Energy Secretary, Wu xinxiong, the outgoing count NG deal

Polaris solar PV net news: sources close to the Department of energy said today third national energy administration Wu xinxiong, officially retiring, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Government Chairman Nur-bekri will take over the post of Energy Secretary.

In corruption mess

Despite a tough reputation as a skilful, but faced with the complicated energy mess, Wu has not yet received results of the new deal, it’s time to say goodbye.

Before leaving, met Wu xinxiong, the magazine published an article titled Wu xinxiong: efforts to improve energy levels of work by law article, highly stressed the need to strengthen the energy level of rule of law.

Corruption and the erosion of party and Political Affairs, Wu xinxiong, deeply felt. Grasping energy before work, Wu xinxiong presided over Jiangxi province that at that time take a team Su Rong, Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Committee, because two people disagree, June 2011 Wu xinxiong arrived at the newly formed national electricity regulatory Commission as Chairman, Party Secretary post three years later, is real name of Su Rong was reported multiple times for suspected serious disciplinary offences an offence under investigation.

And leave the officialdom of Jiangxi Wu xinxiong, working in the field of energy is not going well. Wu xinxiong work upright, until 2001 in the cities of Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi has served as Mayor, SERC, the task of oversight power market indeed needs a style of intrepid officials.

Electricity regulatory Commission from its inception it position awkward, although it is at the ministerial level, but don’t even have his own Office, long-term living in regulated State grid building.

Despite carried out work of environment does not as satisfactory, but Wu xinxiong presided over electric prison will of Shi, still promoted has several rich effectiveness of measures, which most striking of is heavy Kai big user straight purchased electric pilot, despite zhihou and into previously implementation slow of trapped Council, as currently, big user straight purchased electric annual trading power estimated insufficient 20 billion-kilowatt Shi, in national 5,000,000,001,000 w Shi of electricity market in the, accounted for than not to 0.5%, but for found out lost distribution cost, and break grid lost placing integration monopoly lay based.

2013 electricity regulatory Commission revoked, Wu xinxiong, into the Department of energy, in terms of advancing the power reforms won the larger initiative. However, due to the Energy Council in turmoil, Wu xinxiong needs the focus more on Internal Affairs, ensure the Energy Council’s primary task is to work for a smooth transition, reform came in behind.

March 18, 2013, as Governor when the Department of energy, Department of energy due to the original energy stumping are Luo Chang level informant and the public air waves, Wu xinxiong, assuming his Office stressed in a speech: we have the important task of the national energy administration, committed to the cause, worthy of the people, must be strict with themselves, selflessly, and diligent, the correct treatment of status and power, for power to run in the Sun. The iron itself must be hard. I will strictly abide by the code of, and consciously implement the “eight rules”, set strict demands on themselves, and set strict demands on families and staff, and fulfill our responsibility of uncorrupted, strengthen party spirit training, clean politics, a dignified life, hard work, consciously accept the supervision of comrades and the.

Wu xinxiong, Director of one year and nine months, officials from the Department of energy has been taken away, former Director Liu tienan, Director of the nuclear power Si Yuan Hao Weiping, coal Division, former Deputy Director Wei Pengyuan, Director of new energy and renewable energy Si Yuan Wang Chun, former Xu Yongcheng, Deputy Director, Division of power, former Deputy Director Bo Liang Yu Yanshan, development planning Secretary.

Brakes too late, under the corruption storm, Department of energy work style has been greatly improved. Several industry insiders said, Wu xinxiong, having picked up cards to greatly reduce the Energy Council, project examination and approval strictly in accordance with the Constitution, decentralization work steadily.

The outgoing articles, Wu xinxiong, raised many practical suggestions, such as: norm the approval process to achieve “five public”, namely: Planning publication, planning results conditions of open, open, open, open, promoting power in the sunshine; creative approval hearing system. For coal, electricity, oil and gas, nuclear power, renewable energy, science and technology and other major projects in the field of energy and major funding approvals, approval should have regular hearing to ensure that administrative powers according to the law to run.

Pushing distributed PV

White Energy Council, Wu xinxiong showed higher concerns for clean energy development. March 2013, the regulations issued by the Department of energy policy amounted to 52, on wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy, nuclear power, biomass and other clean energy more than 30 files.

21st century macro-research fellow Wang Xiuqiang summarize Wu xinxiong 2014 important trip, found Wu xinxiong was nuclear power research, three times three times for distributed photovoltaic industry research, support a new energy bar, showing in the energy supply system in China, Wu xinxiong, focused on nuclear power and photovoltaics.

Distributed PV is considered to be new power to change patterns of electric power industry of the future, to promote the development of distributed PV, nearly two-year Department of energy issued a number of policies and policy obstacles were wiped out, while Wu xinxiong, twice in the second half of the year has delivered an important speech requires promoting distributed PV applications.

Near end of, Energy Council and bursts three paper main pushed PV industry development, three a file respectively is National Energy Council on advance distributed PV power application demonstration district construction of notification, and national energy Council integrated Division on do solar development “Thirteen-Five” planning prepared work of notification, and national energy Council integrated Division on do 2014 PV power project received network work of notification.

Policy barriers to remove, as well as the Manager for explicit support of distributed PV, effectively promoted the launch of distributed PV market in China, many in the industry believe that 2014 is the first year of distributed PV, increased mobility of capital, market exploration was accelerated.

Wu xinxiong last once public activities is national energy workshop, will Shang he summary has Energy Council in recent years made of series results, including: developed introduced series energy field air pollution control supporting policy measures, in “xD East sent” transmission line, and LNG, and “West gas East lost” lost tracheal road, and oil quality upgrade, aspects, organization implementation has a air pollution control energy field major project; introduced and organization implementation coal electric energy emission reduction upgrade transformation action plans (2014-2020) Form starting with views of the construction of nuclear power projects; from West China to East China power grid construction programme consensus is enhanced 12 transmission channel engineering order; cancellation and delegated the approval on 17, accounting for 68% of the original approval. Actively explore the establishment plan (plan) and policies (regulations), rules, regulations, “four in one” energy regulatory new mechanism; in-depth implementation of the rural power grid upgrading project, full implementation of the three-year action plan address, 840,000 people power problems in several provinces to start photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation, strengthening supervision of gas safeguard people’s livelihood.

And he mentioned of future needs focus do of seven aspects work, including real grasping energy medium-and long-term strategy planning, and vigorously advance energy consumption revolution, and supply revolution, and revolution, work, these work, including energy industry due to economic downward faced of growth slowed problem, and oil and gas and the power industry anti-corruption caused of personnel shocks problem, and SOE reform big background Xia energy enterprise itself reform of problem, are left to new a any Secretary Noor-bekri solution.

Count NG deal

To develop PV:

Wu xinxiong, under the National Energy Board, outside of distributed PV PV seems to be the favored, as highlighted by the number of relevant policies. In 2013, the National Energy Board rules of distributed PV project, photovoltaic power generation operations of the interim measures for the administration of the interim measures for the supervision. 2014 rendering policy “blowout”, National Energy Council introduced has on further implementation distributed PV power related policy of notification, and on further strengthened PV station construction and run management work of notification, and on specification PV station investment development order of notification, on advance distributed PV power application demonstration district construction of notification, announced 30 a distributed PV power application demonstration district of list. December deal of the PV power projects pick up nets on 2014 working notice.

In addition, the National Energy Board have jointly issued by the poverty alleviation Office of the State Council on the implementation of PV work programme on poverty alleviation projects, State administration for industry and Commerce jointly, wind farms, photovoltaic power stations were issued to purchase electricity for sale model text, network scheduling agreements a model text. And specifically issued a document to increase the size of Xinjiang Autonomous Region in 2014 construction of photovoltaic power generation 700,000-kilowatt, increase the size of Xinjiang production and construction Corps in 2014 construction of photovoltaic power generation 300,000-kilowatt, for use in southern Xinjiang construction of photovoltaic power generation.

Wu xinxiong, also in October 2013, advancing distributed PV applications Symposium, August 2014, distributed PV field (jiaxing) address the Exchange, especially the latter, logic clearly and thoroughly discussed, the style is vivid, which is quite remarkable.

Promote clean coal and electricity:

Under the situation of severe air pollution as the spur, it can be said that served as State Energy Secretary, Wu xinxiong, facing pressure to clean coal and electricity and the task is unprecedented. Wu xinxiong, mentioned several times in a year to promote clean coal and electricity issues. In 2014, the national energy work Conference, he referred to 2014 to shutting down small thermal power units 2 million-kilowatt, seeks a desulfurization of coal-fired power accounts for nearly 100%, thermal deNOx fuel 70%.

5 months after the national “Thirteen-Five” Working Conference on energy planning, Wu xinxiong, once again devoted to the development and utilization of clean and efficient coal issues in their speeches. Proposes to continue to raise the proportion of coal for power generation, implementation of coal upgrading electrical energy saving and emission reduction action plan, a new coal-fired units power supply coal consumption of less than 300 grams of standard coal per kilowatt hour, pollutant emissions close to gas emission level, active service units strive for 5 years 600,000-kilowatt and above net coal consumption dropped to 300 grams of standard coal per kilowatt hour. And strengthening the construction of large coal, coal-electricity base, improved environmental protection and safety standards.

On September 12, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of environmental protection, the National Energy Board jointly issued the coal-electricity energy-saving upgrades and renovation plan of action. Clear national average coal consumption for power supply of newly built coal-fired power generation units will be less than 300 g/kWh by 2020, average coal consumption for power supply after retrofitting existing coal-fired power generation will be less than 310 g/kWh, including active duty units 600,000-kilowatt and above (except for outside air cooling unit) modification of the average power consumption is less than 300 g/kWh. Subsequently, on October 9, Wu xinxiong coal energy-saving upgrades and renovation throughout the country to mobilize teleconference on stress, in order to further enhance the level of coal-power-efficiency and clean energy development, and strive to build coal-fired power industry “upgrades”.

Nuclear power construction:

In the area of nuclear power, Wu xinxiong nationwide “Thirteen-Five” energy planning workshop, on nuclear issues, a four points: first, in adopting the highest international safety standards, under the premise of ensuring safety, steadily promoting the construction of nuclear power by 2020, installed capacity of nuclear power operation up to 58 million-kilowatt 30 million-kilowatt, under construction. Second, insist on the introduction of secondary innovation, focusing on promoting Hualong, 1th, the AP1000, CAP1400, high temperature gas-cooled reactor, fast reactor technology research while accelerating domestic independent technical project, focusing on building large advanced pressurized water reactor and high temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration project of major projects. Third, strengthening the domestic exploration and development of natural resources, improvement of nuclear fuel cycle system. Four is actively promoting nuclear power “going global”, layout, system planning in advance.

In the meantime, on strengthening national energy Board issued supplementary notice of acceptance of nuclear power project management, advanced pressurized water reactor and high temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power stations key intellectual property management procedures (trial implementation), and in August 2014, adopted the “Hualong first” total technology solutions.

Nour-bekri resumes:

Noor • bekri, male, Uygur nationality, was born in August 1961 in Bole, Xinjiang people to work in August 1983, joined the CPC in December 1982, the Central Party school’s three-year postgraduate degree, Central Party school graduate degree.

Served as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Chairman of the Government.

Curriculum vitae

1978.11-1983.08 political science political theory major at Xinjiang University

1983.08-1984.11 instructor of political science at the University of Xinjiang, Secretary of the Youth League branch

1984.11-1989.01 Deputy Secretary of Xinjiang University Communist Youth League Committee (of which: 1985.03-1985.07 at Shaanxi Normal University cadres ‘ training courses to learn)

Xinjiang University, Secretary of Communist Youth League 1989.01-1992.01 (1986.09-1989.07 class at the Central Party school graduate student and political theory major study)

1992.01-1992.06 Minister of the propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Xinjiang University

1992.06-1993.09 Minister of the propaganda Department of the Party Committee Standing Committee, Xinjiang University

1993.09-1995.04 Kashi, Xinjiang Uyghur Administrative Office Assistant Commissioner (of which: 1994.05-1994.11 in feicheng, Shandong province, on attachment to the Vice Mayor of Shenzhen)

1995.04-1996.03-Commissioner of Kashi Administrative Office, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

1996.03-1998.02 of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people’s Government Deputy Secretary General

1998.02-1998.03 Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary, Deputy Mayor and Acting Mayor

1998.03-2000.12 Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary, Mayor

2000.12-2001.01 of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee

2001.01-2003.04 of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary of the political and Legislative Affairs Committee

2003.04-2005.01 Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Deputy Secretary of the political and Legislative Affairs Committee

2005.01-2007.12 Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

2007.12-2008.01 Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Vice Chairman and Acting President

2008.01-2013.01 Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Chairman of the autonomous region

2013.01-2014.12 Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Chairman of the autonomous region

CPC’s 17th Central Committee, representatives of the 18 Central Committee, 18, third plenary session of the national people’s Congress.

Wu xinxiong important remarks:

Wu xinxiong, his speech at the Forum on advancing distributed PV applications (October 11, 2013)

Overall promote the construction of distributed PV. 1, pay close attention to organizations promoting the construction of demonstration area. Total demonstration zone by 2015 will reach 1.82 million-kilowatt, 2013 building size 750,000-kilowatt. 2, and actively expand the scale of distributed applications. Continue to give priority to higher electricity prices, larger electric load, especially the difference between peak and Valley areas with a larger, State-level or provincial-level development zones in selected industrial enterprises set increase creates a distributed Park to encourage large-scale enterprise affiliated companies using the factory roof construction of photovoltaic power generation. 3, 2014 photovoltaic application planning and implementation. Preliminary considerations, 2014 with emphasis on higher levels of electricity prices, larger electric load, control the total energy consumption in heavier tasks in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and neighboring areas distributed PV, added scale in these areas accounted for distributed PV total of more than 80%.

And strengthening management and market supervision. Focuses on the photovoltaic, inverters and other critical equipment to establish testing and certification system, establish and improve project design, construction, power grid connection, acceptance, operation and management of the whole process of technical standards and regulations. Strengthening the photovoltaics market supervision. Strengthen the statistical information and monitoring system.

Transfer mode adjusting the structure and accelerate reform stronger regulatory supply solid job benefit people’s livelihood-2014 energy work

In 2014–the speech on the National Conference on energy (January 13, 2014)

2014 is the major goal of energy: energy consumption per unit GDP 0.71 tonnes/million, lower than in 2010 12%. Elastic coefficient of 0.43 per cent of energy consumption, electricity consumption elasticity coefficient 0.93 per cent. Total energy consumption about 3.88 billion tons of standard coal, up 3.2% electricity 5.72 trillion kWh, up 7% consumption of 3.8 billion tons of coal, an increase of 1.6%; apparent consumption of 510 million tonnes of oil, up by 1.8%; apparent consumption of 193 billion cubic meters of natural gas, an increase of 14.5%. Increase the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption to 10.7%, non-fossil fuel generation capacity reached 32.7%. Natural gas consumption increased to 6.5%, reducing coal consumption to below 65%. Total energy production of 3.54 billion tons of standard coal, an increase of 4.3%. Among them, 2.5 billion tons of coal production, increase of 2.7% produced 210 million tons of crude oil, an increase of 0.5%; 131 billion cubic meters of natural gas production, increasing by 12%; non-fossil energy generating capacity of 1.3 trillion kilowatt-hours, up 11.8%.

Key do the following:

Transformation of the energy consumption pattern and control rapid increase in total energy consumption. To improve energy efficiency as the thread to ensure rational use of energy, encourage conservation, control over energy use, limit extensive energy. In 2014, the energy consumption per unit GDP decline than last year’s 3.9%. Implementation of the “one cluster of dual-control” measures. “Hung up” is linked to energy consumption and economic growth. “Double control” is the excess of high energy-consuming industries and industrial energy consumption amount control constraint, total energy consumption does not increase.

Implementing air pollution control measures in promoting energy structural optimization. Accelerating the Elimination of backward production capacity in the energy sector, efforts to reduce coal consumption, and improve the proportion of natural gas and non-fossil energy sources. In 2014, the Jing-Jin-JI-Lu-to reduce consumption of 3 million tons and 2 million tons of raw coal, 8 million tons and 4 million tons, total 17 million tons; eliminating backward production capacity of 30 million tons of coal nationwide, shutting down small thermal power units 2 million-kilowatt; seeks a desulfurization of coal-fired power accounts for nearly 100%, thermal deNOx fuel 70%.

National Conference on exchanging geothermal energy using geothermal energy exploitation and utilization of the scene’s speech (March 13, 2014)

We will focus on tasks in the near future:

Carry out detailed investigation and evaluation of geothermal energy resources. National Energy Council will in conjunction with land resources department, and local government and the related enterprise, according to “Government Guide, and enterprise participation” of principles, carried out national geothermal energy resources details check and evaluation, specification geothermal energy resources exploration evaluation method, improve resources exploration precision degree, strive to with 2-3 years of time completed shallow layer geothermal energy, and in the deep geothermal energy resources of census exploration and resources evaluation work, found out geothermal energy resources of area distribution and can exploitation potential.

Geothermal energy exploitation and utilization planning. National Energy Board on the basis of renewable energy development plan, in conjunction with the Ministry of land and resources, the Department of housing and urban-rural construction, and other relevant departments to produce geothermal energy development and utilization planning; commissioned by the State Center for geothermal energy-led study geothermal energy exploitation and utilization of “Thirteen-Five” the master plan, specifically geothermal energy exploitation and utilization of the overall layout.

Distributed in photovoltaic power generation site (jiaxing) speech on the seminar (August 4, 2014)

Common problems may be difficult executing roofs, tariff recovery difficult, loan financing, incorporations, quality assurance but access easy. Emphasis on several points:

Countermeasures to simultaneously solve the problems of roof. Local governments are encouraged to establish coordination mechanisms, leading building owners, actively carried out under safe conditions use or in conjunction with PV, coordinate grid access, project documentation, construction administration, and so on.

Establishing Government-led development model. Government is not out of the market mechanism, but played a decisive role in the market at the same time, better play to the role of Government, the key is to find power point. First, strengthen planning guidance. Second, strengthening policy guidance. Third, strengthening the industrial monitoring.

Perfecting the leading enterprise led development model. Leading PV manufacturers are encouraged to extend the industrial chain, encourage active electricity production and consumption of photovoltaic power generation and encourage other businesses involved in photovoltaic applications.

Resolute focus on standards and quality control work. To establish integrated and coordinated management in construction and installation of photovoltaic system. Strengthening install photovoltaic PV products and PV power generation projects and building standards and quality control, load checking on construction and installation of photovoltaic, wind, earthquake, fire, lightning, the strict implementation of national standards and engineering specifications. PV of PV devices must be certified by a certification body.

Project financing for efforts to solve the problem. On one hand, investment enterprises should work hard, make good use of existing financing channels for optimal financing structure. The other hand, domestic financial institutions have to be innovative PV financial services. Encourage banks and other financial institutions combine characteristics of distributed PV and financing needs for distributed solar power at preferential interest rates and loan terms will be, encouraging the use of finance leasing provides integration services for photovoltaic power generation, combination of funds, insurance, trusts and capital are encouraged to establish photovoltaic industry investment fund, is even more important, encouraged the exploration right in proceeds from electricity sales and project assets as collateral for a loan mechanism.

In the national “Thirteen-Five” speech of energy planning meeting (June 23, 2014)

Further defined “Thirteen-Five” the General requirements of energy:

First, highlight the forward-looking, strategic, targeted, systematic and operational “five unification”. Secondly, to focus on strategy and tactics, Central and local government, in the long run with the current, systematic and operational “four combinations”. With a particular emphasis on, to do all kinds of plans. Provincial energy plan must be reported to the National Energy Board for approval, involving nationwide distribution, volume control, and interprovincial transportation of regional energy planning is also to be reported to the National Energy Board for approval. National Energy Board through the Organization of planning work, written advice, research, documents are issued, total energy production and consumption, energy development, integrated and balanced content of major energy projects, such as planning, coordinating plans develop all types of energy production.

Wu xinxiong, the air pollution control in Yangtze River Delta on the second meeting of the Group (December 1, 2014)

Vigorously implement the coal and power upgrade of energy saving and emission reduction action plan. Support the provinces in Yangtze River Delta (City) in a big pressure, reduction alternatives on the basis of coal, combined with economic and social development needs in the region, in strict accordance with energy efficiency, environmental protection, access to standard layout, new coal-fired power project, implementation of the upgrade and transformation of coal-fired power units on active service. Is working in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of development of clean and efficient power generation policies.

Protection of Yangtze River Delta natural gas supply. Support for the country’s large oil and gas companies and provinces in Yangtze River Delta (City) signed a long-term supply agreement. Support in Yangtze River Delta on the premise of ensuring people’s livelihood long for anti-seepage, in implementation of the gas and gas prices based on the orderly implementation of “coal gas”, gas cogeneration gas utilization project. Support in Yangtze River Delta region with Russia, the Central Asian gas imports.

Continue to support the oil quality upgrading in Yangtze River Delta, and strive to end of 2015, the Yangtze River Delta region key city comprehensive supplier standards of motor gasoline and diesel; the end of 2016, comprehensive supplier in Yangtze River Delta five standards of motor gasoline and diesel.

Support of new energy and renewable energy development in Yangtze River Delta. Nuclear power demonstration project based on the success of actively supporting nuclear power development in Yangtze River Delta. Support create a national clean energy demonstration province Zhejiang.

National Energy Board communicate learning spirit of the 18 session of the Central Commission for discipline inspection of four plenary meetings (November 4, 2014)

Wu xinxiong to national energy Board next anti-corruption efforts put forward clear requirements:

Firmly establish the “power and danger, risks all the time” concept, continue to “grab iron mark, stepping stone printing” spirit, unrelenting focus on upholding integrity and combating corruption.

Leading cadres should carry out “one post double responsibility”. Continue to strengthen the independent Commission against corruption warning education, further transform its functions, decentralization, combs and delegation of authority, strengthened follow-up oversight.

National Energy Board must resolutely prevent “four winds” issues rebounded to implement to the letter the eight provisions, and to continuously improve the system, and set the code on the independent Commission against corruption, putting power in the cage system, established in the National Energy Board from rot or not rot or not rot the institutional mechanisms.

Wu xinxiong: efforts to improve energy level of legalization (December 18, 2014)

A state change is to strengthen energy laws and regulations the waste. Adaptable to the sustained and healthy development of energy needs around “one law three examples,” advocating key legislative amendments in the field of energy, achieves major reforms in law, decision-making and legislation closely. II is a lawful promotion functions and decentralization. Further in order, cancel, or decentralized a number of items requiring administrative approval. Central effort to bring global and long-term matters. Third, establish work rules. Specification approval process to achieve “five public”, namely: Planning publication, planning results conditions of open, open, open, open, power running in the Sun. Four approval hearing system is innovation. For coal, electricity, oil and gas, nuclear power, renewable energy, science and technology and other major projects in the field of energy and major funding approvals, approval should have regular hearing to ensure that administrative powers according to the law to run. Five, in parallel, enhance the supervision. For decentralization of approval matters, grasping “four items based work”, that: special planning, and annual plans, and supporting policy and supervision management; achieved “five a synchronization decentralization”, that: synchronization decentralization approval standard, and approval specification, and approval responsibility, and processing permission and the responsibility held; clear “four items regulatory requirements”, that: clear regulatory subject, and regulatory object, and regulatory content, and regulatory responsibility, real do put tube combines, ensure put and not mess. Six is to speed up the establishment of lists of list of powers, responsibilities and negative list. Truly “impossible, statutory duties without authorization must”.

Woven systems network power cage. Consummate individual reporting on important matters, and sample testing system, the implementation of the Convention on the Chinese Communist Party members of the National Energy Board, national energy Bureau-level cadres ‘ spouses, children practicing standard, units in various sectors have developed on the basis of the code of the independent Commission against corruption, issued a global code of practice for staff of the independent Commission against corruption.

Remember the magic spell, strengthen the immune system. Organizational learning under the code of “52 allowed” clear “high tension line” remember anti-corruption “inhibition”. Constantly developing world Outlook, Outlook on life, values education, firmly establish the right energy values, improve immunity and consciousness of the party members and cadres, and guide the broad masses of party members and cadres “upright, blameless officer, with a clear conscience in politics.”

Cadres should exchange, breaking the connections. Completion and implementation of the national energy administration cadre Exchange rotation of the interim measures, strongly promoting cadre exchanges, job rotation, and transposition. Establishing standard mechanism for Exchange of cadres. Clearly in the same positions, particularly important status and high risk status for 3 years can communicate, should exchange for 5 years and 8 years of age must exchange and eliminate the network of contacts and long-term exchanges of cadres against corruption risks.

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