Polaris solar network on December 2, 2014, news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET Summary News December 2, PV attenuation standard biggest weakness missing quality problems into a financial operation appeared advantages, Silicon power installed capacity is expected to expand, an article you read GCL sold 8 billion silicon wafer is zehui Shi? And so on, as follows:

PV attenuation standard missing quality problems as financial operations biggest weakness

Silicon power advantages appear installed capacity is expected to expand

One lets you read GCL sold 8 billion silicon wafer is zehui Shi?

Dragon photoelectric mud

Five domestic PV manufacturers in seven consecutive quarterly graphic

Four electronics modify the scope involved in PV General Contracting

Another enterprise will fall: vendor equipment employees in the factory roof pulling banners over unpaid (map)

PV: rich grid challenges: solutions

Personal factors to consider before applying for a distributed PV?

Solar water pump, you know what it is?

Zhongmin voted third single: building a new energy model in Ningxia area

India PV potential or 750GW

Solar wars: the era of the user?

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