules itself, at the same time to meet the four experimental requirements of curtain walls (wind resistance properties, in-plane deformation, air-tightness and water-tightness) and safety performance requirements of the building, thus the need for higher mechanical properties and with different structures.

Second, select crystal silicon battery Shi, if part location has block, will considered crystal silicon component of hot spot problem, then of bypass diode no works, although shadow of degree no reached diode of anti-Wizard pass voltage, then produced of hot spot effect although not enough to on component caused damage, but long-term in this state of battery pieces will was obviously of damaged, so in State surface too sun angle poor and has shadow of location as considered film battery pieces. Crystalline silicon solar modules and thin-film solar module voltage gap is large, and voltage of components from different manufacturers have different needs depending on the actual configuration of electrical parts.

Junction boxes requires miniaturization and diversification

Junction box for batteries and other equipment necessary to connect the device, and when combined with curtain walls, building requirements for it is invisible, so the design of the junction box on the progressive miniaturization and hidden inside the plate seams or decoration.

Traditional junction box

Junction box on the wall with a small

Short cable connectors, combination plates required a much smaller group of

Photovoltaic power generation efficiency improvement even 0.1% researchers spend a lot of energy, time and money to get, but in cable transmission losses are almost 1%, how to reduce the loss of cable and other equipment is important to note that in designing BIPV.

Curtain wall application must take into account indoor and outdoor beauty, lines must be done inside and outside is not exposed. Grouping plates by series-parallel combination of increased solar panels, reduce the impact of individual plate damage the efficiency of the system as a whole.

Micro-cable connector

Controllers and inverters to be combined inverter needs compact, modular.

Now many controllers and inverters are designed together, so that the equipment maintenance, reduce the odds. Addition due to individual plate damaged will led to whole series power by effects, loss more capacity, sometimes also will should for Sunshine conditions changes led to too much inverse variable device load participation work led to efficiency declined, factors, restricted has large inverse variable device of efficiency of improve, so now needs considered inverse variable device of module of design, now has has manufacturers used smart of dormant technology, makes inverse variable device of Supreme efficiency improve to 98.6%, European efficiency improve to 97.6%, and used low voltage 50~ A 500kW free combination, and support hot-swappable, you can install with no downtime maintenance, and improving network communication function and easy to monitor the operation of the system as a whole, it is a better direction of BIPV.

In addition, micro-inverters for each component separately, and more conducive to improving the efficiency of the whole system, especially the many kinds of plates and use a more complex is the better choice, but the current high cost of such programmes, must be considered.

Reducing the use of batteries. PV modules itself only generating function, are not capable of storing function. Grid-connected and is a component of the electricity directly to the national grid, do not need energy storage through backflow protection devices can be done safe and seamless to use. Off-grid is used alone, in the case of light is not strong or no sunlight at night, you also need power to rely on a battery provides power. Electricity from the PV module to charge the battery during the day, for night use, this investment will be higher costs for configuring storage devices.

Photovoltaic battery, mainstream is maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, cheap and low cost advantages, easy maintenance, the disadvantage is lower capacity, short life. There is also a lithium-ion battery, the advantage of easy maintenance, high capacity, the disadvantage is that because just being used in the photovoltaic industry, cost is very high, yet no substitute for lead-acid batteries. There is an energy storage device, is super capacitor, the advantage of volume can be very high, but the disadvantage is still in the development stage and immature. Off-grid systems due to the high investment and maintenance of storage link is not the direction for future development, so we minimize battery use.

Profiles easy to repair and cable concealment

BIPV photovoltaic modules installed than the installation more difficult, many common components. BIPV installation height is higher, generally smaller installation space. Taking into account the ease of installation, photovoltaic modules and the structure can be made of modular structure, easy to install and improve the accuracy of curtain wall installation. Photovoltaic curtain wall unit can be used in place of bright frame curtain wall with hidden frame curtain wall. Authors have also been developed for framing and bright frame curtain wall used lateral drainage hidden system solved the problem of solar module wiring. Interior side open the hidden system is designed, and solved the problem of line detection and repair for PV systems, BIPV photovoltaic modules in the application connector are all hidden in the wall structure. Need to further improve our future design requirements in this regard.

Easy to repair and hide the BIPV system façade cladding system

BIPV future research directions

Continue to improve efficiency, improved low light performance of the product.

BIPV systems commonly used crystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency (polysilicon 13~16.5%; mono 16~18.5%) also needs to be strengthened. BIPV systems using thin film solar cell (Copper Indium selenium and Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium 11~13%; 8~11% of cadmium telluride; gallium arsenide and polymer 10~14%) due to the low light performance, efficiency is good. Application of curtain wall needed solar module with a high temperature coefficient and low light, infrared and ultraviolet light with good absorption and transformation of photovoltaic plates used on the curtain wall facade, save the use of traditional panels on walls and low reflection rate, no light pollution, with good economic and social benefits. Economic indicators for future research and development the main control for building integrated photovoltaics price 2015 fell to 14/w (now integrated estimates costs about RMB 16/w) 6. System power generation efficiency of more than 80%.

Continue to improve with the construction of combined degrees

Building walls is a synthesis of technology, art and function, so architects on the material color and size will have higher requirements, so we need to further enhance the combined PV and architecture, develop more building materials III, offers beautiful and practical photovoltaic products, further improve the taste.

Application of DC, integrated

Current photovoltaic power generation is DC, so try to consider the practical application of DC load, reduce costs and losses. Integration of photovoltaic and thermal insulation materials electrochromic integration, photovoltaic, photovoltaic and solar thermal integration, PV-LED integration also later applications.

Module specifications and color variety, and raise the level of industrialization and modular production: traditional crystalline silicon cells Although stability is good, but expensive, and the battery itself is not transparent and lighting need to adjust cell spacing to achieve, following extensive research and development to improve the industrialization rate, so you can reduce costs, but also research and development of new packaging methods and materials color-rich crystalline silicon solar module. (Author: Zhejiang zhongnan construction Group Co Ltd)

Original title: talking about BIPV application and design requirements

PV power station main electrical connection scheme for what? (Illustration)

Polaris solar PV net news: photovoltaic power plant main electric connection, mainly booster station main electrical connection, also known as electric wiring, refers to the transformers, circuit breakers, isolating switches, lightning arresters, transformers, capacitors, bus bar, a main electrical equipment such as power cables, according to a certain order of connecting circuits, usually represented by one-line diagram.

Primary electric design, to take into account the reliability, flexibility, ease of operation, economy and ease of expansion and other factors.

Typical main electrical wiring can be divided into two broad categories: according to the number of access points can be divided into a bus connection (that is, a single access point) and no bus connection (multiple access points). Including bus connection into a single (double) bus and single (double) bus segment in two ways, no bus connection modes can be divided into external bridge wiring way and the bridge connection.

, Bus connection mode

1. single Busbar system

Single bus bar connection has the advantage of simple, clear, less equipment, low investment, easy operation, conducive to expansion. Disadvantages of single Busbar system: reliability and flexibility, bus or bus isolator to disconnect all power supply before any maintenance or failures.

2. dual-bus switchgear

Busbar through Busbar contact breaker connection between the two groups, each lead wire and power branch is a bus bar disconnector circuit breaker and two respectively to the two bus bar.

Double bus wiring of advantages: overhaul any a article bus Shi not effects normal powered; overhaul bus isolation switch Shi only effects this branch powered (isolation switch cannot with load opened broken, needs points broken circuit breaker device rear can); work bus occurred fault Hou all branch can quickly recovery powered; special needs Shi can with bus contact circuit breaker device and system for earlier tied for and solutions column operation, so run scheduling flexible, and reliability high, also, equipment inputs cost high.

Second, no bus connection mode

1. the unit connection

Generating units exported directly through the transformer wiring into a high-pressure system, known as generation-transformer unit connection. On this basis, each of the main transformer high-voltage side directly connected to a transmission line, transmission alone, not required in switching stations of power plants, each q no electrical connection of the main transformer, called unit connection line of generator-transformer group.

Advantages of unit connection: simple wiring, switches, less equipment, small footprint, easy operation, the generator and main transformer low-voltage short circuit current measurement is reduced (because less feedback power point), and in particular its investment can be reduced to the minimum.

2. bridge wiring

So-called internal and external bridge wiring is based on bridge (shown in circuit breaker QF3) distance from transformers difference, called the bridge closer, distance is called a bridge, near to unit connection to the main circuit breaker (figure QF1 QF2) is used as a basis.

With inner bridge connection suitable for line maintenance more frequently, and does not require constant switching of transformer (transformer switching switching operation was rather tedious, you need to cut and QF3 QF1).

Wiring for outside suitable for shorter lines and transformers needs change frequently, and booster station has a tendency to power through.

Third, the cost comparison

These programmes, equipment investment costs from high order double Busbar way, single-bus way, bridge wiring wiring pattern, unit, single Busbar system (unit connection works for multiple access points, higher investment than single Busbar system).

Four, photovoltaic power plant main electric connection features

Photovoltaic power plant located in the end of grid, small installed capacity, investment and cut out for a system not influenced, so the PV plants may stop operating input power and cut out. At design time, and demands for the reliability of PV power is not a priority.

In principle, all the above programmes are suitable for PV power plant main electric connection, but considering the scale and number of access points, photovoltaic power stations should be relatively low priority investment programme. Therefore, the PV power plant main electric connection can use unit wiring bridge wiring or single Busbar system.

Original title: photovoltaic power plant main electric connection schemes are there? (Illustration)

Jiawei shares acquisition of layout of huayuan new energy PV power plant EPC business

Polaris solar PV net news: Jiawei shares the 11th night released details of changes in equity report, Zhen FA Energy Group Ltd after the huayuan new energy and became the second shareholder of the company. Thus, Jiawei shares will be entering the PV power plant EPC with bright market prospects and investment operations, optimizing product mix and enhance the company’s ability to resist risks, in addition to the continued viability and profitability of the company will be further enhanced, and expand overseas solar markets, enhance the overall competitiveness of listed companies.

On August 21, 2014, the listed company and Hao Xuan Zhen FA energy, investments, signed the agreement to issue shares and to pay cash to buy assets, on December 10, 2014, the listed company and Hao Xuan Zhen FA energy, investments, signed the agreement to issue shares and to pay cash to buy assets of the additional agreement. Through this transaction, huayuan new energy listed companies will become wholly-owned subsidiaries, Zhen FA energy will own 83,032,490 shares of Jiawei shares, Jiawei shares total share capital of 28.24%. Huayuan new energy PV power plant EPC business growing rapidly with good profitability and total 200MW photovoltaic power plant, has achieved part of grid-connected power generation. That business can bring Jiawei shares of stable and sustainable cash flows.

Before the transaction, Jiawei shares also posted in conditions under the premise of 50MW solar power station. Through this transaction, Jiawei shares that have photovoltaic power plant EPC business qualifications, expertise, operating experience and companies operating photovoltaic power plant investment, work with the listed company’s PV industry technology and experience accumulated over the years, the company will enter the PV business areas, to speed up the realization of “photovoltaic, PV + lighting, lighting” go hand in hand with the collaborative development of business strategy.

To support development of Jiawei shares, zhenfa energy and the actual control Cha Zhengfa have been issued commitments will be phased out within a year with the exception of its own and its affiliates control PV photovoltaic power plant EPC business other than a year directly or indirectly engaged in, inter alia, would not of itself and its affiliates control PV photovoltaic power plant EPC other than business. Meanwhile, on its own and its affiliates under the control of PV power, Jiawei shares and its subsidiaries (including huayuan new energy) supports EPC business to undertake such projects.

Original title: Jiawei shares acquisition of layout of huayuan new energy PV power plant EPC business

Polaris solar PV NET December 11, 2014 news reviews

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV net news summary on December 11, ITC hearings opened the prelude to the end of the Sino-US trade dispute, PV enterprises embrace Mission against Canada “double reverse”, recovery and worries both photovoltaic power generation calls for quotas higher, as follows:

Prelude ITC hearings uncover the ends of Sino-US trade disputes

Photovoltaic companies gang up against Canada, “double r”

Recovery and worries both photovoltaic quota system voice

About 2014 photovoltaic power generation project in Hefei city subsidies to cash (second batch) notice

Analysis of distributed PV technical difficulties

Constant new energy prices did not go up backdoor plan change

*ST Ultra 250 million Yuan to sell subsidiaries

Little suspense Dragon photoelectric denied emptied of listed companies

Yingli and Huawei jointly promoted Thailand photovoltaic layout

Hebei province, built the first “optical storage” micro-grid (picture)

Zhejiang business to build a distributed PV heights

Building integrated photovoltaics: from thought to reality

Foreign Media: the United States intends to Korean enterprises expand China solar energy products taxation object

Hina CEO daimingfang: billions of market value only the beginning

Polaris solar PV net news: Tong and Shanghai since its opening, South North water usage has been poor, but the world’s biggest photovoltaic companies who market films generating much investor favor, company’s market value to break the multi-billion dollar mark this week. Yesterday, the Ta Kung Pao on the 2014 Caijing annual Conference held in Beijing, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Chinese films the generation daimingfang told reporters, who have billions of market value shows that thin-film power generation market has been widely recognized, Hina is concerned, this is just a starting point and future goal is to become a world’s great companies.

Referring to Chinese company’s market performance in recent years, Chinese films the generation Group’s financial performance and steady growth, profitability and gradually strengthened. In 2011, the Chinese films generating revenues of 2.56 billion HK dollars, after increasing, by 2013, more than HK $ 3.27 billion, 2014 revenue has exceeded HK $ 3.2 billion in the first half. Net profit also has maintained strong growth momentum. Company’s market value from about 4 billion Hong Kong dollars in 2011 to December 2014, has more than 100 billion Hong Kong dollars, has become the world’s most valuable PV enterprises than market value nearly twice times more PV SolarCity II.

In Shanghai and Hong Kong through the beginning of opening earlier, Goldman Sachs as Han “are actually photovoltaic unit” to promote to mainland investors to focus on. According to press reports, beginning in 2012, who completed a world-leading manufacturer of thin-film power film power generation technology intellectual property acquisitions, including Germany Solibro total of evaporation process of Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium; United States MiaSol é manufacturing technology of Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium sputtered; United States Global Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium integration of Solar Energy battery interconnect and packaging technologies. Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium components by Germany Alex Lao Fraunhofer Institute for the certification of the highest yield of the solar system 21%. At present, the company has the world’s leading research and development team and six research and development centers around the world, has a number of patents in thin film solar power generating technology and equipment for manufacture of a leading global competitive advantage. Who will now be thin film technology and construction, farm equipment, automobiles, electronic products, mobile power supply as a major market areas such as market applications.

At present, visible from the inflow of funds and market growth, markets who have full confidence in the future. In recent years, Han can does do has many is cool of thing, in most PV people are concentrated controlled cost, and climbed mountain, and climbed roof find project Shi, Han can has has and should be home, and Tesla, and Formula-E, and Aston Martin, and beautiful homes, different field of enterprise across territories cooperation, will flexible film power technology application Yu car, and tent, and backpack, and phone, even is clothes Shang, show out market on film power technology of widely recognized.

In response, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Chinese films the generation daimingfang, found on the market, you will find there is a lot of. Who much of the technology from the global technology integration, after the acquisition of Han can put a lot of research and development, improved equipment. The next year, with Chinese technology keeps advancing, capacity will be completely freed. Han always roots in clean energy, this is a trillion-dollar market value of great business area. Hina’s goal, is to be a world-class great companies, billions of market value for the Chinese is only the beginning.

Original title: Hina CEO daimingfang: billions of market value only the beginning

Zhenjiang city people’s Government Office on the city’s “Golden Roof” implementation of the business plan

Polaris solar PV net news: town ban (2014), 179th

Zhenjiang municipal people’s Government Office on the city’s “Golden Roof” implementation of the business plan

The jurisdiction of municipal and district people’s Government, Zhenjiang new district, “three mountains” scenic spot Management Committee, Commission or Office, Council, organizations directly under the unit, the business unit:

For seriously implementation State on promoting PV industry health development of several views and Jiangsu Province promoting PV industry health development implementation approach, accelerated promoted city PV industry development, power national low carbon city construction, now combines city PV industry development actual, on using industrial plant roof resources construction distributed PV power project (referred to “gold roof” enterprise plans), special developed following implementation views.

First, general idea

Overall planning, rational distribution, enhance cooperation, and actively implement the industrial plant distributed PV power generation projects to further optimize the structure of energy consumption and promote energy saving and emission reduction, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

Second, the main objective

In 2015, the city’s industrial plant distributed PV power station installed capacity reached the roof 150MWp;2018 years, 400MWp.

Third, focus

1. the promotion of rooftop PV. In accordance with the “spontaneous use, residual Internet, grid regulation” principles, organized the city’s PV product manufacturers, system integrators, and operational service providers, using industrial plant roof resources construction of distributed solar power projects, to become the province and the country’s major photovoltaic demonstration bases of research and development, manufacturing and large scale applications.

2. Encourages the construction of photovoltaic integration projects. In city planning, building design and renovation of old buildings and manpower in considering the application of photovoltaic power generation, encourage new roof over an area of 1000 square metres of industrial buildings, according to the photovoltaic building integration requirements for design and construction.

3. promoting the construction of advanced manufacturing Park rooftop PV. Compliance with solar photovoltaic, new roof area of more than 1000 square meters, 20 industrial plants within the advanced manufacturing Park, construction should be met in accordance with the requirements for the design of distributed rooftop PV and PV power distribution room reserved space as needed.

4. improve the matching power grid infrastructure. Strengthen photovoltaic power grid construction and transformation to ensure that matching grid and grid-connected PV power installed, synchronize project. Active application development and integration of advanced technology, information technology, micro-grid energy storage and smart grid technology, improve the system’s ability to accept PV.

Four, policies and measures

1. conscientiously implement relevant national and provincial policies. Municipal Committee through a letter in conjunction with relevant departments, guidance and support qualified enterprises to actively seek and implement the relevant supporting policies at national, province, clearly, promoting the construction of distributed solar power projects and applications. (Focal point: municipal Committee through a letter, responsible units: development and Reform Commission and Finance Bureau, the internal revenue service)

2. the implementation of local subsidies. Has independent corporate qualification, registered funds 10 million Yuan above in Zhenjiang territory registered of enterprise, using I city industrial plant roof new of distributed PV power project, approval procedures complete, single project capacity not below 0.5 MW (MWp), has included city focus track advance distributed PV power project plans, and using by I city enterprise production of PV products value volume accounted for investment total proportions over 60% of, except by policy enjoy national 0.42 Yuan/kWh subsidies outside, Since the date of power according to their actual generating capacity, as the financial system from the local Government to give 0.1 Yuan/kWh subsidy, subsidy tentatively scheduled for 3 years. (Focal point: municipal Committee through a letter, responsibility: Bureau of Zhenjiang power supply company)

3. simplify project management procedures. The recording system management of distributed solar power projects, simplifying the EIA procedures, as well as project planning and site selection, land use, offers convenient services such as photovoltaic technology application research and development of new products. Preparing and enacting building integrated solar photovoltaic and Atlas of technical standards for design, construction and related work, establish standard system for solar PV projects, project construction standards. Electricity sector to ensure the implementation of the national, the provincial power grid company issued management method of distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects, strengthening network operation service and in full and regular subsidies. (Focal point: municipal development and Reform Commission, responsibility: environmental protection agency, the Planning Board, the land and resources Bureau and science and Technology Bureau, Housing Bureau, Zhenjiang power supply company)

4. optimize the clearing and settlement service. Improvement of distributed solar power projects and generate electricity measurement and statistics to establish bi-directional electricity metering information management system, by monthly transfers of power supply Enterprise subsidies. Industrial enterprises distributed electricity generated by photovoltaic generation project allowance Internet parts to full purchase, free of reserve capacity and related service costs. (Focal point: municipal Committee through a letter, responsibility: national development and Reform Commission, Zhenjiang power supply company)

5. increase financial support. Innovative financial products and services to encourage Bank lending to photovoltaic grid-connected power generation enterprises the right to Internet access tariff charges, subsidies, as part of its pledge of repayment sources, first giving loan support. Encourage enterprises to innovate business models, attracted to the strength of fund companies, asset management companies, financial institutions, asset securitization, financial leasing and financing activities. (Responsible unit: City Finance Office)

6. strengthening energy saving support. Comprehensive energy consumption per year more than 5000 tons of standard coal, and building rooftop photovoltaic power generation condition of new industrial projects, in principle, shall use the roof construction of photovoltaic power generation project. Spontaneous self-use electricity into local government energy and users section. Enterprises to participate in the construction of distributed solar power projects, according to the power and implement order power utilization programme priority support. (Focal point: municipal Committee through a letter, responsible unit: Zhenjiang power supply company)

Five, organization

Established city “gold roof” enterprise plans advance work coordination group, by municipal government is in charge of Mayor any leader, is in charge of Secretary-General, and city by letter Board main led for deputy leader, city NDRC, and Bureau, and Technology Council, and live built Council, and land Council, and Planning Council, and EPA, and financial Office, and IRS Council and Zhenjiang powered company, units head for members, integrated advance city “gold roof” enterprise plans of organization implementation, each led units, and responsibility units to strengthened coordination tie, real perform duties, and ensure task completed ; Office of the coordinating group set up in the municipal Committee through a letter, those responsible for day-to-day operations, and issued at the beginning of each track focus on advancing the “Golden Roof” corporate projects, strengthen the guidance services, establish a demonstration, promotion at work. The jurisdiction of city, Zhenjiang new area that you want to synchronize to establish and improve relevant working bodies, and in light of local conditions, decomposition implementation work plan, the preparation of specific programmes to promote and ensure efforts are put in place to achieve tangible results.

Zhenjiang municipal people’s Government Office

On November 13, 2014

Original title: on the city’s “Golden Roof” implementation of the business plan

Production expansion accelerated polysilicon reproduce structural surplus

Polaris solar PV net news: effective domestic polysilicon production capacity has now reached 155,000 tons

Polysilicon prices for polysilicon production enterprise to regain confidence, even though prices fell slightly early this year did little to stop corporate production, the pace of expansion. Coupled with the current operating capacity, the next 2 years total capacity in China is expected to exceed 300,000 tons but annual domestic consumption is only about 160,000 tons of polysilicon. Judging from the present market trend, rebound to above 25 USD/kg polysilicon price is unlikely, costs $ 25 per kg will not have any competitive advantage, this part of the nearly 100,000 tons of production capacity. It follows that China’s polysilicon industry will recreate the structural surplus production capacity.

Production expansion accelerated: rose 60%

Early last year, more than more than 60 polysilicon companies in China, only four families in small-scale production, and the third quarter of this year, start-up polysilicon domestic enterprises have reached 17. Although some of the effects due to routine maintenance of the factory ship, but on the whole, capacity utilisation remained high. The first three quarters totaled 89,000 tons, effective domestic polysilicon production capacity has now reached 155,000 tons.

According to reporter incomplete statistics, 2 companies of nearly two years in Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi 1 companies will adopt new plants increased by 80,000 tons and 20,000 tons of polysilicon production capacity, through technological innovation of enterprise in Qinghai and Xinjiang, respectively a 10,000-ton capacity, Eastern regions will also be increased by 35,000-ton capacity, add total capacity will reach 155,000 tons.

Coupled with the current operating capacity, the total capacity in China is expected to exceed 300,000 tons, while current domestic polysilicon consumption only about 160,000 tons. China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua told reporters that the 2014 polysilicon production in China is expected to exceed 130,000 tons, an increase of 60% per cent. In stark contrast with, the downstream application market complete the stated objectives at the beginning of a forlorn hope.

In active production and expansion of domestic enterprises while international manufacturers have not been idle. Germany WACKER polysilicon business there has been rapid growth in the third quarter, almost 4 times a year earlier. Even ignore it from China’s polysilicon contracts of PV companies access to more than 700 million yuan of compensation also increased nearly 65% over a year ago.

Rudolph, President and CEO of WACKER ˙ shitaodige told reporters that WACKER is located in United States, Tennessee, a new polysilicon production base will be completed in 2015 year, after achieving full capacity operation, annual capacity of at least 20,000 more tons total capacity will rise to 72,000 tons.

In addition, according to EnergyTrend analyst Gao Jiaxi said, This year October Japan de company Malaysia factory has achieved 13800 tons more crystal silicon capacity, early is expected to opened 70%; Korea OCI company is expected to next year increased 10,000 tons supply volume; hanwha chemical will added 3,000 ~0.5 million tons capacity; United States SunEdison company and Samsung precision chemical in Korea of joint venture company SMP, will using high-pressure fluid bed method (HP-FBR), capacity will by 10,000 tons increased to 13,500 tons, is expected to next year first quarter can reached full capacity target.

United States REC company also said recently that will apply the new technology of fluidized bed (FBR-B), an increase of 3,000 tons of polysilicon production capacity, is being carried out in Saudi Arabia to set up a 20,000-ton polysilicon plant in a joint venture feasibility study.

Structural surplus production capacity: almost 100,000 tonnes

Measured in 2013 global production capacity of 387,000 tons, excluding some discontinued businesses, about 330,000 tons production capacity efficiently. Further deduction 30,000 metric tons of polysilicon demand solar grade poly silicon effective capacity reached 300,000 tons. According to the current photovoltaic Silicon consumption of 5.5 grams per watt calculation, 55GW is enough to supply solar cells.

And the latest forecast from various research agencies, global PV installed capacity this year is between 45GW~48GW. Last year, the effective capacity has exceeded this year’s downstream demand, above various capacity expansion is not as “excess capacity”?

In this regard, Eagle investment management, investment director Zhang Wei said in an interview with the China electronics news, due to the influence of scale, production costs there is a gradient distribution of global polysilicon manufacturer. Most of the production costs of SMEs in more than 25 $/kg, while advanced large-scale polysilicon production costs have fallen to about $ 20/kg. Especially some established companies, equipment depreciation has been effectively amortized costs may have been less than $ 20/kg.

Labor costs, for example, while Europe and the high human cost, but because some international giants have nearly 30 years of experience in production and operation, higher labour productivity. Germany WACKER 15,000 tons of lines only about 500 people, which can achieve even less than this number may only GCL, estimates the average level of other enterprises of more than 1000 people.

Judging from the present market trend, rebound to above 25 USD/kg polysilicon price is highly unlikely. Production costs at $ 25/kg polysilicon business will not have any competitive advantage, which is part of capacity of close to 100,000 tons. Remove this section, even though the multi crystalline silicon manufacturers are moderate expansion, global polysilicon supply and demand there probably will still be balanced. So the so-called overcapacity should be a structural surplus, “does not have the competence” of excess capacity.

“At the same time, taking into account the global consumption market is mainly concentrated in China, lower import tariffs of Korea and Germany polysilicon business in continuous expansion, import duty high United States Silicon by means of tax avoidance of enterprises through processing trade imports. Imported polysilicon will therefore will continue to occupy a significant portion of the domestic market. “Zhang said.

To put it bluntly, polysilicon manufacturers expanded production capacity will eventually cost businesses still struggling with high total out of the market. Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association’s latest data also proves this point from the side: China’s polysilicon business profitability is getting better, but part of the business at a break-even point, if not lost, business is not so optimistic.

Original title: production expansion accelerated polysilicon reproduce structural surplus

Energy Secretary Wang Liangfang: 2020, distributed in photovoltaic installed capacity up to 1.5GW

Polaris solar PV net news: December 10, Hunan provincial energy Bureau, NDRC Deputy Director, Wang Liangfang in Hunan Polytechnic Institute Library multifunction Office report entitled the report on energy development in our province’s special report. Report will be presided over by the Hunan Institute of vocational and Technical College President Luo Xianjin, Hunan New Energy Institute of technology Hunan Polytechnic vocational and technical training courses all students, all hospital leaders and students represent a total of more than 300 people in attendance.

Reports, Wang Liangfang Secretary with plenty of pictures and information from energy development in our province, province in the area of energy issues, energy development, renewable energy before 2020 development orientations and trends, development and utilization of solar energy dynamic in-depth analysis, detailed in the five areas, such as energy development in our province. He stressed that facing good development situation of new energy development, photovoltaic power generation for large-scale application of a prompt start in our country have been adopted distributed PV support, State and local policy at the same time, solar thermal use in China is accelerating the process of industrialization, national and local levels has developed solar thermal utilization policy.

Wang Liangfang noted that estimated that by 2015 the country distributed PV installed capacity will exceed 15 million-kilowatt, then speed will keep the annual installed capacity of 10 million-kilowatt-20 million-kilowatt. In the meantime, the province also will mark the climax of the construction of distributed PV generation, estimated that by 2020, the province distributed PV will reach about 1.5 GW of installed capacity. Combination of rural and urban construction market analysis, solar thermal industry keeps 15%-20% per cent compound annual growth rate forecasts to 2020, the entire integrated solar thermal industry (product engineering) sales to reach 200 billion yuan market scale.

After the report, Wang Liangfang Secretary details about the College from distributed photovoltaic roof built power plants and “environment-friendly” building on campus, and visited the Nineth science base in Hunan province Hunan Institute of vocational and technical college–solar energy science and Technology Museum. Wang Liang believes, Hunan province, Hunan Institute of vocational and technical college as a first run of photovoltaic power generation technology and its application in higher vocational colleges, based on the service industries in the energy sector, adhere to energy characteristic orientation, focus on the development of solar, wind and other renewable energy professional has bright prospects.

Once again, First Solar power roof photovoltaic market

Polaris solar PV net news: on Wednesday, United States First Solar announced United States residential PV markets make another attempt, the company plans to build solar power projects, and shift from a single customer for the sale of electricity to many home users.

With its headquarters in the United States, Arizona companies are working with Clean Energy Collective, the development and construction of “PV power generation projects in community”, but not roofing systems of these power projects, they are closer to the communities or the services of the town.

In addition, the First Solar company also acquired part of the Clean Energy Collective ownership, but did not disclose specific shares, it is learnt that the Colorado company has rich experience in photovoltaic power generation project in community development. FirstSolar today became the second largest investment in Clean Energy Collective management.

Community solar photovoltaic project was the roof of another alternative to its customer-oriented group is those roofs are not suitable for installing the components of customer or persons willing to rent to buy solar power. However, the community project on solar power does not transfer directly to the customer. Instead of the community electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation project will be pumped directly into the grid, customers need to pay a portion of electricity (power station as part of the project or stock holdings), while it pays into their electricity bill on accounting.

The two companies announced plans to representatives of utilities for home and business customers to build photovoltaic projects and sell power. Clean Energy Collective spokesman TimBraun said that, normally, we sell equity to customers, these customers are home users, may be corporate customers, or municipal governments. In addition, the company is usually responsible for the operation and maintenance of the project.

Meanwhile, First Solar announced the news marks its official entry into United States residential electricity market, but this is not the first attempt. In 2008, the company SolarCity to invest $ 25 million, and SolarCity became United States largest residential photovoltaic system installers, which portion of the roof project is first solar’s cadmium telluride PV modules (First with SolarCity signed a 100MW Solar module supply agreements). However, the deal did not help FirstSolar PV on the roof firmly on solid footing. One is FirstSolar Si module efficiency than competitors pricing. Limited space also makes the roof crystalline silicon solar module is more economical. Therefore, the 2010 fourth quarter, First Solar sold its stake in SolarCity.

Since then, more focused on the First Solar CdTe PV module efficiency in energy generation. In addition, the company also bought a crystalline silicon PV module companies TetraSun.

Residential PV market has been booming, and attracted many new businesses, and prompted a number of enterprises started fundraising plans, put into technology development and open up new markets. Just a few days ago, SolarCity and SunPower announced it will introduce online tools for clients to select and buy PV equipment financing solutions and provide better facilities.

According to GTM Research report released this week disclosed that the third quarter of this year, United States residential photovoltaic system installed capacity add over 300MW, hit a quarter of annual installed capacity high. (Compilation: Tao Beihua)

Original title: once again, First Solar power roof photovoltaic market