Solar earnings down BYD in 2015, revenue structure changes

Polaris solar PV net news: December 18, company h, a-stocks experienced a cliff fall, shares an intraday drop of as much as 46.06%,A stock the same day also fell to 36.43 dollars/share. Subsequently, BYD management immediately convened three teleconferences, point-by-point rebuttal of negative market rumours, BYD’s Hong Kong shares rebounded after few days.

To boost investor confidence, 19th, BYD co-founder of Xia Zuoquan in h-shares to increase its stake after 500,000 shares of BYD Chairman Wang chuanfu 23rd also purchased 1 million shares of company shares from the market. 24th, 25th stocks rise for second day, 26th shares declined marginally (h-shares were closed 25th, 26th).

Company insiders told reporters, billionaire investor Warren Buffett not only reducing BYD, considered a successor to Mr Buffett’s Li Lu’s share price tumbled day bought shares in a company. In addition, the leading investment firms Blackstone Group this year, has continued to raise its stake in BYD, “this year, our traditional cars roughly in line with last year, new energy vehicles might go from zero to 8 billion yuan, our earnings and future prospects are very good, reason for prices not crashed.”

Reason for prices not crashed?

BYD bizarre December 18 falls in prices, there are three kinds of rumors in the market: one is BYD in Russia suffered exchange losses of hundreds of millions of dollars; the second is Buffett’s holdings of BYD, electric bus order sharply; the third is financial broke and heavily invested in funds has been triggered stop-loss.

Subsequently, the company held an emergency conference call for clarification. Conference call: BYD in Russia there is no big loss on Exchange, exports this year Russia’s total sales of only $ 700,000; all operating normally orders electric stability; battery factory running; and a handful of key investor communications, did not understand, reduce, Buffett’s holdings of unlikely; Wang chuanfu, without incident, and also chairs the shareholders ‘ meeting the day before yesterday, yesterday met with the employees.

In this regard, yesterday in an interview with Wang chuanfu has had in-depth exchanges Chief Wang Liusheng, an analyst at merchants securities industry. According to he revealed, due to bullish h BYD prospects, has investors through financing thaw coupons channel, borrowed has over brokerage of money previously large purchased into BYD stock, prior provides shares fell to a a range Shi must forced flat warehouse, just 35 Yuan/unit is a support points, investors forget fill warehouse, led to financing disc forced flat warehouse, caused ripple effect eventually shares plunged, “private big guy were of claims, can’t validation”.

Wang Liusheng believes that reason for yadi fundamentals don’t see share prices plunge on, Li Lu, and Blackstone’s shares is the best endorsement.

It is reported that just before the Xia Zuoquan and Wang chuanfu, BYD stock holdings, another major investor on December 4 and 9th twice the Blackstone Group bought its h shares, total holdings of 1.683 million shares, had reached 5.71% per cent at present.

Next year, BYD’s sales structure changes

BYD announced earnings this year: 40.409 billion yuan from January to September, operating income, rose 4.4%; net profit was 389 million Yuan, down 16.38%. After deducting the non-recurring profit and loss, a loss of 390 million yuan in the third quarter before. Company losses are mainly due to the decline in traditional business, solar energy operations under the influence of product prices down.

“From a fundamental, inherent to the company this year mobile phone parts and assembly operations profit rose, as Huawei mobile phones businesses improves next year, particularly with the facelift metal case Samsung phones next year will provide BYD with 10 billion yuan in revenue, mobile phones businesses for the development of other business with good cash flow,” Wang Liusheng, told reporters.

Meanwhile, BYD in new energy car Shang is continued punches, this year sales can to 20,000 car, sales reached 8 billion yuan around, “these new energy car inputs too big, but project reserves gradually mature, with next year early new battery factory production, battery capacity release, plug electric type mixed moving SUV Tang also is in next year March or April listed, became future of new growth”, Wang Liusheng said.

Wang Liusheng analysis, next year will will is BYD history of a inflection point, with BYD capacity scale of expanded, 2015 is expected to BYD new energy car sales will reached 60,000 car, sales can up 20 billion yuan to 30 billion yuan, this means with BYD car business will achieved new energy car and traditional car half points, “BYD Qin monthly sales 2,500 car is the car profit tipping point, this year because battery capacity factors, next year certainly can reached; electric bus K9 this year sales in 2,500 car around, Next year has more than 6,000 cars. “

Company insiders told reporters, excluding research and development costs, and now every K9 can earn 1 million yuan of profits abroad were can reach 2 million yuan of profits, “use electric buses already is a trend across the country, our future prospects in the field of public transport are to be expected.”

According to him, BYD is now facing five continents listing its K9 electric bus, along with a new battery plant, its entire revenue structure will be changed.

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