Zhenjiang city people’s Government Office on the city’s “Golden Roof” implementation of the business plan

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Zhenjiang municipal people’s Government Office on the city’s “Golden Roof” implementation of the business plan

The jurisdiction of municipal and district people’s Government, Zhenjiang new district, “three mountains” scenic spot Management Committee, Commission or Office, Council, organizations directly under the unit, the business unit:

For seriously implementation State on promoting PV industry health development of several views and Jiangsu Province promoting PV industry health development implementation approach, accelerated promoted city PV industry development, power national low carbon city construction, now combines city PV industry development actual, on using industrial plant roof resources construction distributed PV power project (referred to “gold roof” enterprise plans), special developed following implementation views.

First, general idea

Overall planning, rational distribution, enhance cooperation, and actively implement the industrial plant distributed PV power generation projects to further optimize the structure of energy consumption and promote energy saving and emission reduction, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

Second, the main objective

In 2015, the city’s industrial plant distributed PV power station installed capacity reached the roof 150MWp;2018 years, 400MWp.

Third, focus

1. the promotion of rooftop PV. In accordance with the “spontaneous use, residual Internet, grid regulation” principles, organized the city’s PV product manufacturers, system integrators, and operational service providers, using industrial plant roof resources construction of distributed solar power projects, to become the province and the country’s major photovoltaic demonstration bases of research and development, manufacturing and large scale applications.

2. Encourages the construction of photovoltaic integration projects. In city planning, building design and renovation of old buildings and manpower in considering the application of photovoltaic power generation, encourage new roof over an area of 1000 square metres of industrial buildings, according to the photovoltaic building integration requirements for design and construction.

3. promoting the construction of advanced manufacturing Park rooftop PV. Compliance with solar photovoltaic, new roof area of more than 1000 square meters, 20 industrial plants within the advanced manufacturing Park, construction should be met in accordance with the requirements for the design of distributed rooftop PV and PV power distribution room reserved space as needed.

4. improve the matching power grid infrastructure. Strengthen photovoltaic power grid construction and transformation to ensure that matching grid and grid-connected PV power installed, synchronize project. Active application development and integration of advanced technology, information technology, micro-grid energy storage and smart grid technology, improve the system’s ability to accept PV.

Four, policies and measures

1. conscientiously implement relevant national and provincial policies. Municipal Committee through a letter in conjunction with relevant departments, guidance and support qualified enterprises to actively seek and implement the relevant supporting policies at national, province, clearly, promoting the construction of distributed solar power projects and applications. (Focal point: municipal Committee through a letter, responsible units: development and Reform Commission and Finance Bureau, the internal revenue service)

2. the implementation of local subsidies. Has independent corporate qualification, registered funds 10 million Yuan above in Zhenjiang territory registered of enterprise, using I city industrial plant roof new of distributed PV power project, approval procedures complete, single project capacity not below 0.5 MW (MWp), has included city focus track advance distributed PV power project plans, and using by I city enterprise production of PV products value volume accounted for investment total proportions over 60% of, except by policy enjoy national 0.42 Yuan/kWh subsidies outside, Since the date of power according to their actual generating capacity, as the financial system from the local Government to give 0.1 Yuan/kWh subsidy, subsidy tentatively scheduled for 3 years. (Focal point: municipal Committee through a letter, responsibility: Bureau of Zhenjiang power supply company)

3. simplify project management procedures. The recording system management of distributed solar power projects, simplifying the EIA procedures, as well as project planning and site selection, land use, offers convenient services such as photovoltaic technology application research and development of new products. Preparing and enacting building integrated solar photovoltaic and Atlas of technical standards for design, construction and related work, establish standard system for solar PV projects, project construction standards. Electricity sector to ensure the implementation of the national, the provincial power grid company issued management method of distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects, strengthening network operation service and in full and regular subsidies. (Focal point: municipal development and Reform Commission, responsibility: environmental protection agency, the Planning Board, the land and resources Bureau and science and Technology Bureau, Housing Bureau, Zhenjiang power supply company)

4. optimize the clearing and settlement service. Improvement of distributed solar power projects and generate electricity measurement and statistics to establish bi-directional electricity metering information management system, by monthly transfers of power supply Enterprise subsidies. Industrial enterprises distributed electricity generated by photovoltaic generation project allowance Internet parts to full purchase, free of reserve capacity and related service costs. (Focal point: municipal Committee through a letter, responsibility: national development and Reform Commission, Zhenjiang power supply company)

5. increase financial support. Innovative financial products and services to encourage Bank lending to photovoltaic grid-connected power generation enterprises the right to Internet access tariff charges, subsidies, as part of its pledge of repayment sources, first giving loan support. Encourage enterprises to innovate business models, attracted to the strength of fund companies, asset management companies, financial institutions, asset securitization, financial leasing and financing activities. (Responsible unit: City Finance Office)

6. strengthening energy saving support. Comprehensive energy consumption per year more than 5000 tons of standard coal, and building rooftop photovoltaic power generation condition of new industrial projects, in principle, shall use the roof construction of photovoltaic power generation project. Spontaneous self-use electricity into local government energy and users section. Enterprises to participate in the construction of distributed solar power projects, according to the power and implement order power utilization programme priority support. (Focal point: municipal Committee through a letter, responsible unit: Zhenjiang power supply company)

Five, organization

Established city “gold roof” enterprise plans advance work coordination group, by municipal government is in charge of Mayor any leader, is in charge of Secretary-General, and city by letter Board main led for deputy leader, city NDRC, and Bureau, and Technology Council, and live built Council, and land Council, and Planning Council, and EPA, and financial Office, and IRS Council and Zhenjiang powered company, units head for members, integrated advance city “gold roof” enterprise plans of organization implementation, each led units, and responsibility units to strengthened coordination tie, real perform duties, and ensure task completed ; Office of the coordinating group set up in the municipal Committee through a letter, those responsible for day-to-day operations, and issued at the beginning of each track focus on advancing the “Golden Roof” corporate projects, strengthen the guidance services, establish a demonstration, promotion at work. The jurisdiction of city, Zhenjiang new area that you want to synchronize to establish and improve relevant working bodies, and in light of local conditions, decomposition implementation work plan, the preparation of specific programmes to promote and ensure efforts are put in place to achieve tangible results.

Zhenjiang municipal people’s Government Office

On November 13, 2014

Original title: on the city’s “Golden Roof” implementation of the business plan

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