The old red PV for West China Aerospace electromechanical line: PV into the desert retreat

Polaris solar PV net news: the fate of old red again sent to Zhongwei city in Ningxia. Last time here was in 1989, in memory, in addition to the gaomiao buildings like Phoenix, here is just an ordinary can no longer rank–drum-centered North of longer than a few kilometers Northwest of the small town, the Yellow House, gray-White Poplar.

Here again, it was a most impressive Central Avenue East, built in–the Yellow River Greenway. Roadside planting and the trees, the tree is under water, glowing yellow sedge and residual charge on the water. Central Defender, has become like the old red, not so many people South of Watertown.

But who would have imagined that a beautiful city but are threatening the Tengger Desert, only a few kilometres from the North, it seems not so serious for more than 20 years ago. So, sand became one of the most important works in the city, it is said that Government funds are paying hundreds of millions each year.

Even more unexpectedly was 2012 begins construction of centre-backs photovoltaic industrial park is part of the desert to change this situation, PV sand, sand results beyond the Municipal Government just use Dong Hai Huang Sha …

When the “old red PV for West China” came to the planning area of 65,000 acres of industrial park, seeing is an industrial shock: 88 metres tall observation tower, the sea like the ups and downs of photovoltaic panels; hearing and municipalities the same accident: the construction of photovoltaic power plant in the desert not only can use the Dong Hai Huang Sha, also sand, sand control, achieve the effect of surrounding central defender. Then, find PV magic of desert become old red came to Zhongwei PV spaceflight machine (referred to as “spaceflight machine”) main purpose.

“Spaceflight machine” on the road, old red amazement between heaven and Earth, photovoltaic power plant and Division of the dune is close at hand, so clear, ink blue photovoltaic panels, golden sand dunes, make people feel bleak moments by modern civilization crossed from time immemorial, all so uncoordinated, not true at all. Enter the “aerospace electromechanical” venues, old red, pleasantly surprised to see the PV panels, above the sand between arrays, or high or low, or swelling or light, a clump of grass, shadows stretched in panels, rocked in the breeze. If it is not far from the sand dunes, you tend to forget about two years ago, is barren. It made the old red engross recorded since the past is desert, human retreat. Now here are the PV into desert retreat.

Participation, witness the “subversion of historical” person–spaceflight machine in one of Gansu’s aerial power operation and maintenance company Deputy General Manager Liu Qiong, this overturns old red a quick recognition of the history of the history of the process.

Liu Qiong’s style is “Northwest”, “Northwest” old red when chatting until dinner knows that he is Shanghainese, is also confident that spaceflight machine company to better open the Northwest market, with the right people. Liu Qiong is a man who can tell a story, there’s ideas, and his communication becomes a acquires information, inspire each other and even the trial of strength. From sand to PV, from planting to storage can, from station smart management to “space electromechanical” of commercial mode, certainly, he heart most heavy of that a must belongs to he of shipped dimension company, because “red teacher, you made research information more, I in Northwest information less, must to put latest of related station shipped dimension of information told I” of a sentence please, pressure have old red from heart heavy of.

Half-day Exchange, old red is not only intuitive dissent from aerospace electrical company in the photovoltaic industry is booming, opening the unique business model before the connotation of also knows roughly how the centre-back is the Dong Hai Huang Sha in “aerospace electromechanical” ‘s hand into a land of high quality photovoltaic.

Said, or from the road, leading to the “spaceflight machine” road, is the old red come many photovoltaic industrial park in the worst way, so that we have to think of the so-called world’s largest photovoltaic industrial park or the Government is unwilling to pay, or companies are reluctant to pay. Liu Qiong told the story: in this desert roads, dug 2 metres down, fill with gravel, decent roads can be repaired. Only that shashilu around the plant two or three kilometers long, had invested more than 1.2 million Yuan to have unsightly appearance today, stone is the old red “Cherokee” popping a chassis. Liu Qiong said that because there are no roads, large equipment comes into play from neimengduo you want to run hundreds of miles, as is the construction of photovoltaic power plants, at Centre-half in the desert are generally cheaper than the Gobi 30%.

Centre-back wind, because one of the three major outlet “Zephyr” wind, Zhongwei fine sand, fine on the hand to grab a handful of harbored a feeling of delicate, moist, gently blows can be dispersed, Centre-back dunes are mobile. “The most hated is the quicksand of the power station construction,” recalls Liu Qiong: “at the construction site, first lay a landmark day, unable to find the next day, seriously affected the progress of the construction. “In order to adapt to the geological features of a desert,” spaceflight machine “after continuous try, gave up the common scheme of massive dredging, developed a” spiral “bracket approach cost reduction 30%, also applied for a patent.

Through “straw checkerboard barriers” sand is centre-back initiative “in shapotou” is so famous around the world. “Spaceflight machine” came and wanted to dig wells for water-tree approach, results wells 40 metres deep water is not available, 100 meters water costs are too high. By consulting with experts, finally taking “straw checkerboard barriers” – the straw deep into sand form one meter square grid, sow grass seed in the square, gray in the grass and sand of alhagi maurorum in squares tenaciously survived. Looking at two years too long, 30 centimeter-high grass, old red asked: If in another ten years, plant grass than “shapotou” fuller? Liu Qiong thought said, “should be like this. Plant maintenance on grass is even more subtle and shade panels can reduce water evaporation. “Old red seemed to understand:” shapotou “sand only, the” aerospace electromechanical “photovoltaic plant can control this is magic.

“How the plant benefits? “Old red asked. “This power plant feasibility study report is expected in 15 return on his investment, now it is as long as 10 years. Because it is profitable power plants, operation and maintenance company is building an internal system for intelligent management and strive to make the station more network transmission time. “In the eyes of Liu Qiong, this plant as a matter of preference of the child, has a lot to look forward to tomorrow. “Red teacher, you come back in two years and two days ago, I saw a news report that Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a red sand can be used to plant trees, we try, we will also engage in farming, and two years later will give you a different photovoltaic power plant in the desert. “He said this tone does not like a desert, like sort of fertile ground.

Old red and want to be sure to come and see photovoltaic power plant control results are not better, see if the Defender is also greener.

Original title: the old red PV for West China Aerospace electromechanical line: PV into the desert retreat

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