Zhongmin casts a “terrible”: lock up new energy

Polaris solar PV net news: How can a low profile or China Minsheng investment joint stock company (hereinafter referred to as ‘ cast) since its establishment the biggest “growing pains.” From November 18, zhongmin voted to 24.85 billion yuan of total scored Shanghai Tung home du plots, to November 24, zhongmin voted announced completed has first pen white navigation field of merger, again to November 29, Chairman Dong wenbiao proposed will in Ningxia build new energy demonstration district, this was outside dubbed “in the word head” of large private investment group is to faster of speed layout its proposed of nine big plate.

In in the people voted established Hou held of first launches Shang, zhongmin voted President Li Huaizhen announced, zhongmin voted through increased funding spread unit of way, has success merger livelihood international General Aviation limited and Asia Alliance corporate machine limited, “future will full played resources advantage, relies on financial platform, full support livelihood international navigation big, and do strong aviation industry chain, and will in low airspace aviation, and civilian helicopter, and aviation logistics, aspects vigorously advance”.

Just announced the white general aviation areas a few days later, zhongmin voted Chairman Dong wenbiao said in a media interview, zhongmin casts a “event” could be a move into new energy sources, and that also means, zhongmin voted less than four months since its establishment, will be completed by 2015, the strategic layout of three plates.

Sword refers to industry leaders

President Li Huaizhen as people voted in on the day of the Conference, said: “today is the pioneer of industry consolidation. ”

Zhongmin investment when listed on the announcement, which shall by way of mergers and acquisitions strengthen and expand navigation between the Republic of China in, creating the corporate services industry with Chinese characteristics, and strive in the corporate jet to 500 aircraft within five years, developed into the world’s second-largest corporate and management company.

And distance in the cast listing in just three months, the idea formally drop.

According to news released people voted through the acquisition, Minsheng international shipping will become one of Asia’s largest operator of business jet managed at present. Reporter understanding to, the of industry merger total is divided into two part, a is to 1.19 billion yuan increased funding livelihood international navigation, makes its registered capital reached 1.5 billion yuan, holdings proportions reached 61.25%, original of only shareholders livelihood sky Investment Corporation (Xia said “livelihood sky investment”) became II shareholders; another is is, livelihood international navigation full funding acquisition Asia Alliance corporate machine company, but, specific of acquisition on price in the people voted aspects does not disclosure.

Worth noting is that announced the acquisition of the people two days before national airspace management reform work Conference held in Beijing from November 22, where the Vice Premier of the State Council Ma Kai attended the meeting, stressed in an address to the maximum inventory of low-level airspace resources, promote the rapid and healthy development of general aviation industry.

News Conference said the low-altitude airspace management has received high-level approval of the terms of use, and low altitude areas in China open policy is to be announced. This means that with the relaxation of policy control, low and opening up will lead to the rapid development of China’s general aviation industry, or to pry up a trillion-dollar potential market.

In this regard, Li Huaizhen said despite the scale of China’s general aviation industry is still small, but in good general aviation industry, the industrial chain, capital intensity is high. “Is expected to reach 1300 by 2023, market income scale at around 23 billion yuan. “As a result, zhongmin voted in the primary task of the next phase will be to get through the entire general aviation industry chain, entering the business jet maintenance, aviation training school, Airshow, airport construction, civil helicopters and other fields. Minsheng Shipping Assistant President Wang Mingxiao also pointed out that, after the completion of takeover of a United Jet, Minsheng shipping will occupy the domestic corporate management market share of nearly 50%.

But clearly this is not people voted in the final plan. “Minsheng international positioning would be Asia’s general aviation industry leader, and grow into world-class excellence in the 3-5 General Aviation brand,” said Li Huaizhen, and zhongmin vote will depend on the financial platform, strongly supports the livelihood of international aviation industrial chain bigger and stronger, and in low spatial aspects of aviation, civilian helicopters, air logistics push.

Lock the new energy

In fact, as currently only a “prefix” large private investment groups, zhongmin cast to which never lacks competitors in front of the navigation area of the strong white, one of the world’s largest business aircraft operator owned by Warren Buffett’s new Czech Jet Ltd (NetJets.Inc) in September, had been officially allowed to enter the Chinese market, opened up new markets for navigation.

As a result, in the interview, a number of insiders, “is about to open low-altitude areas, acquisition, other than commercial value into the zhongmin, also serves to drive the development of the industry.”

Actually, according to previously announced of layout schema, zhongmin voted total nine big plate of planning, respectively for in the people new energy, and in the people Steel Union, and in the people mineral logistics, and in the people Ka industry, and in the people property, and in the Republic inter navigation, and in the people international, and in the people investment this, and in the people European capital,, includes has new energy, and steel, and mineral logistics, and real estate, and property management, and aviation, industry, many field. Among them, in addition to General Aviation recently completed mergers and acquisitions in the area outside, zhongmin investment property and overseas in the photovoltaic industry, modern layout, important progress has been made in many fields.

On November 29, “2014 Sohu Finance Summit”, zhongmin voted Chairman Dong wenbiao said zhongmin cast is doing the next one “event” will be the new energy sector. According to his view, zhongmin vote has been established in the three events, namely merger Minsheng international General aviation company limited, Asia corporate jet company, becoming one of Asia’s largest business jet managed operators and pick Shanghai Dong Jia du massif.

Then the third event, currently in the cast is doing, is to accelerate the promotion of new energy projects, “we have Government of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region in China to build the first new energy demonstration zones report, has reported to the Central Government, I think this is a pioneering work, look at pollution days, new energy is very important. ”

In his view, the photovoltaic industry is one of China’s three big surplus industries, zhongmin cast will be doing a ground station and distributed power plants based on gradually into the micro smart grid and more efficient batteries in the future, in this way, step by step walk upriver, integrating upstream.

“PV is a highly capital-intensive and technology-intensive industries, generally of small private companies cannot do, and only rely on our platform, through this platform to input, batch processing of scale, professional management, full integration. “Dong wenbiao said because zhongmin voted after the establishment, at least in terms of input, batch processing of scale, professional management will be a major breakthrough.

Actually, except PV industry, zhongmin voted also in do steel industry aspects of investment argument, and this may also will became in the people voted next of plate layout, currently breakthrough selected in mine resources, and logistics, is with abroad a larger of logistics group do early of prepared, “in three big excess industry Middle do some things, these industry in trough in the more has value, you has compared good of solution programme, you on can found really gold silver, this is didn’t problem of”, Dong wenbiao says.

Original title: people voted in the next “event”: lock up new energy

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