Clean energy is really cleaning?

Polaris solar PV net news: due to its high calorific value, lower carbon dioxide emissions and harmful substances, natural gas is often considered a source of clean energy.

But natural gas is really cleaning? Studies have shown that leaks in natural gas exploitation and processing of methane, the greenhouse effect is 25 times times more carbon dioxide, blind exploitation of natural gas could be counter-productive. In view of this, United States Environmental Protection Agency is currently considering new rules for controlling methane emissions from oil and natural gas.

In addition to gas, nuclear and hydro, wind, biomass, solar energy and other renewable energy sources are often classified as clean energy.

Nuclear power is usually considered to be clean and efficient, but no country in the world cannot guarantee its nuclear power plant completely safe, in case of a nuclear accident consequences far beyond of the benefits of nuclear power. In addition, nuclear waste disposal is also a thorny issue, clear could get cancer of the Earth plant permanently.

Water is considered to be an inexhaustible and clean energy, and access to nature’s cycle of water, though not the burning of fossil fuels, does not produce emissions, but the effects of reservoir construction on eco-often emerged only after the dam was built to operate. Egypt Aswan Dam has become a classic case of repeated analyses.

What about wind? Wind power is to go without casting a shadow of the wind, also does not consume fossil fuels, less impact on the environment directly, but it does not mean that you can ignore, because wind power generation project construction has the potential to impact on the local ecological environment, such as damage to vegetation, changes in topography, soil erosion and other, also produces a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation.

Biomass electricity generation use of agricultural, forestry and industrial waste and even municipal solid waste as raw materials and power generation should be fairly clean energy, right? But the point is not to be ignored, used in crop cultivation, harvest, transport and refining of energy, is likely to exceed the crop can extract energy, it may even lead to competing with the food situation.

Life growth relies on the Sun, the Sun is the source of energy for life on Earth. It can be said that all energy used by humans are directly or indirectly from the Sun. General solar energy including fossil fuels, such as biomass energy, tidal energy, in a narrow sense refers specifically to the use of solar energy solar power.

To store the Sun’s energy for power generation, what a good idea, why not clean? Originally, the problem is not the solar energy itself, but that store solar energy panels, the main material can cause pollution in the production process of single crystal silicon, and solar cells, once retired, it itself became difficult to handle garbage. In addition, if the vast solar panels such as corn “species” in the field, depriving the rights of plants and insects enjoy the Sun on the Earth, can be a devastating blow to ecosystems.

In view of this, so-called clean energy is not an absolute concept, so far there is no energy is referred to as clean. Growing tension in energy resources, environmental problems are becoming more serious today, we should not focus solely on research and development of clean energy technologies, but also from the source of the improper use of less energy.

Change current unsustainable patterns of production and reduce the demand for energy, increasing energy efficiency, better than any form of clean energy development.

Original title: how clean is clean energy?

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