Us photovoltaic double-reverse to be executed Chinese companies the essay has no solution?

Polaris solar PV net news: in mid-December, United States Department of Commerce will announce the photovoltaic products to China final calculations of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy. Chinese silicon industry association has announced that will tighten the end of polysilicon processing trade imports.

“The fact is that in the 58th article came out, in less than 15 days ‘ time, China poly silicon imports broke through last year’s imports. “One leading photovoltaic company executives told reporters,” mostly from the United States imports. ”

“Well, the ‘ double ‘ Chinese enterprises responded more calmly. “The photovoltaic industry in Zhejiang Province science and Technology Alliance Secretary General Dr Zhao Yonghong described it as” is already a veteran, if you pay attention to this market, companies need a different approach. ”

There are no chips fought back to be waiting

Earlier this year on January 23, the United States Department of Commerce said in a statement, crystalline silicon photovoltaic products imported from China to launch “double reverse” investigation. And launched in November 2011, the first “double reverse” the difference is not only useful for amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells, but to extend the investigation to ingots, wafers, cells, modules, and almost all crystalline silicon photovoltaic products. And, from the area not only mainland China, and China’s Taiwan region.

In January, China’s Ministry of Commerce since the United States countervailing duty rate of solar grade silicon imported from 0% to 2.1%, anti-dumping duty of 53.3% to 57%.

“China can rightly ask ‘ double ‘, which is United States insufficient domestic demand. “The executives said, the” downstream of PV industry in China is developing rapidly, United States is highly dependent on the Chinese market. ”

“Although China hopes multi ‘ double ‘ them off, but instead, because of processing trade policy, imports were not affected, strategically we’re still losing. “The executives, with all due respect,” Chinese companies are just waiting for a final determination. ”

According to the executives, China poly silicon general trade imports have been taken. Processing trade imported Silicon into photovoltaic products export trade, which is the second half of 2012, the Commerce Department announced the United States, and Korea, EU polysilicon “double reverse” after the investigation, importers are intended to take advantage of processing trade policy, when imported polysilicon not impose import taxes and customs supervision of bonded export PV manufacturing value added tax collected when no longer. Such as poly-silicon imported by means of processing trade, in polycrystalline silicon “double reverse” after the ruling, it is impossible under such trade to impose punitive tariffs on imports, uncontrollable acts of predatory dumping of imported polysilicon.

“Caused United States raw material, equipment import to China, but now products made in China are not turned away. With our processing trade policies are violated. “The executives said,” our trade policy is that your material to me, I have finished processing, product back to you, and then you pay me a processing fee. ”

The “processing trade is reciprocal, but did not. “A photovoltaic company said,” is also a means of anti-dumping, but the current anti-dumping policies and processing trade policies are contradictory. ”

“In August this year, 58th handed back, two weeks until September 1, the provincial-leveled business departments assault approved processing trade imports, had two weeks to more than a hundred thousand of tons of crystalline silicon, bigger than a year before 2013 polysilicon 81,000 tons imported. “The executives,” said United States companies have implemented a single the next year. ”

Three quarterly reports in the United States such as IEC polysilicon companies made clear that they have nothing to lose in the anti-dumping.

States should encourage innovative enterprise

Prior to this, there is also hope that price undertakings, including negotiations. “But more difficult. “Zhao Yonghong said.

Department of Commerce has promised to carry out research on the price. “Although after price undertakings export volume was able to guarantee, but in fact now the quota is not looking to talk about success, we actually did not have much benefit. “These PV industry stakeholders told reporters.

Because of the experience for the first time, the “double reverse” corporate preparations are made in advance. And the United States market is not very large, the amount of money involved is relatively small.

Zhao Yonghong suggested adjusting the product positioning and strategy as soon as possible, which will not be affected because of the high and low tax rates.

“Or there could be a breakthrough in the case where you can set up factories overseas. “Zhao Yonghong says,” don’t buy Taiwan and China solar cell, buying a solar cell can still be done elsewhere, is existing enterprises in Zhejiang Province and Korea solar cell business linkages. ”

In Zhao Yonghong’s view, “the United States market is limited, and more complex, United States market photovoltaic electricity price is lower, so the United States PV is more difficult, but have different systems in each State, while United States market more like play in the financial markets.”

United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) recently announced in October the new utility-grade output, compared to 5 photovoltaic projects, a total of 31 megawatts, not by 2014 the average 180 megawatt 20%.

In fact, Europe PV “double reverse”, the accelerated development of emerging markets, Japan, and India is becoming a big market. Zhao Yonghong said: “our market is relatively stable now, exports have been previously dropped 60%-70%, is now showing a market diversification. ”

“The industry is certainly going through some pain to grow, the Government has protected only in accordance with the previous methods do, is not necessarily a good thing, what does a double against our positive? When faced with a double reverse, each export company has its own way, contributed to the emergence of many new products. “Zhao Yonghong said the country should encourage enterprises with innovation in this period, allowing it to better develop.

At the 14th China PV Conference 2014-China International exhibition on photovoltaic intervals, Vice President of GCL-poly energy Holdings Limited Lv Jinbiao said in an interview with reporters, exports in the manufacturing sector in the market, in the current system, financial system, PV business to get itself out of trouble by constructing a different business model.

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