Views of the Government on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry in heze city

Polaris solar PV net news: Ames, Government issued (2014), 23rd

County District people’s Government municipal government departments, municipal enterprises, major colleges:

Photovoltaic industry is an important part of the new energy industry. The development of photovoltaic industry, on the adjustment of energy structure, developing strategic emerging industries, promoting the construction of ecological civilization is of great significance. For the implementation of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry opinions (guofa (2013), 24th) and Shandong provincial people’s Government on the implementation of the national development (2013), 24th, opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry (Lu Zheng (2014), 16th) spirit, promote healthy development of PV industry in our city, it is submitting the following comments:

One, overall thinking and development goals

In-depth implement party of 18 big and 18 session II in the, and three in the, and four in the plenary spirit, to Deng Xiao-ping’s theory, and “three a representative” important thought, and science development views for guide, insisted market led, and planning guide, and policy support, full played market in resources configuration, and structure adjustment, and optimization layout, and fittest and the exploitation in the of decisive role, full played Enterprise subject status, active improved government management and service, vigorously promotion PV application, accelerated industry upgrade and technology progress, foster grow PV related services, Realizing leaping development of PV industry and scale.

Strive to the end of 2015, through such means as mergers, inventory of existing photovoltaic manufacturing business, making it above the PV module production is up to 150MW; photovoltaic power capacity of more than 200MW.

Second, actively expanding application

(A) promoting the construction of PV plants on a selective basis. Give full play to the city’s grid access and land resources, wastelands, saline-alkali land, beaches and water surfaces, and other unused land and mining wasteland, exploring more flexible ways of land supply, actively and steadily promoting the construction of various types of photovoltaic power stations on a selective basis. Strive until the end of 2015, the city built PV installed capacity of 150MW. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal Bureau of land and resources, heze power supply company)

(B) to develop distributed PV. Encourage consumers to “spontaneous use, residual Internet, grid adjustments” way of building distributed PV systems. Priority support for industrial and commercial enterprises in higher electricity prices, Industrial Park building large-scale distributed PV systems support in offices, schools, hospitals, public institutions, community buildings, and other structures, such as promotion of small distributed PV systems. BIPV applications are encouraged, such as new buildings, renovation of old buildings in principle in accordance with distributed PV power requires a unified design and construction. Encouraged in street lighting, landscape, as well as communications base stations, traffic lights and other fields to promote distributed solar power. Strive until the end of 2015, the city built a distributed solar generation capacity of 60MW. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal urban and Rural Development Council, City economic information Commission, the municipal Transport Bureau, heze power supply company)

(C) efforts to expand application in urbanization and building a new Socialist countryside. In accordance with the development of “new towns, new energy, new life” the general idea, photovoltaic power generation into the new town development plan, considering PV applications combined with the construction of new countryside, in the village of old and new rural communities, distributed PV systems transformation project planning and construction, power to dissolve, improving rural electricity supply situation and consumption level. Relying on green energy demonstration County construction, expansion of PV applications. (Responsible unit: the municipal urban and rural construction Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission)

(D) actively develop domestic and foreign markets. Support enterprises to make full use of foreign exchange and cooperation platform, actively participate in the Forum, exhibition, trade promotion activities, expand the market space to expand visibility and influence. To provide enterprises with foreign trade and investment training to help cope with trade frictions, investment cooperation. To encourage, help and guide enterprises to actively open up emerging markets at home and abroad. (Responsible unit: municipal Bureau of Commerce, municipal economic and information Commission)

Third, promoting industrial upgrading and technological progress

In strict accordance with the industrial layout of photovoltaic manufacturing project. Strict controls on new photovoltaic cells simply to expand capacity of batteries and component items. New PV manufacturing projects should meet on single-crystal silicon PV cell conversion efficiency of not less than 20%, polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell conversion efficiency of not less than 18%, thin film PV cell conversion efficiency of not less than 12%, comprehensive electricity consumption of less than 100-kilowatt/kg polysilicon production. Innovation role into full play, increasing investment in research and development, strengthen the combination of production, teaching and research, and promote the upgrading and updating of existing products, improve their core competitiveness. Actively guiding the existing photovoltaic manufacturing companies seek PV power station construction and PV manufacturing enterprises both inside and outside the enterprise, to carry out all-round cooperation, improve market competitiveness. Actively promote the development of vertically integrated PV manufacturing enterprises, encouraging and supporting enterprises, raw material supply enterprises to carry out strategic cooperation, and strive to form a collection of mid and lower, and supporting each other, all links fit better a complete industrial chain. (Responsible unit: City economic information Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission)

Four, speeding up constructing service supporting system

Encourage specialized energy service companies and the consumer cooperative, energy management contract, investment in the construction and management of photovoltaic power generation systems; improving energy management contract specifications and transaction settlement system. Encourage photovoltaic manufacturing companies to the field of power plant investment, construction, operation and business development; actively cultivate and expand power plants emerging services such as consulting, design and General Contracting. Formation of photovoltaic industry association, give full play to professional associations, strengthening self-discipline, standardize trade development, strengthen industrial statistic analysis, build a platform for Exchange and cooperation. (Responsible unit: municipal economic and information Commission)

Five, improving grid access and network operation services

(A) network access. Grid enterprise to spirit simplified process, and convenient service of principles, established and perfect PV power received network audit and service program, announced grid service process, decentralization grid approval permission, in provides time within issued grid access views; strengthened and PV power phase adapted of grid construction and transformation, guarantees supporting grid and PV power project synchronization construction; investment construction PV access caused of public grid transformation part and access public grid PV power project of received network engineering; active development micro grid and smart grid technology, Improve power grid can support photovoltaic power generation capacity. Strengthen the supervision of PV on-grid services, ensure that project completed timely incorporation. (Responsible unit: heze power supply company)

(B) improving the grid-service. Power grid enterprises to optimize system operation, giving priority protection to photovoltaic power generation, full purchase of electricity; provision of electricity metering, regular settlement services such as electricity and to pay subsidies. Distributed PV full power into electricity generation and power consumption of the whole society and statistics and performance indicators at all levels of Government and the power grid enterprises; scope of spontaneous ladder self-use electricity production are not included in the price, taking into account at all levels of Government and the user section. (Responsible unit: heze power company, City economic information Commission, the municipal price Bureau).

VI, comprehensively strengthened safeguards measures

(A) improve project management systems. Photovoltaic power generation implementation of record management, needs a policy to subsidize the projects included in the annual instructions scale management. Photovoltaic plant by provincial energy departments; individuals using its own residential and building in a residential area of distributed solar power projects, registered directly by the local power grid enterprises and focus to the energy departments at the county level, and other distributed photovoltaic power generation project by the Municipal Department in charge of energy record. Exemption from distributed photovoltaic power generation business license. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission and the heze power company)

(B) implementation of price support policies. 2013-2015 grid-connected PV power plant, electricity price determined as 1.2 Yuan per kWh (tax, the same below), higher than the national benchmark price partially borne by the provincial. 2013-2015 into national scale annual guidance of distributed solar power projects, all electricity in the United States by 0.42 Yuan subsidy per kilowatt hour standards set on the basis of provincial 0.05 Yuan per kWh of electricity price subsidies. Enjoy “Golden Sun” and building integrated photovoltaic demonstration project grant funding to support the above items no longer qualify for subsidies. (Responsible unit: the municipal price Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the County District, heze power supply company)

(Iii) the implementation of preferential tax policies. Strictly implemented before 2015 PV VAT immediate refund 50% tax policies. Governments at all levels shall not be charged under various names to photovoltaic power generation enterprises charges additional to the provisions of laws and regulations. Spontaneous use of distributed PV electricity free of additional renewable electricity price, the State’s major water conservancy projects construction funds, large and medium power NET in reservoir resettlement support funds, loan funds and other 4 power imposed by Government funds, as well as reserve capacity and related service costs. (Responsible unit: Municipal Office, the local taxation Bureau, the municipal price Bureau, Finance Bureau, city district people’s Government, the counties of heze power supply company)

(D) increase financial support. Financial institutions should strictly implement the “maintain pressure” credit support, advanced technology with independent intellectual property rights, the development potential of big business good and strong, there is a market, there are orders, effective and credible photovoltaic manufacturing companies increase credit support. According to controllable risk, business sustainability, and access to credit can reach the principles, for PV technology innovation, mergers and foreign investment has a competitive advantage, such as finance, banking, settlements, consulting and comprehensive financial services. Support through multi-level capital market trading, private equity investment, issuing bonds and other means to broaden the financing channels. Financing guarantee agencies are encouraged to provide loans and debt guarantees, setting up key PV enterprises financing guarantee enabling funds. County Government and the State Development Bank and other financial institutions are encouraged to establish financial partnerships, targeted support of PV industry development. Innovative financial products and services to support SMEs and families to build their own personal use of distributed PV systems. Financial flows to the blind expansion of production capacity and the capacity project is strictly prohibited, and not in line with industrial policies of the State prohibits the construction of photovoltaic manufacturing projects without credit. (Responsible unit: the city Finance Office, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the county people’s Governments, people’s bank branches in heze city, heze CBRC)

(E) strengthen land support. Supported the use of uncultivated land, saline-alkali land, beaches and water surfaces, such as unused land construction of photovoltaic projects, land planning, scheduling, and moderate when tilted. PV power project using not using land and the arable land, and garden, and woodland yiwai other agricultural to and combines planting, and farming, for utilization, not involving agricultural switched to of, in clear County government regulatory responsibility, and land ownership nature and uses not variable of premise Xia, can not occupy land annual plans indicators; using not using land of, law handle with to approval procedures Hou, can take allocated way for to. Exploration by leasing unused land for land, reducing the initial investment cost of the project. (Responsible unit: municipal land and resources Bureau)

Opinions from all relevant departments in accordance with the requirements introduced the supporting measures and strengthen coordination and cooperation, to create a favorable environment for the development of PV industry. County District Administration should implement according to local conditions do the work, and promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

Heze city people’s Government

On December 7, 2014

Original title: people’s Government on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry in heze city

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