China PV industry oligarch era four problems to be cracked

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2014 when the collector, the Ministry introduced support heavy document on further optimizing the PV of PV development raised opinions on corporate mergers and market environment, until the end of 2017, forming a strong international competitiveness the backbone of photovoltaic companies, support form 15 photovoltaic giants.

Experts said that after intense market competition in the next few years would be one of several photovoltaic photovoltaic industry oligarchy owns a 80% per cent share of the market, the Ministry issued documents will further accelerate the reshuffling of the photovoltaic industry. But experts also noted that the four problems plaguing PV industry mergers need to be cracked.

PV companies to accelerate merger and reorganization

Views proposed, based industry development features and status, to upgrade industry concentrated degrees, and foster advantage backbone enterprise, and enhanced industry core competitiveness, and optimization industry regional layout for general target, to 2017 late, formed a has strong international competitiveness of backbone PV enterprise, Qian five home more crystal silicon enterprise production accounted for national 80% above, Qian ten home battery component enterprise production accounted for national 70% above, formed over has global vision and leading strength of PV power integrated development and the application enterprise.

In this regard, GCL-poly, Chairman of the Board Mr Zhu told Xinhua in an interview, said that “the future of PV industry leading enterprise of several photovoltaic market appears more than 80% shares, the leading photovoltaic companies will guide the development of the photovoltaic industry. ”

Photovoltaic industry expert said Zhao Yuwen, after fierce competition in the market in the next few years would be one of several photovoltaic photovoltaic industry oligarchy owns a 80% per cent share of the market, the Ministry issued documents will further accelerate the reshuffling of the photovoltaic industry.

“In fact, today’s photovoltaic industry leader has appeared, which had formed the whole industry chain GCL, hareon, shunfeng photovoltaic solar, Yingli energy and Chinese, as well as companies such as Trina, are likely to become photovoltaic industry firms in the future. “Zhao Yuwen,” with the market share of these enterprises to intensify, some don’t have the competitive advantage of enterprises will be faced with the prospect of the situation. ”

In this context, the opinion pointed out that encourage key PV merger and reorganization of enterprises. Encourages compliance condition of backbone of PV industry give full play to advantages such as capital, technology, brands, operating in poor condition but there is a certain technology PV of merger and reorganization of enterprises. Support key PV enterprises transnational mergers and acquisitions, optimize the allocation of resources on a global scale, improved internationalization capabilities and standards.

In addition, the opinion also noted that lead upstream and downstream enterprises to strengthen cooperation and encourage photovoltaic industrial chain upstream and downstream firms through strategic alliances, entering into long term, technical cooperation, such as a stake in each other, to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations, perfecting industrial chain structure, focus on polysilicon manufacturers and battery and component enterprises, manufacturing enterprises in the upper reaches and downstream power generation enterprises to establish deep relationships. Support running in good condition, the technical backbone of the strength of the leading photovoltaic companies on merger and reorganization of enterprises upstream and downstream links to improve the industrial structure, improve the profitability of the industry chain. Associated industries such as electric power, chemical industry enterprises are encouraged and PV merger and reorganization of enterprises.

Zhao Yuwen, told reporters, “in the new PV enterprises in competition, enterprises will face large funding needs, the pressures of shrinking profits, some batteries and components of the small and medium enterprises will be the focus of mergers. Particularly in financially stronger and more leading enterprises under the impact of market share, some SMEs with insufficient financial strength, market share will appear quickly, either collapsed or acquisition is a foregone conclusion in the competition. ”

Four major problems have yet to be cracked

For the PV industry in China, 2014 was a year of ups and downs. With the introduction of its views, 2015 solar industry got off to a good start, but the four problems that beset PV merger and reorganization of enterprises also need to crack.

First is the attribute of the industry. Production problems on the one hand, because polysilicon production project, simple mergers do not have economies of scale, polysilicon production equipment and once removed, less reusable, this also leads to mergers and reorganizations more difficult for this link. The other is the production of equipment problems, with advances in technology, production equipment prices continue to decrease while performance has increased substantially, it also makes some more in expansion is the acquisition of new equipment instead merger of existing enterprises, which led to mergers and acquisitions more difficult.

Second is technology similar to valuation problems. Is just one of a PV system components for photovoltaic products, which belongs to the industrial competitiveness is mainly reflected in the price/performance. In the case of photovoltaic technologies in China, China’s PV enterprises with strong heterogeneity. In the case of primary production are of a larger scale, the enterprise does not intend to continue in the market purely to increase capacity, even though there was expansion will also tend to buy new equipment for capacity expansion.

Third is Government intervention. Due to the photovoltaic industry’s contribution to GDP is higher, would also create more jobs, the local government is not willing to fail or be annexed. In particular, some local Governments had developed, for example through local financial institutions to support and, if these companies fail, will lead to a series of questions. Therefore, the efforts of the local governments can only help them support.

Local government IV “resources for projects” plan. Photovoltaic power plant approval authority has been delegated to local, local governments can be “flagging” issuance of developments to support local businesses in disguise. If by “flagging” tilt toward the local business; the resources-for projects aimed at “flagging” for enterprises in the local facilities; for photovoltaic projects at other local resources, which are not conducive to the advancement of the merger and reorganization.

Industry persons pointed out that, currently PV industry comes as price breakthrough of “tipping point” stage and full industry trough period and shuffle period, PV enterprise needs is committed to using around advantage, will industry chain within of each enterprise are build became technology level high, and market competitiveness strong of manufacturing enterprise, and through collaborative manufacturing, formed integrated energy low, and material consumption less, and production efficiency high, and technology high of PV power full industry chain manufacturing enterprise group, build a world level of quality PV manufacturing brand.

Above analysis persons said, PV industry not only needs policy of oriented and industry independent sex of growth, also needs enterprise level of series cooperation, and merger, and restructuring, in industry chain optimization of big background Xia, established up a smart manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing, and fine benefits manufacturing of high-end manufacturing system, to makes China PV enterprise not fear any international of suppressed, in international Shang keep lasting of leading status.

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