2014 global clean energy investment of more than $ 310 billion solar energy is the most important figure

Polaris solar PV net news: Bloomberg new energy finance (BNEF) has recently published the annual data reports, global clean energy investment totaled US $ 310 billion in 2014, compared with $ 268.1 billion in 2013 16%, compared with $ 60.2 billion in 2004 have more than 5 times, but 2011 is still low compared to the record $ 317.5 billion 2%. In 2014, the global wind and solar capacity record, with a total size of about 100 GW. 69.5 GW of installed in 2011, now significantly reduced project cost per GW.

Solar growth

Report noted that multiple major global investment in clean energy State became 2014 total investment growth rebounded the main reason. Among them, China clean energy investments increased by $ 32% to $ 89.5 billion, an all-time high; United States grew 8%, totaled $ 51.8 billion, highest since 2012; Japan rose 12% to $ 41.3 billion; Canada rose 26% to us $ 9 billion; Brazil rose 88% to us $ 7.9 billion; India rose 14%, amounting to us $ 7.9 billion; South Africa grew by 5%, amounted to $ 5.5 billion. Previously much-anticipated European offshore wind investment activities are frequent, but overall investment of just US $ 66 billion, up 1% from 2013, compared with and without too many bright spots.

Solar energy is a clean energy investments last year surged the biggest player. BNEF Advisory Board Chairman MichaelLiebreich said: “our rebound for 2014 is expected to last year is not less than 10%, but actually growing much faster than we expected. In the past 5 years, due to the device’s cost competitiveness have gotten a huge boost, solar investment has grown rapidly, the largest contribution to overall investment growth. ”

Report noted that solar energy investment as a share of total in 2014 nearly half of clean energy investment, investment is also at record highs. Solar energy investments last year totaled US $ 149.6 billion, up 25% from 2013. Wind power investment grew by 2014 11%, reached 99.5 billion US dollars, the same record. Third-largest area of investment for the energy smart technologies, including Smart grids, and electric energy storage, energy efficiency, involving a total investment of 37.1 billion dollars, an increase of 10%. Bio-fuels in 2014 with a total investment of only $ 5.1 billion, fell by 7%; biomass and waste to energy investment of $ 8.4 billion, down 10%. Geothermal energy attracting $ 2.7 billion, up 23% from 2013, small hydro (below 50 MW capacity projects) to us $ 4.5 billion in financing and fell 17%.

“Solid growth in investment in clean energy was thought by those, from the collapse of oil prices since last summer, will limit the development of renewable energy analysts by surprise. In this regard, our view is that the 2014 development trends for renewable energy investments under the influence of cheap crude oil, it is still premature. After all, compared to the electric power industry, crude oil prices fell by a greater impact on the transportation industry. “Liebreich said.

Large and small projects go hand in hand

From an investment category, total clean energy investments last year, is a large grid-connected renewable energy projects accounted for the largest share of new project funding, investment of $ 170.7 billion dollars, up about 10% from 2013. European has at least 7 a 1 billion dollars level of sea wind electric project entered “eventually investment resolution” stage, including is located in Netherlands waters of 3.8 billion dollars, and 600 MW Gemini wind field, the project was called history Shang investment amount maximum of non-hydropower can renewable energy project; also has is located in United Kingdom waters investment 2.6 billion dollars, and 402 MW of Dudgeon wind field, and is located in Germany Polo of waters of 1.7 billion dollars, and scale 350 MW of Wikinger wind field,, These items are clean energy investments has made a tremendous contribution to the 2014.

In addition to wind power, with more than one in the world in 2014, the large onshore wind and solar projects to obtain financing, including the Japan setouchi 100,000-kilowatt, photovoltaic projects, project which is expected to invest $ 1.1 billion and capacity of up to 250 MW; South Africa XinaSolarOne solar thermal project to invest $ 1 billion and a capacity of 100 MW ; Kenya investment of 859 million dollars, 310.5 capacity LakeTurkana MW wind power project, as well as Canada, Ontario invested $ 728 million, K2 capacity of 270 megawatts of wind power projects.

Second-largest investment category of small distributed power generation project, this kind of project capacity of less than 1 MW, the vast majority of rooftop PV systems. Although the project is small, but this one class 2014 investment amounted to 73.5 billion dollars, an increase of 34%, contribute also to be reckoned with. In addition, Government and corporate research and development investment amounting to us $ 29 billion in 2013, up about 2% and energy smart technology, including smart meters, asset financing amounting to us $ 16.8 billion, up 8% from 2013.

2014 clean energy IPO financing of a 7-year high, at $ 18.7 billion, an increase of 52%. United States electric car maker Tesla by issuing convertible bonds to raise $ 2.3 billion.

2014 clean energy venture capital and private equity investments of us $ 4.8 billion, an increase of 16%, but still hit a record of $ 12.3 billion lower than in 2008. Highest single investment venture capital and private equity for United States $ 250 million expansion of lithium ion battery Boston-Power financing, United States $ 250 million expansion of solar system installers SunnovaEnergy financing, as well as the United States residential Sunrun solar investors $ 150 million of venture capital financing in the late.

Due to the financing and investment, strong growth, even if clean-energy company’s shares fell last year to 3%, also did not influence of issuing new securities and venture capital/private equity financing for growth. Trace WilderHillNewEnergyGlobalInnovation over more than 100 stock index in the world, the NEX index, up to 220.58, the highest point in March 2014, but slipped to the end of 178.66 points.

Growth of investment in China, the United States led

From a national perspective, 89.5 billion dollars last year, China’s total investment in the $ 73 billion from new project funding, $ 38.3 billion and solar wind power growth of 30.4 billion dollars in investment over 20%, financing of small-scale distributed solar system reached 7.6 billion US dollars. 2014 United States clean energy a total investment of $ 51.8 billion, large-scale projects financing of 15.5 billion dollars. Among them, the main incentive the production tax credit bill faces an uncertain prospect, more than half the decline in investment in wind power, amounting to 5.9 billion dollars. 39% solar energy investment growth, amounting to $ 8.9 billion. Small projects a total investment of $ 12.9 billion.

Europe, United Kingdom and Germany’s total investment growth 3%, an aggregate amount of $ 15.2 billion and $ 15.3 billion. France investment rose by 26%, amounted to $ 7 billion. Investments surged in part because of the history of Europe’s largest PV Cestas successful financing, the project capacity of 300 megawatts. Large-scale offshore wind power project finance Netherlands clean energy investments surge 232%, amounted to $ 6.7 billion. Italy then performed poorly in Europe, due to reduced impact PV feed-in tariff policy, investment in clean energy fell 60%, fell to $ 2 billion.

Australia also is not so good. Due to wind and solar power project developers are still waiting for the Government to audit for the renewable energy goals, so most investors on the sidelines, leading Australia investment in clean energy fell 35%, fell to 3.7 billion dollars, was the lowest since 2009.

In addition to investment in clean energy data, Bloomberg new energy finance also publishes global annual “green bonds” (as opposed to project future benefits of clean energy and energy efficiency management, and sustainable development linked to the effectiveness of other fixed-rate securities) issued by statistics. Green bonds to a new peak in 2014, amount to us $ 38 billion for 2013 years 2.5 times of the total 15 billion dollars. Growth motivation comes from the World Bank and other investment bodies doubling of circulation 5 times growth in circulation and commercial enterprises.

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