United States PV to China the second double back the final forward

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United States of China PV “second double-reverse” investigation near the final, United States International Trade Commission was held on December 8, before the final hearing, and 15th hearing results, United States Department of Commerce will give final ruling on 17th.


1. final results remain preliminary rulings upheld the probability of domestic enterprises and the United States market has little influence

This year July completed early CD of United States on China PV “II times double anti-” will tax products range by initially of “city produced battery tablets” expanded to all in China Assembly of component, zhihou China PV Enterprise General used Executive 2012 years double anti-tax of strategy continues to to United States shipments, despite sales margins and previously used Taiwan battery tablets avoid tariff compared to has declined, but on United States shipments still profitable. And from the recently released United States new PV installed capacity figures in the third quarter, United States markets still maintained rapid growth: Q3 United States new PV installed capacity of 1.35GW, an increase of 41%, rose 7.5%. United States local photovoltaic companies Solarworld business improved and indeed to some extent verified double protecting United States PV module manufacturer’s active role.

“II times double anti-” will in December 17 ushered in United States Commerce of end CD (15th first by ITC announced hearing results), according to currently parties feedback of information and the years in the early CD yilai of industry development situation, we analysis is expected to, except tariff tax exists slightly adjustment of may outside, end CD results maintained early CD “upheld” of possibilities larger, event on domestic PV enterprise and United States market may produced of added effects limited.

2. PV trade war between China and Retrospect and prospect: the climax has passed, gradually easing the probability of events in the future

October 2011, Sino-US PV trade war by Solarworld United States Branch started first gun, United States Commerce Yu 2012 ruled China PV Enterprise obtained not due Government subsidies and on United States market of dumping behavior established, and began on China PV products levy double anti-tariff, but due to judgment of tax products only limited to battery tablets, so zhihou China PV Enterprise General used procurement Taiwan battery tablets processing into component again export United States of form avoid tariff (cost slightly rose but far below should paid tax )。

In July 2012, China’s Ministry of Commerce to enforce domestic polysilicon double reverse to the United States to initiate an investigation, which started in July 2013, decision and tariff and then producing polycrystalline silicon more beautiful “processing trade” sold to China to avoid countervailing tariff, this counter measures did not achieve the desired results.

In January 2014, the United States Department of Commerce in Solarworld made up “Taiwan cells vulnerability” quest, again filed “second double-reverse” investigation, and investigation of enterprises from the Chinese mainland enterprises to expand to Taiwan businesses, taxing its product range also from mainland China solar cell production expanded to include all components produced on the Mainland and Taiwan producing cells. United States of China PV “second double-reverse” referee that was established in early in July this year and imposed temporary tariffs.

17th final judgment and look forward to the subsequent development of events, we believe that trade war is easing, even reaching some degree of reconciliation (such as limits and limit promises) is the probability of the event. Causes main is: 1.APEC Conference Shang Sino-US between of carbon emission reduction joint reflect has between leaders on clean energy field cooperation of support attitude; 2. United States PV industry except Solarworld mainly of individual General crystal silicon component manufacturers outside (Sunpower, and First Solar, manufacturers products and China component for of subdivision market different), and no more enterprise benefit Yu on China double anti-; 3. beauty produced polysilicon material to “processing trade” Forms of behavior to avoid countervailing tariffs on exports to China will be banned starting January 2015, China still holds a certain degree of negotiating leverage.

3. the Taiwan photovoltaic industry influence has gradually digested China silicon chip companies benefit from the United States, and Korea as well as the direct demand rising

Due to the lost city, PV solar cell contract/procurement needs, Taiwan photovoltaic industry is “inverse quadratic two-” the greatest damage, but from the revenue figures in recent months, Taiwan photovoltaic industry has by way of adjusting the target market to gradually digested the double reverse the adverse effects, some companies are considering build plants overseas, such as medium-and long-term solutions.

For China Silicon tablets enterprise,, first due to United States native several no wafer capacity, so two times double anti-survey are not put wafer contains in tax products range within, future also not too may joined; second, despite part by Taiwan battery factory generation workers and eventually sold United States of orders by few effects, but due to double instead benefit of United States, and Korea PV enterprise is brings has more of directly wafer orders.

Investment advice

Due to this times double anti-end CD appeared than early CD more bad results of possibilities minimum, and recently market also has almost not exists on end CD can “verdict” reconciliation of expected, so we is expected to, if end CD maintained upheld, is does not on plate performance has too big effects, and any is superior to early CD judgment of conclusions, are should was as a is good Yu expected of results, will on plate performance has active effects.

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