Tianjin announce implementation proposals to boost new renewable energy use

Polaris solar PV net news: early winter season, smog-prone, how to further control pollution, reduce air pollution, and become the focus of public concern. Reporters learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission to accelerate to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) focusing on air pollution control, effective prevention and control of air pollution caused by coal-fired, Tianjin City, this city enacted the coal consumption of emission reduction and clean energy alternative implementation plan. To accelerate the use of new and renewable sources of energy are a key element of the. From the winter of this year until 2017, the city’s share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption, is expected to increase to more than 3%.

Wind power, solar power, biomass power generation and heating, geothermal, solar hot water, it is accelerating the use of new and renewable sources of energy cores. The next stage, this city will be selected in Binhai, ninghe, jinghai, Xiqing, Jixian region, optimizing developing centralized wind power on land, develop decentralized wind turbine, actively promote offshore wind power next year God Church built three wind facilities such as wind engineering, wind power installed capacity of over 700 MW by 2017.

While actively promoting the construction of demonstration area of distributed PV applications and strive for completion next year, new eco-city in Central Avenue side of PV power generation projects and other projects, the city’s photovoltaic power generation installed capacity of 90 megawatts, 2017 more than 150 megawatts. The city will also steadily advancing the development and utilization of geothermal resources in, increase the geothermal area, by 2017, the city’s geothermal total annual production at 50 million cubic metres. And the urban construction and development, accelerate the construction of solar hot water installations, urban solar domestic hot water use by 2017 to reach 16 million square meters, solar water heaters to 420,000 units in rural areas.

In addition, suit measures to local conditions to promote biomass heating demonstration project that by 2017, the city’s garbage to generate electricity installed capacity of 106 megawatts, years of about 2.4 million tons of waste disposal.

Original title: Tianjin announce implementation proposals to boost new renewable energy use

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