PV Trade can become a PV of “East”?

Polaris solar PV net news: energy Internet ENN Chairman Wang yusuo, layout, its teams are from Europe’s most active photovoltaic areas, trying to pre-Internet on the traditional energy industry, to seize the initiative.

For the client, look for a brand.

Energy Internet, began in the PV

The journey begins with one step. Energy Internet, began in the PV.

If the iconic figure behind Ma’s success is inseparable from the Internet thousands upon thousands of women, energy, wisdom, the Internet, the third industrial revolution which Earth concept is inseparable from the world of billions of sensor nodes support. Hosts a dizzying array of fantasy requires a bit of ordinary solid accumulation in the future.

So, what kind energy best represents the energy of the Internet? Nature is the photovoltaic industry. PV industry as new, traditional energy “siloed” structure with minimal impact and distributed PV systems to its fragmented distribution and system owners frequent replacement of “sale” business needs, this will greatly speed up the gas, electricity, heat and energy systems such as fire, water, the blend, such as natural gas, wind energy, photovoltaic power generation. But distributed in photovoltaic energy Internet’s most decentralized network, biggest challenge against the measurable and controllable one.

Even in the field of power, also has a view of the distributed energy mixed: how much does break the power monopoly, set up new network mechanisms of Alibaba’s treasure, or the network would trigger chaos, impact on power system stability of the Pandora’s box? With the advancement of technology and the coming era of really big energy Internet, intelligent micro-grid with new trans-regional power transmission technology will solve these problems.

Sino-German differences: Professional and trust

Zhao Feng-Feng, PV trade General Manager, graduated from Germany Chronos Tower University of technology, before Germany did more than more than 20 PV power station, there is a wealth of experience in PV development, construction, financing, sale.

In February this year, Zhao Feng-Feng home responsible for PV trade team, Enn Chairman Wang yusuo energy Internet strategies, PV trade will be an important part.

“This idea came from the us in Germany do power plant experience, but Germany is not the platform. “Zhao Feng-Feng,” said Germany’s more mature markets and norms, integrity mechanisms more perfect, users tend to be more inclined to believe local businesses. ”

“At the same time dealers were very professional, they will actually play the role of a small platform. “Tak integrity an important difference lies in Germany’s implementation of the credit system to individuals, while China often only for a company. So China’s projects often require certain qualifications, but the team itself does not care, leads to more common backdoor bid and subcontracting. Germany imposes life-long responsibility on professional such as architects, and electrician jobs is more than a professional, many courses have specialized knowledge of new energy.

German PV differences can be attributed to a lack of professionalism and trust. So Zhao Feng Feng team from this aspect.

Trust value = new PV of “East”:

Due to domestic regulatory mechanism not perfect, Enterprise spent in established trust aspects of cost is high, while customer worried risk problem, this is many domestic PV manufacturers in carried out distributed work Shi are headache was of problem, compared to “Lenovo”, and “wahaha”, and “Kang master” were, PV enterprise of cognitive degrees low have more, and PV industry profit of survival State not allows enterprise spent high of advertising costs playing brand.

Therefore, convenient, inexpensive promotion will become first choice for solar companies. Platform e-commerce to make “Taobao” or “East”? I think Beijing, Tung’s business model is more suitable for.

Its own mode of Alibaba Taobao, but differs from commodities trading and retail properties that make it harder for buyers to buy goods like the trade before the products tested, while other products are used for a period of time have revealed the problem. Taobao claims 9 million shops, but customers really need so what? Perhaps only 90, or even 9 premium outlets, just enough to meet their basic needs.

Jingdong was superior to Taobao is Jing dong used his platform to provide the product quality certification, as far as possible to eliminate fake and inferior products, and is responsible for handling complaints and coordinating return. In the corresponding goods, few businesses that select only high quality, shoddy goods will be excluded later, customers select from the “this item is good or bad” into “these commodities, which is better.” Reduce the risk at the same time, it will earn more trust. Also after reflection launched days after the cat.

Third party platforms have the advantage: it can be separated from the product itself to do service, marketing, and branding. For customers who need only look for a brand to be, that is the platform itself.

PV platform can do?

In short, the PV trade is a platform to provide a one-stop service, without having to painstakingly modules, inverters, there is no need to worry about the reliability of the installers are.

From customers on their roof-mounted photovoltaic or PV investors interested in starting, started a series of PV trade service:

PV-1, explaining policies and market environment, allows customers to find out how much revenue that can be expected and reasonable position of PV investment: this is a sound long-term gains rather than short-term profits, more suitable for the likes of steady income customers. While platforms will also tell the client that carbon emissions can be expected each year.

2, in order to provide customers with specific project consulting, analysis of roof size, calculate fees issued by drawings and record book, at the same time inform the project risks that may exist. Problems such as a leaking roof can be property insurance for buildings and power plants to reduce the risk of third-party liability insurance.

3, PV is the quest of trade in the area of insurance business and insurance brokerage companies, according to current Jincheng international with domestic and foreign well-known insurance broker Willis, the company formed a partnership, provide guarantees for risks that may exist in your project. “There is no monoline photovoltaic plant protection have to be foolproof, universal model is power quality, power stations, such as property insurance, house insurance property insurance and electricity production package several types of cooperation. “Zhao Feng-Feng says,” this is the reason why we chose to cooperate with insurance brokers, they can be more professional, prompt introduction of packaged programmes, and sometimes a thin policy requires a number of different insurance companies to work together. ”

4, after solving customer worries, Zhao Feng-Feng’s team began to help customers who need loans. “Our new Austria in Germany made a few items, standardized loan process we follow to apply for a loan is very simple. “Zhao Feng-Feng said it was only standard domestic mechanisms and processes, in order to make things simple, so that banks, insurance companies can no longer discuss everything, simplify work, thereby reducing time and labor costs.

5, the next construction, PV trade selection and VDE, CQC and other authoritative third-party agencies, components, inverter product quality control, to supervise the construction unit for compliance with construction specifications, built to assist owners in carrying out power station at the time of acceptance. In addition, Zhao Feng-Feng also revealed the future of PV part trade will integrate industry-leading distributed EPC team to provide customers with more convenient choice. Depending on the project size, combined with third-party quality inspection agencies to quality supervision and the power station in a different way. PV inverter trade will also undertake component buy the business, on the one hand secured concessions for customers in terms of price, but also on the platform for manufacturers to maintain customer interest, has more right to speak.

6, is exactly what many customers are most concerned about the next step: operation and maintenance. New Austrian made collaboration with IBM for this purpose, by IBM servers, Enn has built data centers, control accuracy of PV systems reach every string. “Through this cloud servers continue to accumulate and compare, we are able to know every day all over the normal electricity, photovoltaic power generation from an outsider’s eye, is not only stable spam becomes predictable, and will allow us to discover which plants in real time a component problem or inverter, or there is a problem, and keep losses to a minimum. ”

Power trading: how far away are we?

Zhao Feng Feng plan 2015 platform’s business volume reached 100MW-200MW. As more and more platform crafts collection of quality projects will promote the further development of power station deal.

Photovoltaic power stations will remain power station itself as the main, and in the foreseeable future, and many residents, willing to install the roof roof resources environmentally friendly business can install photovoltaic systems without, only need to purchase green power in the network platform can be. Enterprise subscription now photovoltaic power has shape, with further development of energy Internet, this process will be much shorter.

By then, the PV trade platform advantages, lots of real effective power plant data and professional team is very optimistic about its future prospects. In an oil, coal, solar, wind, hydro, biomass and other energy independent floating, and cooperate fully in the future, PV photovoltaic such trade “East” to the photovoltaic industry and even how changes in the energy sector as a whole?

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