Photovoltaic companies indifferent: a strategy for dealing with two sides each have

Polaris solar PV net news: on December 17, the United States Department of Commerce antidumping cases against China solar products, affirmative final countervailing duty investigations. China’s solar companies the countervailing duty of 26.89% to 38.72%. Among them, Trina the countervailing duty rates increased from 18.56% to 49.79%; and Suntech have declined slightly.

While the anti-dumping tariffs averaged 52.13%. Among them, Trina anti-dumping tax increase of nearly 1%, jinko, renesola rates increased from 58.87% to 78.42%. 43 companies such as Yingli solar and other enterprises anti-dumping tax rate will increase from 42.33% to 52.13%. Not included in the list of other small solar-powered corporate-tax rates as high as 165%.

Yingli is anti-dumping tax 52.13%, countervailing duty 38.72%. Yingli, United States General Manager Robert peitelina (RobertPetrina) says the United States Department of Commerce for protectionist trade tax is disappointing. For this reason, Yingli will continue its active defense and hope that United States can improve their cost-competitiveness of solar power generation. Miao Liansheng, Chairman of Yingli also said it would have been committed to United States markets, so that United States companies, households, public sector bodies can benefit from highly competitive solar solutions.

For other mainland companies to transfer production and layout of emerging markets become the choice of avoiding double reverse. Zhejiang wanxiang solar technology in the United States related businesses accounted for 50%-60% of the total of its global business, supply United States market solar products of approximately 70% from Universal City plant; official said on condition of anonymity, universal only solar plants Chicago factories overseas, becomes “one”.

Astronergy solar Vice President Lu also said the United States “double reverse” high tariff quota of “staggering” if paid in accordance with this tariff, and must not sell out in a foreign country, to that end, it has global strategic layout. Lu pointed out that chint now intends to supply to the mainland market United States products down to zero and let Germany’s overseas factories and foundries in Asia-Pacific to do, will be able to avoid “double reverse” punitive tariffs. Chint solar modules currently in the United States market has nearly 60MW, accounted for 6% of its global business.

In addition, PV General Manager Wang Yingchun said, and the United States both had little effect, zhengxin PV in recent years spread risk and focuses on opening up China and Japan markets, companies in Japan sales of solar modules, and EPC systems solutions, offering a complete design and construction team, with a view to better explore the Japan market.

Jinkosolar global brand spokesman Qian Jing on the view, has become the world’s largest solar manufacturing base in China, with the largest and most complete solar energy supply chain, will become the world’s largest market. Although “double reverse” will bring some negative impact, but due to manufacturing costs and technological constraints of components, such as product development, the United States and Europe needs strong market always need to look for imports to meet market demand.

Original title: photovoltaic companies indifferent: a strategy for dealing with two sides each have

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