Suri has just confirmed ending bonds lamented: the bond market is rich caprice

Polaris solar PV net news: Super jgbs has just confirmed ending sinovel selling debt at face value back

“Or bonds is good, even punitive interest gives rich headstrong, go and get some city investment bond. “” 11 Super debt “paid in full after the news, bondholders said. Sinovel debt yesterday also released back to the sale announcement, par reporting back, which means investors can recoup at least. Industry believes that, while these strategies for debt is a good thing, but for the development of the bond market, this is not the case. Against the day break, investors ‘ risk awareness would not be set up correctly.

Two junk bond rescued

The evening of December 17, *ST Suri said in a statement the company will be December 22, 2014, as repayment day, on each hand “11 Super debt” distribution of principal and interest amounts to 1116.40 Yuan par value 1000 Yuan, which even includes debt interest caused by compound interest and penalty interest, net private debt holders a real distribution of principal and interest amounts to 1093.12 Yuan 1000 Yuan face value per lot.

The bulletin, honour to 15:00 as of December 19, 2014 transactions after the end of time, the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited Shenzhen branch recorded a whole “11 Super debt” bondholders.

In this regard, said one focused on debt to junk bond investment, “or bonds is good, even punitive interest gives rich headstrong, go and get some city investment bond. ”

Sinovel equally belongs to the junk bond bond sold yesterday released back to bulletin, bond holders at a price of 100 Yuan/Zhang sold holdings back to the company, back reporting period is December 22, 2014, on 23rd, backs funding disbursement date is December 29, 2014.

Sinovel debt also stressed that due honour sold bonds back to the company’s funds are not fully in place, the company of principal and interest payment in full and can be scheduled on December 29, 2014 is currently difficult to make accurate judgments. But Super jgbs to be perfect before cashing in, is not worried about the debt, even wanted to bottom sinovel debt.

Sinovel debt is currently suspended after the minimum fell to 82.88 dollars, at the end of April this year the suspension. As a smooth back, when hunters sinovel bonds investors yields more than 20%.

International aid

Originally “11 Super debt”-default is to the fore, in addition to debt almost all celebrities in China’s bond market cheered bonds one step toward maturity. But 2014 didn’t become China’s first year of bond defaults.

In March 2014, *ST Suri due to failure to pay “11 Super debt” 89.8 million dollars interest, interest only the 4 million dollars, “11 Super jgbs” material breach happens, April 8, *ST Suri filed for bankruptcy reorganization, debt along with the people’s outcry and scudding clouds.

But on the eve of national day, China Great Wall asset management Corporation and Shanghai joyoung Management Center of the guarantee, so Suri reorganization plan passed, “11 Super debt” full repayment of the principal and interest. And in restructuring of companies has more than been assault for Suri founded company, after peel off layers of ownership structure will find behind these businesses is the nature of a common “national team”. In other words, “11 Super debt” perfect payment national team put out the fire in the end.

“Now estimates is concerned about widespread defaults, so it will be a situation of great wall asset management Corporation to offer the national team. “A bond analyst said.

“This is not conducive to the development of the bond market, because many ’11 ultra-bond ‘ investors in the case took over the big price falls, in order to earn higher returns, and this itself should correspond to the high income is high risk, but now is risk-free. “The investors said.

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