Distributed PV high low explosive growth in the coming year

Polaris solar PV net news: towards the end of the energy industry statistical data filed, but distributed PV data might not be too flashy.

Back in 2014, beginning of the National Energy Board determine the annual PV installed capacity target of 14GW, 8GW to distributed. Become the Darling policy of distributed PV then ushered in a series of supportive policies. End of the year, expectations and policy promoters to avoid loss.

After subsidies, incorporation, banking and the environment significantly improved, distributed photovoltaic this leisurely walk, biggest constraints arises from the policy itself, in particular policy offers protection limited, led to distributed PV project in a low return on investment, financing and their poor, struggling in the mire of project safety cannot be guaranteed, resulting in the first 8 months of installed data movement. Although the September issue photovoltaic deal renewed passion for distributed development, but the effect would still need a few months of the policy cycle. Perhaps the first half of next year, we can see the lead with agricultural photovoltaic distributed really kicked in.

The longest payback period of investment cost in domestic industries, the cost-recovery period of 5 years on average, but as a new mode of energy optimal use of distributed project that meet all restrictions still need 7-8 years to recover the cost, which is obviously extremely unreasonable. Can the Government agreed to increase the amount of subsidies, shortening the duration of subsidy, subsidies cut each year, spending the same amount of money to activate distributed market, let enterprises in 2-3 years to recover the cost? banks can accept corporate with power plant of the future earnings as collateral for loans? multiple distributed access to banking, insurance and financial guarantees, no worry to relieve? only eliminate the questions, development of distributed PV to fall into place.

Original title: distributed PV high low explosive growth in the coming year

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