Expert: quotas for clean-energy development is a big plus

Polaris solar PV net news: according to media reports, the latest edition of the renewable portfolio standard has been submitted to the State Council, is expected to come in the first quarter. This document will guide the 2015 to 2020 renewable eliminate task, the promotion of new energy grid, and provincial quotas will be adjusted than previously announced. Insiders predicted that new renewable portfolio standard after the introduction will stimulate local initiative, to abandon further improvement in wind power in favour of the new energy such as wind power, photovoltaic.

From the environment, renewable energy development depends in large part on the ongoing effects of the reform of electric power. People familiar with the matter said, new renewable energy quota system, guiding ideas are “above the energy planning, and won’t let you reach the” incentives and penalties refer to energy saving and emission reduction and carbon trading approach. Expects a formal file plan is expected to be modified, when Lin boqiang, Director of the Centre for energy economic research at Xiamen University, new policies on renewable energy to play a significantly positive.

Lin boqiang: renewable energy currently has a variety of policies, including in the country’s broad is the electricity price subsidies. Early Golden Sun project and so on. But really the most valid or quota, quota benefit that can meet renewable energy goals and quotas, with lines for the Government, relatively clean, if I divided the quotas, and the rest is your thing. Assume that the quota system can really come out, is one of the biggest plus for renewable energy development. Because whether quotas into whose hands, who had to make efforts to complete the quota, so this should be a quota system effectiveness. Wind power solar energy, this also depends on different conditions in various areas, the quota is surely not a cookie-cutter, so solar a regional development would be less than the additional regional express, which also have specific quotas off, can we truly know what said future economic development. Addition a quota business of benefits is it relative compared flexible, is past we on solar provides target, on wind electric provides addition a target, so quota business words, I put can renewable energy quota handed you, left you of funds, you to development wind electric, and development solar, development bio mass can this are is you of things has, but side corresponding of cost also must bear, for industry of effects is very big of good, regardless of who received has quota business are must dedicated of do this things. This may have to do with government subsidies, may need not require quotas further subsidies are also related, the difference is now that out quota, some places accept quotas easier, another place to take the larger quota than some, which cooperate with relevant instruments, such as green certificates, which makes the whole quota system more complete. Overall quotas for clean energy is a very big positive that in the future it’s two biggest bonus is the first target quotas for renewable energy development the Government fit together to ensure targets are met largely determined. Second is that it is relatively flexible, as long as the quota to the other party, the other party in any manner to do eventually is valid.

Original title: expert: quotas for clean-energy development is a big plus

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