Tesla senior change: Wu Bi Xuan Zhu Xiaotong leaving to take over sales operations

Polaris solar PV net news: December 12 morning news, a reporter from the Tesla confirmed in China, China head of Tesla’s global Vice President, Wu Bi瑄 is leaving, from April this year to join the Tesla and responsible for Super charging station project Zhu Xiaotong, China will take over the sales transaction, but the specific title is the same as Wu, is unclear.

Pictured is Wu Bi瑄. (File photo)

Pictured here: Zhu Xiaotong. (File photo) photo Zhu Xiaotong. (File photo)

Original Super charging station will take over sales operations

Tesla responded that according to company policy, the company otherwise discussing internal personnel matters. Tesla is clear, Zhu Xiaotong (TomZhu) will take over the sales in China, Zhu and other specific duties, but work is not yet clear.

Tesla charging business development under the leadership of Zhu Xiaotong expressed appreciation and said Zhu Xiaotong will use its accumulated rich experience in charging infrastructure construction to further expand and deepen the Tesla development in China.

Zhu Xiaotong graduated from New Zealand Auckland University and United States Duke Fuqua MBA degree. With others, founded after Kaplan International Engineering Consulting Corporation, and since 2008 he has been responsible for day-to-day operations of the Kaplan International, market development, and project management. 2009-2011, Mr Zhu Xiaotong in Africa responsible for two major infrastructure projects project management. In the meantime, his overall management of construction projects, is responsible for the business negotiations with the host Government, customer, formation of the core team and respond to emergencies. In 2013, Zhu Xiaotong again creating a project management consulting company engaged in project management of international engineering consulting work to help Chinese enterprises to explore overseas markets.

Therefore, Zhu Xiaotong in expanding their business and dealing with the local district government experience, perhaps its propulsion Tesla charging infrastructure construction in China achieved remarkable causes.

Norm Wu Bi Xuan turnover turnover at the Tesla is unknown

Wu Bi Xuan’s resignation reason to remain silent. Wu, who has not answered the phone.

Reporters learned that this decision all of a sudden, all said they were “unexpected”. 6th Wu Bi瑄 and Tesla’s global Vice President, CMO, greater China media conference held in Guangzhou, the Tesla brand elements such as orientation and future development strategy of communication with the media. According to media reports, meeting before the start of Tesla’s United States urgently convene a conference call, Wu Bi瑄, and jumong full participation, as well as the Exchange was forced to postpone.

Creation date, Tesla’s head of China Post has two degrees rotation. Bentley China General Manager Zheng Shunjing joining Tesla in March 2013 and to hold the post of General Manager of China. In November of that year, Wu Bi瑄 joined Tesla served as Vice President, after the head of China, Zheng Shun King tapped Wu Bi瑄 report by March 2014 Zheng Shunjing announced his departure. Entry in less than a year, Wu Bi瑄 left again.

Since the third quarter of the year, Tesla staff changes quite a lot. In September of this year, gold original CMO jumong joined Tesla, because the same level as Wu Bi Xuan, media has been “who is reporting to whom” question, but Tesla has not responded. Tesla’s global sales Vice President Ji Long (Jerome Guillen) joked that “they were reported to me.” Then, earlier this year China public relations director Yang Shuting left who join the Tesla and Tesla’s media and public relations as a whole have been no one to take over, only on his behalf by jumong “care”.

Original title: Tesla exits leave Wu Bi Xuan Zhu Xiaotong, China takes over sales operations

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