TrendForce: new double drop rate Lu Sheng Taiwan solar manufacturers find us a way out

Polaris solar PV net news: United States Department of Commerce announced on 17th in 2014 the new double against convicted tax, County vendors maintain or higher than the initial rate, but Taiwan vendor tax rate be reduced slightly. Anti-dumping duty of 26.71% to 165.04% County component; countervailing duty rate 27.64% per cent to 49.79%. Taiwan part of Motech’s tax rate is reduced to 11.45%, Yu Jing remained at 27.55%, other Taiwan manufacturers because Motech lowered tax rates and reduced to 19.5%. 2014 China double the judgment against tax rises, Taiwan battery lost among the County, making components into the United States market pipeline. China manufacturers, will be selected through self-producing cells, components, use tax rates 2012 are sold to United States markets, in which Trina 23.75% tax rate most advantageous in 2012.

Green energy business unit owned by TrendForce EnergyTrend, research manager Huang Gonghui, said short term expected Taiwan solar cell prices are expected to rise, in addition to double eventually sentenced to boost, first quarter of 2015 are English, Japanese, middle-market incentives, is expected to amount and price homeopathy work together to upgrade.

Although the impact of double-reverse, United States demand in 2015 will continue to grow, and component prices may rise slightly. At current prices at the level of US$0.65~0.68/W observation, prediction component prices to rise US$0.03~0.05/W. Huang Gonghui said, considered to market supply changes, hanwha new energy recently announced will Yu Korea expansion over 2GW component factory most active, remaining China manufacturers also already respectively Yu European, and Canada, and South Africa, and Malaysia, and India, and Japan and Turkey, to established component production base, estimated 2015 China manufacturers overseas component capacity will over 3GW, plus original Europe component manufacturer of capacity has enough to supply United States market by needed.

Competitive advantage, Huang Gonghui further stated that the future United States market component prices edged up as well as the relatively low tax rates, Taiwan manufacturers in Taiwan development components also have the opportunity to enter the United States market. At present Taiwan’s capacity for about 2.2GW,2015 years may have the opportunity to increase. In addition, in the scope of the survey, Taiwan produce components such as using cells in a third, are not within the scope of this survey, so Taiwan part of their battery factory to set up factories overseas, you can still go back to Taiwan using established components production line exported to United States.

Original title: TrendForce: new double drop rate Lu Sheng Taiwan solar manufacturers find us a way out

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