Photovoltaic effect how both ruled in succession in China threatens to expand

Polaris solar PV net news: according to reports, “introduced one after another” to describe China’s photovoltaic industry is feeling a little inadequate. Since the United States in 2012 were imposed on Chinese products “double reverse” after the tariffs, China PV have been hit by multinational “double reverse” ruling.

2011, United States a called Solarworld of enterprise mustered other 6 home producer to United States Commerce official proposed for China PV products of “double anti-” survey, United States Commerce in 2012 ruled has to China produced crystal silicon PV battery levy 18.32% and 249.96% of double anti-dumping tax; January 23, 2014, United States Commerce and official announced, on from China city imports of crystal silicon PV products launched “double anti-” survey, From China while Taiwan products to investigate.

In fact, in 2012, United States Department of Commerce announced the start of “double reverse” investigation, Germany’s business on July 24, 2012 request for photovoltaic products in China for anti-dumping investigations and submitted to the EU, accused China of photovoltaic cell business by selling below cost price. In August 2012, the EU issued a note verbale to the Chinese embassies in the EU, exports to Europe of Chinese enterprises, said the solar cell and module launched anti-dumping investigations. In addition, on May 14, Australia company launched anti-dumping investigations into Chinese solar panel manufacturers. Later on May 22, the India Ministry of Commerce and industry issued a statement saying said China and the United States, and Taiwan, and Malaysia and other countries to impose anti-dumping duties on imported solar products. On December 5, 2012, Canada border services agency also announced it will formally start the crystalline silicon photovoltaic module products from China are “countervailing and anti-dumping” investigations. United States PV to China “double reverse” has not been resolved.

Industry concern is that Canada is not the largest place in exports of China PV, but Canada and the United States and other countries for “double reverse” will directly affect PV export policies in other countries and regions, such as Japan, and Thailand, and South Africa might follow from countries such as Canada and the United States of photovoltaic products to China to make further restrictions.

Original title: PV have been hit by multinational double reverse decision threatens to expand

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