Shangrao photovoltaic industry is going through a difficult climb?

Polaris solar PV net news: this year, the PV industry exports pick up, Shangrao city, grew stronger. Especially jinkosolar as a leader of a group of enterprises to realize the profit. Shangrao’s photovoltaic industry is how to successfully climb out of the dilemma?

Today, jinko energy companies and more than more than 30 container solar modules products exported to Chile and the Northwest market. Now, the company 27,000 component products are sold around the world each day, the production order is released into the first half of next year, more than 7,000 workers at work busy production. Them in South Africa in September the new photovoltaic plant has been successfully put into production, the company has achieved positive growth for 18 consecutive months. Jinkosolar min melt Executive Director Judy said: “our year this capacity can be up to 3 gigawatts, sales could reach 20 billion. ”

Since 2012, in Europe and the “double r” under the influence, and excess capacity, Shangrao city, a large number of the PV industry is facing unprecedented difficulties. , Shangrao city, with a new round of global industrial restructuring, transfers and upgrades and strategic emerging industries, the rise of the historic opportunity, with a focus on industry support projects targeting investments of more than 100 million Yuan, and national policy support fund to concentrate the Shangrao area by opening the PV industry cluster into an important international and domestic photovoltaic industry base.

Shangrao economic and technological development zone service center director Huang Lianggu to reporter introduced road: “through we zone labor sector and province within, and city, and including province outside of some talent company for Exchange, for cooperation, active for PV industry drew large employees, probably statistics about has more than 3,000 more people; we deliberately established has 3 a substation, a 220,000 substation, 2 a 110,000 substation, such on guarantee has PV Enterprise electricity of problem. ”

Meanwhile, the Shangrao city many PV companies adjust marketing strategies, from underlining the single European market to South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, especially Japan PV market development, creating a diversified international market structure. And they increase investment, technological innovation, management costs, and actively explore the domestic market.

Earlier, jinko’s new production of the 7th workshop has invested more than 50 million Yuan to introduce world first-class automation production equipment. The shop supervisor Peter Ong told reporters: “improved twice times the capacity than original, top quality of the rose to 99% from 99.4%, our ultimate goal is to reach 99.99%. ”

Today, with a focus on PV’s new energy industry is developing rapidly in Shangrao city, has become a focus on the development of one of the three major industries in the province. The city built the only national PV-tech industry base in China, constructed from Silicon acid pickling process to integrate a complete industrial chain. At present, the total PV in Shangrao city more than more than 30 enterprises, and form represented by jinko solar industry group. January-October, the city’s solar battery export 4 billion yuan, an increase of 51.4%.

Original title: Shangrao PV industry exports pick up momentum strong

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