PV list of selected principles and data collection

Polaris solar PV net news: first, the principle of photovoltaic power plant selected

1. proposed an area larger, low land cost, so as to minimize the block provides equal or greater than 1000 acres;

2. production and living near the proposed facilities, electricity, water, gas and convenient;

3. to be built near the load is large, to eliminate PV;

4. near the proposed substations and transmission lines, output of photovoltaic power generation and standby interval or condition;

5. the residents near the proposed compositions simple, social control and stability, high efficiency, floor attachment does not more or less compensation in the future;

6. the Governments on the proposed new energy industries, in particular photovoltaic industry support;

7. the proposed nearby over the years without large natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, storms, and geologic structure stability;

8. to be built on flat terrain, soil structure stability;

9. the proposed nearby uptake without large metallurgical, chemical, coal, petrochemical, and other produces a lot of dust and smoke, polluting enterprises;

PV power plant project proposed at second, required implementation

1. provide power station to be built near a topographic map, preferably in electronic version, mark can provide the amount of land used to develop photovoltaic power plant and the size of the pieces;

2. proof of the nature of the land to be provided.

Three photovoltaic power stations early and get the list of relevant information

1. geomorphology, address, status, site maps;

Geographical terrain: proposed construction site latitude and longitude range. Terrain trends terrain elevation. Geomorphological features.

Geology: geological conditions such as soil and rock.

Has been doing geological exploration report or nearby locations have similar geographic project for geological exploration reports, nearby buildings and infrastructure.

Homeland or related Department plan of the land intended for the construction of photovoltaic power stations.

Proof of the nature of the land to be provided.

2. water level, floods, public facilities and other instruction.

Water table: the information note.

Frozen ground depth: briefing note.

Floods: instructions and planning instructions.

Public facilities: are there mines, pipes, lines, daoqiao and other public facilities, overhead line and so on.

3. climatic conditions

Recommendations included in the data are:

Total local year-round sunshine radiation;

The average annual rainfall;

Maximum wind speed, average wind speed;

Maximum depth of frozen soil;

Average annual temperature, maximum temperature, minimum temperature;

Thunder (days/year), wind (days/year), dust (days/year), storm (days/year), the probability of extreme weather such as snow (days/year).

Water level conditions on the ground.

4. the status of the power system (power supply and demand situation and the problems of power grid, power shortage, energy structure), the development planning of power systems.

Address there are no nearby substation to be built, as well as voltage levels, there are no large industrial parks, factories, intensive residential living area and the load of larger facilities.

Transmission line of 35kV and above status quo. 10 (6) kV line status;

Power supply: power grid substation 35kV voltage rating above quantity available, number of main transformer, total transformer capacity, interval and load properties, such as whether there is a possibility of increasing capacity;

Requirements; problems in grid;

Electric power development planning: planning load planning electricity consumption of the whole society, planning, power supply, planning and power grid technology, planning grid overlay.

Power generation project electricity transmission planning.

Proposed to build a photovoltaic power station lines around floor plans and all transmission capacity and voltage class.

5. local thermal power desulphurization benchmarking (or other standard) electricity and photovoltaic electricity prices

Local availability of space solar power subsidy price policy in the nature of its subsidy levels, its main contents.

6. other

Government safeguards, policies such as tax breaks, land policy, support capacity-building, security, social conditions and the possible influence of other construction-related instruction.

Proposed land properties, the Government intends to use soil to provide, transfer, lease, or other means, and standards;

Proposed nearby residents and social governance, and so on, are there national issues, such as border control and management issues.

Original title: photovoltaic power plant list of selected principles and data collection

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