Double reverse delayed publication of investigation reports in Beijing announced early hours of 22nd

Polaris solar PV net news: United States International Trade Commission (ITC) of Taiwan with the Mainland investigation report on the solar industry’s two-handed backhand, may delay publishing. It is understood that the US original local time on January 20 to expose result, finds it necessary to extend the 1-to-21st.

Taiwan part of the industry was optimistic about the outcome, if the anti-dumping duty rate to zero, Yu Jing, Motech is expected, new solar plant is more than profits. ITC scheduled United States local time on January 20 vote on industry injury determination and publish the results, it is understood that at present has been delayed until the morning of January 21, Taiwan will learn that until early hours of 22nd.

Then if the ITC finds that plant to the United States caused no damage to the solar industry, works at the front desk was first United States Department of Commerce to determine imposition of anti-dumping duties between 11.45% and 27.55% will be erased. Conversely, if the ITC believes that factory solar industry does cause damage, then the aforementioned anti-dumping duty is about to put into practice, bad for the plant.

Original title: double reverse delayed publication of investigation reports local time in beautiful 21st

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