Polaris solar PV NET December 11, 2014 news reviews

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV net news summary on December 11, ITC hearings opened the prelude to the end of the Sino-US trade dispute, PV enterprises embrace Mission against Canada “double reverse”, recovery and worries both photovoltaic power generation calls for quotas higher, as follows:

Prelude ITC hearings uncover the ends of Sino-US trade disputes

Photovoltaic companies gang up against Canada, “double r”

Recovery and worries both photovoltaic quota system voice

About 2014 photovoltaic power generation project in Hefei city subsidies to cash (second batch) notice

Analysis of distributed PV technical difficulties

Constant new energy prices did not go up backdoor plan change

*ST Ultra 250 million Yuan to sell subsidiaries

Little suspense Dragon photoelectric denied emptied of listed companies

Yingli and Huawei jointly promoted Thailand photovoltaic layout

Hebei province, built the first “optical storage” micro-grid (picture)

Zhejiang business to build a distributed PV heights

Building integrated photovoltaics: from thought to reality

Foreign Media: the United States intends to Korean enterprises expand China solar energy products taxation object

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