Scholars discuss the PV industry development trend

Polaris solar PV net news: all PV experts at the recent meeting of the 14th session of the China PV industry in General to express their views of the situation.

Wang Zhongying: the era of energy revolution in China must be trans oil and gas directly into the era of renewable

National renewable energy Center said Wang Zhongying, Director, energy and the economy are the flesh and blood relationship. China remaining 7 percentage points of GDP growth, energy does not increase is not possible. Energy growth will rely on energy, economy in transition, from all the advanced technological means, so that the total energy does not increase.

He said that 2050 under the central goal of reach the level of moderately developed countries, in accordance with existing energy structure development model, as well as judgments on fossil energy technologies, by 2020, China’s primary energy supply is not 7 billion tons of coal equivalent, is impossible. Rely on fossil fuels to provide 7 billion tons of standard coal, haze problem will never solve. Requires at least one-third of coal, oil and gas, one-third non-fossil renewable sources.

He said energy revolution will change, it is an age of cut-throat. Two epoch-making in the history of the energy revolution, a shift from biomass energy coal age, second turning oil and gas from the coal age era. In developed countries, after both times energy revolution have completed the transition to the era of space, health will enter the age of virtuous cycle of development, have reached their desired levels of economy, as well as in further transition to the information age. The information age from the transition to a low carbon. Chinese energy revolution has not had a chance to turn into gas and then shift from oil and gas to a low-carbon, renewable energy such as wind power, solar energy. Chinese energy revolution must be cross-era oil and gas directly into the era of renewable energy.

He said energy revolution the meaning is in the production of clean energy, and gradual replacement of fossil fuels with clean energy, energy consumption in greater use of electric power, increase the proportion of electricity. Solution to 7 billion tons of oil supply capacity, it is converted to electricity efficiencies, the electricity comes from coal, oil and gas are wind power, solar power, is completely different. Second, greatly improved terminal to electrical level. In the energy revolution in the new century, which State power system is successful, in which country in the new energy revolution to seize the initiative.

Wang Bohua: photovoltaic industry is policy-oriented market economy

China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said, no market, no industry. Photovoltaic industry is very rare in an industry in a global industry, it is not a pure market economy, it is very much affected by policies a policy of market economy, it is not just China, even in developed countries is the same.

He said that Japan and the United States, the Chinese market is currently the situation is better, but will also be entering Germany’s photovoltaic market developments the norm after a new upsurge in down. Because any market cannot endlessly expand. Marketing is a very important resource, is not free overdraft, and manpower development. Has the characteristics of a scarcity in the market, liquidity and bad, PV product is 20 years, 25 years, using relatively long cycle, which should prevent the consumption in advance. No integrated plan, UPS and downs, the entire photovoltaic industry is a very large impact.

Xu Honghua: promoting renewable energy applications can try to near-zero energy consumption

Vice President of China renewable energy society, the Institute of Electrical Engineering Research Institute said Xu Honghua, Ministry of science and technology of solar power “Twelve-Five” plans to achieve full can compete with conventional energy sources, to the layout of the whole industry chain development. “Thirteen-Five” Energy Science and technology master plan is an energy-efficient, low-cost, intelligent technology direction, mainly to solve the generality and bottlenecks restricting the development of China’s renewable energy industry issues.

He said renewable energy applications in a weak position and push the push in both rural and urban poor, to start the unit technology, near-zero energy concept of consumption of renewable energy and energy generated at the regional balance, combined with energy storage, smart grid technologies, may be able to achieve the application of renewable energy 100%. Unit technology to promote regional renewable energy, a high percentage of renewable energy will be able to support.

Original title: scholars discuss the PV industry development trend

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