2015 solar panel imports will turn 3 in Pakistan

Polaris solar PV net news: in order to ease the energy crisis, the Government of Pakistan in December 2014 lifted import tariffs on solar panel 32.5% in order to reduce the cost of solar panels installed and launched the net-metering (Net Metering) policy allowing consumers with solar power to electricity bills deducted from transportation of electricity back to the grid.

Pakistan suppliers Grace Nauman Khan, General Manager of Solar panels, solar deal will double the 2015 solar equipment imports 3 fans. In 2013, Pakistan imported 350MW panels to private enterprise, however, as the Government raised import tariffs in 2014, that number dropped to 128MW. Khan expressed the hope that private industry 2015 panels can import up to 800MW.

Grace Solar and two other solar companies also plan, over the next two or three years, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad for 100,000 households to install solar roofs. Alfara Pakistan private Bank Bank (Bank Alfalah) will finance these families. The State Bank of Pakistan (The State Bankof Pakistan) and Pakistan’s alternative energy development Board also participate. Alfara Bank Middle Fariha Mir said raised $ 50,000 for a solar energy project for the next 5 years, and offered loans to the installing user.

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