2015 distributed reason to PV select market in Shandong province

Polaris solar PV net news: January 2015 has bottomed out the Department of energy in 2015 the quota for photovoltaic power generation has also thrived, while the quota is lower than that of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shandong province, only 800 MW (distributed 600MW, 200 MW), but I still think 2015 PV market favourites Shandong market.

Reason one: policies

Compared to Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, Shandong’s distributed subsidies and the extent of implementation is relatively the best. Distributed projects in Shandong, in addition to 0.42 Yuan/degree of the State subsidy, 0.05 Yuan/degree provincial subsidies, subsidies for 25 years. 2014 national electricity subsidies distributed projects have been allocated by electricity companies, subsidies have also been implemented at the provincial level. Therefore, the policy risks in Shandong province is relatively small.

Second reason: power good

Ahead due to abundant coal resources, power supply and power grid construction, power with reasonable layout, grid structure is relatively strong. Since 2000, Shandong power grid less due to lack of turbine or insufficient transmission capacity peak load shifting, blackouts and accidents caused by road, thus the idea of the load power data that accurately reflects the overall level of economic development of Shandong province and social power consumption characteristics, within the national grid system study on load characteristics of good samples. After 2005, Shandong power grid into the North China power grid and regulate supply and demand in a big grid, accidents as well as support emerged.

Shandong power grid running smoothly, supply situation is on the whole balanced, without the occurrence of peak load shifting, blackouts and accidents road. Load data is of great value for research, to the grid plan, power equipment repair test operation, peak load forecasting, unit to provide effective guidance in State grid system is relatively independent, perfection, high stability of the power grid.

Reason three: the absorptive well

Province of Shandong province is one of China’s heavy industry, high energy-consuming industries accounted for relatively large, electricity consumption has always been high, tires, chemicals, metal smelting, iron and steel, textiles and other large power distribution set. As pressure on Shandong province energy-saving emission reduction increases, it is imperative to adjust the structure of energy consumption.

Reason four: nice

In Shandong province, hometown of Confucius and Mencius, State of righteousness. Come to Shandong outsiders, Shandong, gracious and hospitable character of thumbs up. Shandong’s reputation is recognized in people, even the wife of XI and other State leaders, mostly from Shandong.

Anyway, is there any reason not to Shandong?

2015 is an important year for distributed development, and is important for distributed PV development in Shandong province, select, Shandong, choice is reassuring.

Original title: “market analysis” 2015 distributed reason to PV select market in Shandong province

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