“Blockbuster” national development and Reform Commission in 2015, press conference video: reform of project approval FAQ

Polaris solar PV net news: the morning of January 8, the national development and Reform Commission at a press conference, project approval system reform introduced the situation. National development reform Board Secretary-General Li Pumin, investment Division Deputy Director Luo Guosan attended launches, introduced has “streamlining approval matters specification intermediary service implemented enterprise investment project online parallel approved system of work programme” and “on are shall not will enterprise operating autonomy matters as enterprise investment project approved Qian reset conditions of notification” of related situation, and on online approval regulatory platform construction, problem, answered has participating reporter of questions. Li Pumin presided over the Conference. More than more than more than 60 domestic and overseas news media more than 80 journalists attended the news conference.

“Host Li Pumin” Dear friends from the media, everyone happy new year. Welcome to the national development and Reform Commission first regular press conference of the new year. Today press conference of theme is introduced project approved system reform of related situation, by I and I of colleagues, and investment Division Deputy Director Luo Guosan Mr specific to everyone introduced streamlining approval matters specification intermediary service implemented enterprise investment project online parallel approved system of work programme, and by national development reform Board, and Central series Office issued of on are shall not will Enterprise independent right matters as enterprise investment project approved Qian reset conditions of notification two a file related situation, and answered everyone of questions. 2015-01-0808:38:38

“Host Li Pumin” below, I briefly introduce the situation. Before the new year’s, the central economic work Conference was convened, and put forward China’s economic development has entered a new normal. In this context, investment demand, our nation has experienced more than 30 years after the development and construction of high strength, mass, some traditional industries relatively saturated. However, the interconnection of infrastructure and new technologies, new products, new forms of investment opportunities, new business models have emerged, new demands for innovative financing methods. We want to be good at grasping the direction of investment, removal of investment obstacles, make the investment continues to play a key role in economic development. To do this, so we will continue to implement the seven major projects. The other hand, to deepen reform of the investment and financing, particularly project approval system reform, lay a “new normal” under the investment mix. 2015-01-0809:24:11

“Host Li Pumin” the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, we can see the central press release made by the major media, yesterday, Li keqiang chaired a State Council Executive meeting, one of the most important issues, is to improve and standardize administrative examination and approval of content. Conference stressed, focus on specification and improved administrative approval behavior, governance “approval difficult”, is in constantly canceled and decentralization approval matters, solution “approval more” based Shang, government self revolution of further deepening, is advance change government functions, and decentralization, and put tube combines of key a ring, stressed has law administrative, and public just, and convenience efficient, and strictly asked accountability of principles, stressed with convenient, and efficient, and transparent of administrative approval build government service brand. 2015-01-0809:24:16

“Host Li Pumin,” according to the State Council on deepening overall deployment and requirements of investment examination and approval system reform, we, jointly with relevant departments formed the streamline approval specifications on-line parallel approval of enterprise investment projects of intermediary service system of work programme. Report to the State Council’s approval, State to State (2014), 59th, issued formal implementation. Programme of work starting from the reform programme innovation systems in order to streamline pre-approval, standardized intermediary services, a more convenient and transparent approval system for investment projects focusing on proposed deepening the reform of the system of approval of enterprise investment projects overall objectives, major tasks and steps. Objective is to solve the pre-approval and complex procedures, inefficient, attached to the pre-approval service behavior is not standardized, charging unreasonable issues. This is the transformation of government functions, create encourages the public undertaking, the much-anticipated favorable environment for business is of very important significance. 2015-01-0809:27:19

“Host Li Pumin” of the programme of work as you can see, there are 4 parts. The first part, emphasized the need for this reform. The second part defines the objectives and priorities of the reform tasks. The work programme clearly reform’s aim is to streamline the procedures for examination and approval, parallel processing, strengthening collaborative online supervision, establish streamlined administrative procedures for examination and approval, and plans to parallel processing, standardized intermediary services, online examination and approval of construction investment projects four important tasks such as monitoring platform. The third part, the priority task and schedule arrangements. Identified six key tasks of clearing, confirmation or amendment of laws, published, legal, network. Schedule for three important milestones, one is the end of 2014, initially to do cleanup work, abolished prepositive procedure belonging to enterprises ‘ autonomy. The second time in June 2015, building basically completed the main tasks of the system, the platform horizontal Unicom to build the Central sector. Third, timing the end of 2015, complete the reform tasks to achieve country-wide longitudinal linking, to build a horizontal linkage Coordinator, the new system of regulation. According to work programme clear has work task and time requirements, December 31, 2014, national development reform Board in conjunction with central series Office joint issued has notification, clear requirements on belongs to enterprise operating autonomy of matters, are no longer as enterprise investment project approved of Qian reset conditions, main is Bank loan commitment, and feasibility research report review views, and planning design programme review views, three a big class, 18 items Qian reset conditions. This documentation requirements later enactment of new regulations, notification and administrative guidelines and other normative documents, all matters belonging to the enterprises ‘ autonomy should not be preconditions of the provisions approved for the project. Otherwise, the relevant provisions shall be invalid. This notice issued, marked the first time node of our programme of work tasks completed and marks an important step in the implementation of the programme of work. Part four organizational implementation. Work programme clearly requires development and Reform Commission, jointly with relevant departments, two working groups, one working group, a technical working group, pay close attention to promoting, organizing the implementation. 2015-01-0809:29:01

“Host Li Pumin” according to state of requirements, according to work programme of spirit, next national development reform Board will in conjunction with related sector accelerated promoted work programme of implement implementation, according to duties Division, solid efficient to do related work, as soon as possible established new of enterprise investment project approved system, established up horizontal linkage, and horizontal Unicom, and longitudinal through of investment project online approval regulatory platform, advance Government functions change, improve government administrative effectiveness.

The overall situation, I referred to here and here to take your questions. 2015-01-0809:32:08

“Xinhua” will the Secretary Luo, moderator mentioned just now, the current investment approval there still exist some prominent problems, fundamental reason may be because the Government’s conception of governance functions change lag. Your existing problems and reform, please introduce some details. Thank you. 2015-01-0809:33:12

“Luo Guosan” it is true that this question is very good, is also very important.

We all know that reforms have to be adhered to the problem oriented, in view of the existing problems be resolved through reforms. Moderator spoke just now, yesterday a State Council Executive meeting is also the first time this year the NPC Standing Committee, made a very important decision, a number of policies to improve and standardize administrative examination and approval measures. At this meeting, I noted that speaks very clearly in the settlement approval on the basis of, we must focus on the problems of settlement approval. On the question of approval of enterprise investment projects, why? The issue must be clarified. It should be said that State Council approved amendments to approved list for two consecutive years, high frequency of decentralization, decentralization is also great. We’ve also measured through two revised table of contents, the number of projects approved by the Central Government level can reduce 76%. 2015-01-0809:34:22

“Luo Guosan” frequency high intensity based on the decentralization, for approval or approval of these reserved matters, for specifications, how to improve the problems of settlement approval, and this is the focus of our reform tasks.

I can report that this work was actually started in the end of 2013, when requested under the State Council, requires investment examination and approval system reform to be the first to promote, provide experience for the reform of the administrative examination and approval system as a whole and the Foundation. We also did a lot of research, and set up a special working group also conducted a comprehensive analysis of the problems of existence. 2015-01-0809:36:22

“Luo Guosan” what the problem is? Summed up in speaking, is foregoing complex procedures, inefficient, attached to the lack of intermediary services of administrative examination and approval, the fees are reasonable. Specifically, in July 2004, issued by the State Council on reform of the investment system decision, more than 10 years ago, has pulled the plug on the system of examination and approval of enterprise investment projects into implementation of approval system and recording system. Approved list to determine the scope of implementation of approval system, Directory implementation of file system management.

A formalities necessary approval only, without prior approval, to handle the pre-condition is also very much, these preconditions can be divided into two categories: those laws, administrative regulations and Department rules, normative documents requirements for pre-approval. Combs, probably held more than 30 entries, involving 20 departments, that is to say, some departments is not only complete one approval, also for multiple approvals. There is another type of precondition, we call reset procedures before is that there is no legal provisions of regulations and Department rules, approved bodies also require companies to provide lead handling or reviewing documents. Just now Secretary-General has told everyone the NDRC No. 2999 first cancel those matters, fall into this category, by the approval authority itself require companies to provide these procedures we conclude as predecessors formalities. 2015-01-0809:37:53

“Luo Guosan” you can imagine, over more than 30 front before approving plus the more than more than 20 procedures, large numbers were 50, according to the requirements of the administrative licensing law, every 20 days and can be extended by 30 days, to take an extreme example, 50 times 20 is 1000 days, if 50 times 30 to 1500 days, I think this and the reality is identical. It will lead to inefficient outcomes.

There are also dependent on administrative examination and approval of intermediary services, many of which are mandatory for intermediary services, then count this time, you can imagine how long approved lead time. And time limits on intermediary services or lack of a specific request, or requirement not applied more stringently. I note that a number of comrades, stakeholders analysis have been made, in fact intermediary service time is longer than the time approval of the Executive. Actually it can be, the mediation service is responsible for the review, the Executive is responsible for examination and approval, the actual time longer than the approved time-trial. How to solve these problems? Reform means to solve them.

Therefore, the content of the work programme for the next reform gave a comprehensive exposition, our next major is the requirements related to the implementation of the programme of work. 2015-01-0809:39:54

“Journalist” identified six tasks the programme of work, could you give a detailed explanation? 2015-01-0809:42:02

“Luo Guosan” referred to the Secretary-General Programme of work definitely want six task and responsibility, there are major milestones. I did a relatively detailed explanations.

First is cleanup, cleanup the principle is clear, what we call the “five unities”, and in the 59th, and there, I must say, I think the “five unities”.

First, the matters are no longer belonging to enterprises ‘ autonomy as a precondition, and we have clarified is cancelled.

Second, no clear preconditions of the laws and regulations are no longer as pre-approval. I explain that construction must comply with the laws and administrative regulations of the project conditions. However, did not explicitly say before approving the conditions actually can also be understood as preconditions of the construction, production and operation. But for a long time, approval authority requirements of laws and regulations such as the preconditions for approval. 2015-01-0809:43:11

“Luo Guosan” Thirdly, laws and regulations rule as preconditions, except it is necessary to other than through the revision of laws and regulations, are no longer as a precondition. If laws and administrative regulations does clear some items as preconditions of the approval, but we also must act according to the requirements, the need for reform of the reform, through the revision of laws and regulations are no longer as a predecessor of the condition.

Finally, approval authorities resolved to seek the views of relevant departments, or resolve the matter through follow-up monitoring, are no longer as pre-approval. For example, I remember carrying out national defense requirements, provisions related to building projects, departments have the authority to approve these sectors before making a decision, to seek the views of the relevant military departments, that is, on issues relating to the protection of military installations. However, there is a phenomenon in the past, that is, requiring companies to seek the views of troops, the law provides very clearly, but judging from the construction of service-type Government, should also be approved by authorities to seek the views of troops and allowing businesses to run, is not appropriate. 2015-01-0809:43:17

“Luo Guosan” Finally, intermediary services, in addition to special needs and has a legal basis other than the, the relevant departments are not allowed to set a mandatory intermediary services, intermediaries shall be specified. This is our clear principle of “five”.

At present, the national development and Reform Commission, the central part is in accordance with the requirements of the work programme, give notice to the authorities in advance, requires that by the end of 2014, is implementing pre-approval and intermediary services to clean up, at present, the departments have reported the results of the national development and Reform Commission and clean up series. 2015-01-0809:44:49

“Luo Guosan” in accordance with the requirements of the work programme, the NDRC, secondary part to organize experts to audit departments in cleaning up the results of item-by-item, to abolish the integrated retention proposals. When it comes to modifying laws and regulations, we also propose corresponding amendments proposed. This is the second confirmed. The work was completed by the end of January this year, relevant proposals will be sent to the Legislative Affairs Office and relevant departments. 2015-01-0809:46:02

“Luo Guosan” amending the law. The reform involved a lot of amendments of laws and regulations, in accordance with the spirit of the plenum, to adhere to the law reform to provide a legal guarantee for the smooth progress of the reform. This exercise following confirmation sent to the Legal Affairs Office and relevant departments, suggest amendments in accordance with legal procedure, respectively, by the State Council’s decision to amend administrative regulations, or by the NPC to amend the law. Of course, there are some regulations also have to make corresponding adjustments, announced. After regulations rules consequential amendments to the law, the NDRC and the central part and the departments concerned should the list be sorted out, and announced to the public. Reserved earlier approval, other items, list of mandatory mediation services, including business processes, conditions will have to be made public. 2015-01-0809:47:16

“Luo Guosan” legislation. Have a signature file, that is, the filing and approval of enterprise investment projects approved by the Government Ordinance, it is already included in the legislative plan of the State Council. Through the formulation of administrative regulations, the spirit of reform, the requirements incorporated into the legal system orbit. We hand 59th article 4th page has a corresponding expression, take this opportunity to talk about, because it’s important. So-called new parallel online approval system what is the main content? First of all, streamline pre-approval, leaving only the planning and site selection, land pre-trial both front. For a few major projects, will also review batches as pre-approval ring, is I have to introduce more than 30 more of the earlier approval in the future on whether to retain the two halves. In addition, the approval procedures should be optimized. 2015-01-0809:48:23

“Luo Guosan” that pre-approval will be mentioned more than 30, including two and a half earlier approval, others after a clear confirmation of the cancellation to cancel, the reservation or reservations because having such a review process to optimize the approval process, including a number of stages, the same Department approval must be integrated, once accepted, both together. All relevant departments are required to follow the requirements of openness and transparency, and promulgate work rule policies, guides, public acceptance, processing and approval of results, and so on, to accept social supervision. Lift a examples, like NDRC, in made approved decided zhiqian, also has a energy assessment review, currently for is points two big program in Office, future we also to integration, Enterprise reported once, NDRC internal different of Division Council in do this items work, this no relationship, but on Enterprise for reported a times batch a times, certainly other sector approval project also many, more of has 5 or 7 items, requirements Enterprise again and again to reported, sector again again and again of to batch not suitable. In this case, to consolidate once accepted both together, but also to the requirements and conditions for handling public. Our halls of government services play such a role, work rules, guide, publication of some requirements have been achieved in national development and Reform Commission. 2015-01-0809:50:47

“Luo Guosan” remember few days ago one of my colleagues told me, he went to Australia asks how local intermediary companies in Australia-do? Agency says basic commissioned Australia local intermediary agencies, intermediary services for businesses and professional services provided by the Government, but now what the problem is? Lack of mediation services, the fees are reasonable. US mediation service is mainly responsible for two types of service: first class is to help prepare the application text, there’s a Government intermediary bodies to evaluate reviews. 2015-01-0809:54:14

“Luo Guosan” intermediaries are first class services for enterprises, intermediary services for the State of the second kind. So, existing problem is that for the first intermediary institutions such as business services, but government forces these agencies provide services, paid by the enterprise. Cluster II issues, commissioned by the Government agency providing assessment review services, there are many departments require companies to pay is supposed to be government procurement services, the more irregular and less rational. To resolve these two issues, the work programme offered to intermediaries established market position, chosen by the independent mediation services. From now on, application preparation, companies can do is do it yourself, or independent intermediary organizations to help him, of course, but there is a premise that Government departments, executive agencies must do out preparation of application documents, clear and open. This is a prerequisite for reform. Second, the Executive delegate’s assessment review and other intermediary services must be by way of competition, select the intermediary, in particular, shall be the executive organ to pay for services. Of course, the demands on the Agency, is to continually improve the capacity and level of service, standardized intermediary services market, for those providing false reports and false certification of behavior, severely punished according to the law, resulting in serious consequences of heavy punishment according to the law. 2015-01-0809:57:51

“Luo Guosan” strengthening vertical and horizontal linkage, ensuring that supervision is in place. It’s very important, always a principle in four words: accountability, supervision according to law. Of course, we also designed several systems, including publicity, project information online credit information reporting system, of course, will take the credit into the administrative file system, the corresponding public, so is also a very important part of our supervision. In accordance with the requirements of the State Council, has been drafted in conjunction with the relevant departments to establish systems of vertical and horizontal linkage, synergy notice promulgated by the State Council in the future. 2015-01-0810:00:02

“Luo Guosan” network. The Secretary-General has just introduced you to, cross a longitudinal, or you can say horizontal to vertical, to build such a wide net. There is an important point, after approving body accepting application for approval, the system will automatically generate a project code and this code as the sole identity throughout the construction period of the project, and dock with the social credit system. From application to completion, which is a complete construction cycle, the identity code will always follow this project, both queries, processing, monitoring, all correspond to a unique identity code, which is a very important point.

Above is on the programme of work of the six basic aspects of the job. Thank you. 2015-01-0810:01:08

“The China national radio,” tell me about online investment project approval regulatory information on platforms, and future work plans. Thank you. 2015-01-0810:02:19

“Li Pumin” monitors the work platform is actually a proposal to one of the six tasks, can be said to be an important element in the six. Hung gay had talked about the job requirements and objectives, I simply add it again.

In accordance with the General requirements for project approval system reform, in other words, parallel processing, streamline the procedures for examination and approval, the Internet enhanced cooperative regulatory requirements, we will be with the relevant departments to relying on the national e-Government extranet, accelerate the construction of supervision platform of online examination and approval of investment projects. Which contains a Unicorn, a breakthrough. Unicom, China Unicom is horizontal, Unicom’s policy, town and country planning, land resources, environmental protection, safety regulation, the financial regulation, industry Management Department. Longitudinal linking refers to interconnection at all levels of government investment project information, resource sharing, online parallel approvals, the aspect cooperation regulation. 2015-01-0810:03:25

“Li Pumin” by carrying out this work, and to enable online examination and approval monitoring platform has five functions: first, project identification of the identity function. Hung gay had to introduce the, so I won’t say. Second, online reporting project information. Credit file is to support the establishment of enterprises and intermediary institutions, relevant information will be made public according to law, and incorporated into the national unified information platform for social credit. Third, the information services function. Except for confidential projects, approved all progress in the record must be open to the community, corporations can project query accepts the code, go through the process and approve the results. 2015-01-0810:04:57

“Li Pumin,” Finally, policy function. Support industry shall promptly release regional, sectoral development plans and macroeconomic policy information, land and environmental protection, industrial development and other information to guide enterprise investment behavior.

V, electronic surveillance capabilities. Realization of project examination and approval tracking, timely alerts, and accountability. 2015-01-0810:05:47

“Li Pumin,” there is a timetable. The first step, by June 2015, horizontal link at the central level, required by the approval of the departments concerned under the new system, establish and improve the online examination and approval of the Department monitoring platform, joins with the central platform, lateral interchange, at the central level and share information. The second step, the end of 2015 to achieve country-wide longitudinal link. Relevant departments in accordance with uniform standards, platforms of online examination and approval of the respective system supervision and timely interchange with the central platform to accelerate the realization of online transactions. This is the Executive meeting of the State Council made the timing requirements. The third step, based on the first two phases of work, continue to advance and deepen the platform to achieve vertical and horizontal linkages collaborative supervision. 2015-01-0810:08:34

“Yang Guang voice of journalists” has just mentioned the objectives of the work programme, streamline administrative approval, net parallel processing, strengthening collaborative supervision, this is the core of what? 2015-01-0810:08:44

“Luo Guosan” this is indeed a very important issue. Members noted that the work programme names are very long, specification for streamlining the procedures for examination and approval of the intermediary service system of enterprise investment projects approved parallel online work programme. But we can be referred to as the “project approval system reform”. It is also one of the State Council to take the lead in promoting reform, my understanding is that this is not just a business investment projects approved by the reform, but with this as a starting point and a breakthrough so as to comprehensively promote investment examination and approval system reform. This is my understanding of this work. So, you can see that there are parallel processing, streamline the procedures for examination and approval, the Internet enhanced cooperative regulatory, which is required for all investment projects. Of course entry point is the reform of approval system. 2015-01-0810:09:43

“Luo Guosan” we conclude our work goals and see what can be summed up in three sentences or so. First sentence, subtraction. Further streamlining of administrative approval, as well as standardized intermediary services. The second sentence, to do multiplication. To be supported by information technology tools, optimization and innovation approval process online parallel approval to expedite the efficiency of speed. The third sentence, add. To adhere to the tube and established horizontal to vertical monitoring network and effective monitoring mechanisms and modalities of science. If you want to answer what is the core? I wondered if I can interpret it this way. Two days ago, a reporter called to ask me could say describe what to expect through this reform will effect? Could possibly use some of the data description? I think the core is eight words, “online parallel approval.” 2015-01-0810:10:49

“Luo Guosan” actually can be divided into two sentences here, of course, a parallel approval, one is online. You can give an example, just now when I am telling, extreme cases of approved pre approval formalities to be 1000-1500 days, it was a purely numerical concept, the reality is very different. Reported many cases of “West-East gas transmission” second line along the 14 provinces under the jurisdiction of more than more than 70 cities, 196 counties, Banji preconditions this forty or fifty, even some from the beginning at the level of villages and towns, you can imagine, is a very difficult thing. CNPC has a statistic, approval from more than 1000 pieces can also be said to be over more than 1000 chapters, it took 4 years to complete. As I have just said about the same. I have just about a point-like project, an extreme case is 3 years, more than 1000 days. Pipeline is a linear project across broader geographic, attached to one by one to do, how hard it is. So, I understand the core of the reform, the first is to take the series approval to parallel approval. After the next parallel, extreme is 20 days. Some 20 days, as everyone is 20 days through, of course, there are a number intermediary services, technical reviews, and so on. This is a very important reform, changed in series in parallel.

There is a core that is implemented online transactions. Online handle of benefits, everyone are is clearly, first can do public transparent, including handle of conditions, and work rules, will do guide in online for announced, enterprise can judge is meet conditions, future applications online accepted applications, enterprise can online view handle process, certainly internal process involves confidential cannot public, other of General for public of content, and process, and process can in online query, enterprise without ran Beijing on can real-time understanding situation. Electronic monitoring function is also there, after online processing, results of the Department or generated, does not need to be passed around paper files, related departments, enterprises or the public can know the handling process. Therefore, the core content of the Internet is a very important. 2015-01-0810:12:05

“Luo Guosan” still have a little, although the administrative permission law regulates the processing time of 20 days and can be extended up to a maximum of 30 working days. But in the past, some civil servants or workers are free to pressure situations, discretion, larger, continue to require companies to provide additional information, while not strictly in accordance with the timing, and this situation is relatively common. Therefore, also caused some rent. So, in the future, online, I think these issues can be resolved to a great extent, can even be fundamentally solved. 2015-01-0810:17:27

“The Herald reporter,” referring to the national development and Reform Commission and the central part in the Secretary-General on December 31 jointly issued a notice, abolished the three classes, 18 as a business autonomy in matters of approval of enterprise investment projects of preconditions, is reducing, standardizing and integrating condition the first step before approval of enterprise investment projects. Romania should continue to talk about this, the next step will further widen the scope of the cancellation? 2015-01-0810:18:54

“Luo Guosan” in accordance with the requirements of the work programme, we carry out the work ahead, national development and Reform Commission and the central part, jointly with relevant departments in advance to carry out the work. File is already present on the last day of last year, December 31, No. 2999 to change investment, issuing a document, just talk to the Secretary-General’s antibody into three categories, 18. Here the so-called three major categories: one is the availability of funds documentation. For example letter of intent for bank loan commitments and financing. Second class is the review of the materials, such as feasibility studies to examinations, specification review. Third category is the agreement contract classes, will be more telling. Sources such as coal power plants, how to transport, after burning produces fly ash, how to use these by-products, the power companies and related companies signed agreements. These three categories, 18, is I have to tell you, without legal basis, even no normative basis of the regulations, but by the tradition inherited from predecessor formalities of examination and approval, in accordance with the requirements of the work programme should be the first abolished, we also called it the first removed. The Secretary-General’s more precisely, is the first step, is also an important step. 2015-01-0810:19:41

“Luo Guosan” reset procedures before these belong to enterprises ‘ autonomy in matters or matters is a business decision, if matters continue to be the approved pre-approval, obviously is a lack of legal basis, does not meet the spirit of the plenum. In addition, the documents issued after the key is to implement, execute, the NDRC has pioneered work, such as the service Hall of the guide is to make consequential amendments, such pre-approval will be canceled, no longer regard it as preconditions for approval. However, I would say, the cancellation is canceled, but it doesn’t mean it’s not important, just approved by the approval authority was no longer an earlier approval, the enterprises will have to do something to do, involves matters relating to public security, enterprises need prior to construction to the relevant departments. A responsible enterprise needs to be done will be done, and many of them are necessary for the construction. Funding is implemented, this business worry and bank loans have, why should the Government, businesses and banks to talk about can, and is independent of banks loans. Called to cancel the earlier approval, does not mean not to do, the enterprises themselves to do, independent of the decisions made. 2015-01-0810:20:59

“Luo Guosan” I will answer this question very briefly. Implementation is indeed very important, and can even say extremely important. In accordance with the requirements of the work programme, to set up two panels, one system is responsible for system construction, a technology group which focuses on network platform construction, as a technical support. The second aspect is led by sector there are three, the NDRC, the central part, Legislative Affairs Office. This is clear. Concerned are liability, respectively, in accordance with the reforms required to complete tasks related to. These groups we have at the end of November had been established and had started meeting. Third, the reform involves very extensive, involving many aspects of economic development, and the degree of social concern is very high, we know that reform more difficult, task. They are to complete this reform task, in addition to leading sector, relevant departments need to enhance overall awareness, and further change its mentality and role, strengthen coordination, jointly implementing in earnest. 2015-01-0810:23:27

“Luo Guosan” national development and Reform Commission, the central part of Office and the Legislative Affairs Office also has a corresponding Division of labour, national development and Reform Commission and the central part is mainly responsible for cleanup, verification, validation; Legal Affairs Office is responsible for amending the law, and amendment of administrative laws and regulations, of course some local laws, local governments also have a responsibility. I’m confident that this reform process can be completed. 2015-01-0810:25:25

“The Dow Jones financial news agency” may see some foreign media reports that Beijing will speed up the 300 infrastructure projects, and probably will spend a total of 7 trillion yuan, can you either confirm or deny the news? Second, this should not be regarded as stimulus measures? Thank you. 2015-01-0810:26:38

“Luo Guosan” though, and today’s event is not directly related, but I’m willing to answer this question. I note that members are very concerned about, and recently became a hot issue in these two or three days.

First of all, I would like to speak a little. National key projects held several press conferences I’ve attended. Seven engineering problems, should be based on formal, accurate and authoritative published shall prevail. Seven engineering content policy orientations, the package also speak very clearly at the press conference. In addition, advance progress smoothly, every month has to have a central project coordination meeting this afternoon to organize a transportation major projects in energy sector and promote the coordination of the work of. For now, many projects have been built, some projects are still carried out preparatory work. 2015-01-0810:38:19

“Luo Guosan” second meaning, investment mix is a concept of what? First, is to launch seven engineering packages, to settle on the problem, the problem of where to vote. And State projects is also a scroll forward, in addition to the seven engineering package clearly outside the key projects for the 2014, 2015 and subsequent need to continue advancing. The State key project to specifically focus on this problem. There is the question of how to vote, who is going to vote. We specifically had the press conference, the State Council also issued a notice of innovative financing mechanisms to guide social capital. Through innovative financing guide social capital to actively participate in the construction of national key projects, this is a very important policy, does not mean that the Government has to count how many financial investment, to stimulate investment or approved the measures to stabilize the economy. 2015-01-0810:38:31

“Luo Guosan” third meaning reform, it is today’s topic. Reforms to get through those obstacles on the administrative examination and approval system, or “obstruction” to make the investment facilitation.

Fourth floor, Central Government investment did not increase the total amount of cases through internal restructuring, reduced investment in General to enhance investments in key areas, to guide and strengthen the construction of national key projects. What is the General? Like some small scattered grants special may need to be reduced, after the reduction for priority areas, the areas of focus include major projects. So, I think we come to think about this question, should focus on policies to consider this issue. A crucial point, substantial financial input to strong stimulus is not new, but to guide social capital to actively participate, and this is a very important policy matters. 2015-01-0810:38:43

“Host Li Pumin” situation analysis of investment development and investment, investment structure, investment direction, there is the vitality of the investment itself, there is the efficiency of investment, pay more attention to this area, perhaps more in line with China’s reality.

Without any question, this concludes today’s press conference. 2015-01-0810:39:00

Original title: national development and Reform Commission 2015 first held a news conference to introduce the project approval system reform

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