Zhejiang distributed PV innovation pushes PV funds

Polaris solar PV net news: bred “jiaxing pattern” of Zhejiang, recently launched combined with modern financial, brewing and cracking new method of distributed PV financing problems. Recently, Zhejiang launched first on the subject of distributed PV financing products: “solar baby—Sun first” Fund. The Fund, once available, that is sought after by society, sold out in under an hour.

“Solar baby” is a forerunner, it is underpinned by gold investors have thronged. From the National Energy Board’s September policy to address financing of PV industry, distributed PV industry expected profit increase also makes it possible for the PV Fund publication. Facing large-scale applications of PV industry, social capital intensive to the PV industry is a big industry in prelude to the outbreak.

Lower investment costs to attract capital

“Solar baby—Sun first” Fund was jointly issued by Zhejiang shell wealth investment management limited, funds raised by a special for Ningbo distributed Shenzhou roof PV power plant construction and operation. Shell wealth co-founder Zeng Wenjie said: “the Sunshine Fund, first to determine future electricity sales revenue through innovative ways of asset securitization financing for PV power station construction difficult light the beacon.

Difficulty in financing of small solar power plant development is always bottlenecks, by way of asset-backed securities distributed photovoltaic plant can reduce the cost of financing the construction, bypassing the cumbersome and uncertain approval process in the banking system. Photovoltaic power plant in its 20-year stable and relatively high expected returns through asset-backed securities for investment products. “Once upon a time, the uncertainty of income derived from electricity sales, is the biggest bottleneck of distributed PV generation, which led to distributed PV investment uncertainty. However, this situation has now changed. Recently, the State Council, the State development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board at provincial, prefectural and municipal governments issued a series of distributed PV for photovoltaic industry support policies rose by profit expectations.

Policy makes a lot of positive sustainable PV companies listed continually by way of private placement, merger and acquisition price on PV. Zhongmin voted launched established 10 billion PV Fund, main for investment PV station and middle merger integration; space electromechanical and built silver international cooperation, established has PV industry Fund; Federation of industry and Commerce new energy Chamber of Commerce also in preparation focused Yu station investment and acquisition of PV fund; national NDRC international cooperation Center also in led established “country spirit PV application industry investment fund”, intends for distributed PV provides started fund; joint PV also attempts to through all raised mode, raised funds. Leasing companies are also involved in PV financing, energy companies also set up financial leasing companies.

So far national new PV power station project investment totaling more than 76 billion yuan.

More PV industry Fund programmes are under development

“Solar baby” just one piece of the capital market. Passion seems to be coming back this once-neglected industry. The winters of the photovoltaic industry two years ago, has suddenly. A few months ago, Shi Yuzhu quietly established a company named Hulk, focusing on investment in the photovoltaic industry, according to its size is about 4 billion. Back at Shi Yuzhu, gold-photovoltaic investor is crowded.

Faced with such enthusiasm for the capital, Zhejiang Shen Fuxin is naturally welcome the Secretary-General of the solar energy industries Association, he told this reporter, “PV facility is a promising experiment, can effectively solve solar financing problem now. We launched the development of photovoltaic industry association as well other relevant funds, programmes is currently being developed. “But in the booming capital markets, Shen Fuxin was more calm, but small and medium enterprises and not necessarily from a slice of this party,” Zhejiang industrial development of polarised small photovoltaic companies in deep trouble due to excessive reliance on external demand market, industry or will face a new round of reshuffle. “Jiaxing Photovoltaic Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Xu Shao also had similar concerns:” a large amount of capital into the PV industry is certainly good, will effectively promote industrial development, but by looking at the pattern. For example, if your fund is supporting small and medium enterprises as innovative, clear the project what technology should be used, what kind of product, as long as the innovation of small businesses eligible to set conditions, can apply for access to certain funds, that income will be more wide range of. Now, though, such funds may be less. “In fact, maximizing the interests of capital are chasing nature, capital and preferred to large PV projects and eventually become a capital and a large feast for the PV industry. Xu Shao, big wave comes in capital, SMEs, it was dangerous, “perhaps only a Government-led, has set up an SME support funds, to help them ride out the storm. ”

Barriers to financing operations still exist

Face of a hot market, still the risk: it was cool to see the PV industry. This year, State and local policy introduced, PV power station project application and bank financing, loans and so on, are more relaxed than ever. But the upsurge, uncertainty has still not been solved.

For example, building a distributed power plant projects, banks usually require that guarantees power station, but the stability of utility assets has many variables. Insurance and claims of the PV power plant, power station construction and power among investors due to reasons such as advances, mutual friction and more.

Tripod investments founder Chen Fangming have faced this dilemma. “We have been doing this two years environmental protection projects, both last year is related to clean energy, currently intends to trace a water treatment company. “Zhongding partner Chen Fangming, the author revealed that clean energy will be a must do in the coming decades, China; he has been doing on the photovoltaic industry and raw materials of equity investment issue PV funds had been tried, but finally gave up. “To abandon this decision very difficult, since the construction of distributed PV market is very hot now, but will still have a lot of problems in the practical operation. Friction of the PV power station, a lot of roof rights unclear reasons for bank loans are not smooth. ”

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