Energy Board assumed office: no PV line for 2015 seeking do nothing

Polaris solar PV net news: Unlike the previous year, the National Energy Board in 2015 national energy work Conference is no longer set in the report, such as hydro, nuclear, wind power and PV specific development targets and quotas. Make people’s eyes light up. Back in 2014, photovoltaic capacity target of 14GW (distributed 60%), actually completed about 10GW. Not just PV 2014 years wind power and nuclear power are no targets are set for the beginning. Objectives are not completed, it is not the first time and not fresh. It illustrates the current solar policy environment is not enough to attract enough investment to enter the market. Not on the PV system was flawed, is working on the policy link is obstructed, or both.

Indeed, in 2014, we can see the Energy Board worked very hard, and expanding the scope of distributed power plant were promulgated, allowing distributed enjoy the on-grid price policy is to force, but the market reaction should be a bit disappoint Energy Board. We recall that prohibit scalping PV flagging energy Council last October has bursts of three files. However, we think, why flagging demand, why is it so valuable, flagging the best value is contained in the quota vetting, and photovoltaic power plant quotas are derived from the annual installed capacity goal. National Energy Board objectives each year to provincial energy Board, provinces and then down to around the city. The amount would require approval, you need to compete, there are subjective factors, it is possible there are unspoken rules. So flagging is hot. Now, don’t set a goal without a line, line of that is worthless, or release, flagging gold is dramatically shrinking, eventually flagging a return to nature—its power station construction, administrative documents. Anyone built power plant promulgated by the State administrative process would be nice. Flagging is an Executive Agency of the money. Nu er Secretary assumed office, this policy than Wu’s three policy.

Made the third plenary session of the Central Bulletin: economic reform is the key points of deepening reform, the core issue is how to deal with the relation between Government and market, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and give better play to the role of Government. Plenary session, establish a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system, is to make the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources Foundation. Have to speed up the formation of autonomous management, fair competition, consumer freedom of choice, independent spending, free movement of goods and factors, equal exchange of a modern market system, to remove market barriers and improve the efficiency of resource allocation and fairness. To establish a fair, open and transparent market rules, improve mainly by the market pricing mechanism, establish a unified urban and rural construction land market, improve the financial system and deepen the reform of science and technology.

PV power station construction if you lose money, investors would go to investments? Power plants built, and away from, or grid-connected but not, investors will invest? These problems are not resolved, line did you give him, he will not invest. So set line of PV power station construction is really redundant. Empleomania unable to meet some people, and provision for black-box space. Let the market go allocating photovoltaic building resources, than to use quotas to control the construction of photovoltaic, clever and much, much brighter, and much more intelligent. Nu er on understand the spirit of the Central Committee Secretary than his predecessor, more and more has the edge.

PV market, Energy Department rule by doing nothing, is top of the POPs. Come on the Department of energy.

Original title: Energy Board assumed office: no PV line for 2015 seeking do nothing

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