PV enterprises in Taizhou, Zhejiang removed more “double reverse” crisis

Polaris solar PV net news: on December 17, the United States Department of Commerce announced the PV to China “double reverse” the final results. This has deep influence on China’s PV industry announcements, United States Department of Commerce recognized mainland China’s crystalline silicon photovoltaic product imports, the dumping margin is 26.71% to 165.04%, subsidies for 27.64% to 49.79% Chinese Taiwan area of crystalline silicon photovoltaic product imports, the dumping margin is 11.45% to 27.55%. At this point, the United States of the “double reverse” almost irreversible.

Reporter learned that, for the United States the “double reverse” PV in Taizhou, most business owners already are “to be expected” them through the adjustment of product structure, opened early to defuse the crisis, including in emerging markets.

European and American markets “Waterloo”, emerging markets make up

In recent years, European and American markets again and blaming it on PV manufacturers in China, eventually caused by many enterprises in Taizhou city losing patience with the US and European markets.

Yesterday, reporters learned from the Taizhou customs in January-November, exporting solar cells, Taizhou 510 million Yuan, an increase of 7.2%. However, volumes in European and American markets were met with “Waterloo”, 1-Taizhou city in November the United States exporting solar 40.63 million Yuan, down 25.8%, EU to 126 million Yuan, down 13.3%.

7.2% of growth come from?

“Double back” from the real “one-shot” for some time, which test the Taizhou merchant’s market adaptability. At a time when European and American markets keep raising the barriers to entry, some emerging markets have welcomed the opportunity, they fill a market gap, forming a “trade-off” situation.

Taizhou customs data show that solar cells faster export growth, Taizhou’s three markets, Iran 21 million Yuan, an increase of 20 times; Mexico 34.55 million Yuan, an increase of 5 times; Turkey 14.73 million Yuan, an increase of 2.4 times. In addition, Japan, and Korea, and Australia, and Brazil also growing fast.

“Taizhou many PV companies have in the past put the centers in European and American markets, largely accounted for 70%. Now everybody likes to diversify investments, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and greatly reduces the risk. “Zhejiang baoli, Deputy Manager Zhao dongwan said of the new energy. Now has the European and American markets has shrunk to about 40%.

Zhejiang cable new Energy Corporation as early as two years ago, made a big adjustment, originally planned in the United States have set up factories, and now the plan is basically “permanent use”.

Domestic PV market space

HelpMate in PV industry in China has become a “big brother”, PV industry chain very well, as the saying goes “extremely important”, the “double reverse” the negative impact on the domestic photovoltaic industry is “a done deal”.

“But we need not particularly pessimistic, United States and other countries imposed on China PV companies, ‘ double ‘, which just goes to show the PV industry is the industry of various countries want to occupy. The domestic photovoltaic industry after years of adjustment, from overcapacity and slowly reached a balance between supply and demand, and with the opening up of markets, there is a large living space. “Zhu Lizhi, Director of Zhejiang cable new Energy Corporation said.

Smog, pollution is two years that haunts many residents, such as keywords, in order to promote the development and utilization of new energy in the country, China has also issued a number of policies.

“Before discussing how many policy dividends ‘, but policies illustrate the importance of new energy in our country, which is a big plus for PV promotion. “Zhao dongwan said.

This year, in addition to the development of large scale distributed power station, a city many solar companies are also looking at a home photovoltaic system development.

“Electricity from the family can be either for their own use, can also be connected to the national power supply produces a certain amount of revenue, it is very convenient. Technically there is no problem, will be a focus of industry market segments in the future. “Zhao dongwan said.

Zhao Dong told reporters that often citizens or businesses take the initiative this year the door about PV devices, it is relatively rare in the past.

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